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Thursday, August 3, 2017

A Different Kind of “Human Resources”

Visit Sub Sea’s Corporate Office, and you’ll likely be greeted with a wag of a tail and a sniff or two. That’s because SSS office staff includes furry companions who make our work environment far more interesting and definitely less stressful. Meet our canine colleagues, Oliver, Cali and Gunner!

Cockapoo Oliver at Sub Sea Systems

Oliver (Oli) is a cockapoo, but in spite of his small stature, is a force to be reckoned with. Smart and sassy, and about as cute as it gets, Oli struts around the office as if he owns the place.  The tiniest of security guards, Oli is always on high alert for a scary mailman or mystery vehicle.  However, in spite of being on guard against strangers and squirrels, Oli is easily bribed by an offer of treats from the FedEx delivery driver or regular UPS guy. Oli keeps us laughing with his Hollywood attitude and frequent downward dog yoga poses. Check out Oli's big screen debut!

Boxer Dog Cali at Sub Sea Systems

Cali the boxer can usually be found lying behind our lobby chair or stretching out upside down in the middle of the office. Living up to her name, Cali is typically laid back, although she’s not a big fan of the noises from the manufacturing bays. In spite of her woeful expression, we can count on Cali for a kiss or two to kick start our mornings. She enjoys foot massages and shared snacks. She’s a fantastic big sister to her new (human) brother, Wyatt.

Gunner, the chocolate lab, who just celebrated his first birthday, is full of boundless energy. Always eager to play or be petted, his huge personality lights up the room. Given the opportunity, he will play fetch non-stop. Gunner helps keep our office free of empty cardboard boxes by ripping them into smaller, more manageable pieces. Recently, Gunner was a pivotal part of his parents' engagement, carrying out the huge responsibility of helping his Dad propose. Watch Gunner keep our office in top shape.

According to research by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, about 20 percent of all companies in the United States allow employees to bring their furry friends along to the workplace. Expectedly, the most common pet guests at workplaces are dogs, at 76 percent.  Some of the most successful companies, such as Google, Amazon and Ben & Jerry’s, welcome pets on their premises. Pets improve teamwork, job satisfaction and lower employee stress levels. Who wouldn’t like to pet a cute pooch every now and then?

Want to learn more about Oli, Cali and Gunner? Of course, they have their own Instagram account! Check out their antics here:

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