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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

101 things to do on a FunCat

Memorial Day is over and summer is right around the corner! Planning summer activities is fun, but being inspired by our ideas will make it a lot easier. We have put together a list of 101 things to do on a FunCat electric catamaran. Whether you rent a FunCat and ride solo in relaxed style, or buy 3 FunCats for your whole family to have a race — we have some fun and inventive ideas to add to your summer activity list. If you don’t know about FunCat electric catamarans you can learn more on our website at, including rental locations and representative contact information.

1. Take a Picnic on the lake. What a peaceful way to have lunch in the sun, while floating in your chaise lounge FunCat electric catamaran.

2. Enjoy the view through your toes as you lean back and cruise around.

3. Play board games on the water — try magnetic checkers.

4. Watch the sunrise with a cup of coffee and a loved one snuggled close.

5. Feed the ducks from a FunCat.

6. Have a FunCat race. On your marks, get set, go!

7. Cannon ball off the side. See who can make the biggest splash!

8. Take your animals out on the water with you! Relax and lounge with your pet friends by your side.

9. Play Frisbee from one FunCat to another!

10. Have a water war! Squirt guns and FunCats go great together!

11. Teach your children how to drive it! Kids love how easy it is!

12. Spin donuts on the water! FunCat can easily turn 360˚!

13. Let your feet splash off the end of the FunCat as you traverse the seas!

14. Find a snorkel location away from shore and snorkel from of your FunCat.

15. Watch the beauty of a sunset over the horizon of the sea.

16. Sip refreshments while playing your favorite songs on portable Bluetooth speakers, and floating in the middle of a lake on a FunCat.

17. Have a secret hide out on the middle of the lake!

18. Read in the gentle sway and soft breeze while laying back on the chase lounge of the FunCat — an over water hammock!

19. Explore the lake or ocean — find special places where no one else roams.

20. Play music on the water! Play your guitar and have a sing along with your loved ones while kicking your feet in the cool water.

21. Take the kids for a ride! Any kids in your life? Take them on a FunCat excursion.

22. Bring your FunCat on vacation with you! FunCats are easily transported, and add that extra special, unique experience to any water destination.

23. Take a selfie on a FunCat! #Selfie #FunCat.

24. Give back to the community and nature with your unique position on a FunCat. Clean trash out of the water.

25.  Catch a tan while floating on the middle of a bay.

26. Meditate! What better place than in the middle of water while leaning back and relaxing!

27. If you live on a water community you could use your FunCat to travel around and join in your neighbor’s BBQs!

28. Ride around in shallow waters to look for pretty shells and don’t worry about the FunCat — it has only a 16” draft.

29. Have a scavenger hunt on the water! Race against your friends and family to find all the items on the list!

30. Turn your FunCat into a float! Decorate it for the 4th of July and parade it around your lake or bay.

31. Play with a beach ball between two or more boats — Don’t let it hit the water!

32. Sight see underneath the surface! See what creatures you can spot. Bass? Tadpoles? Anemones?

33. Sip Lemonade on a hot day under the shade of your FunCat bimini!

34. Find you own private swimming hole — or a secluded spot in the middle of the water that you can call your own!

35. Let your creative side come out! Take really unique photos from the water!

36. Tour a community on the water to see it from the perspective of the water.

37. Fly a kite from the sea!

38. Have a Pirate Day! Everyone get together and talk like pirates, act like pirates, and make the FunCat be your Jolly Roger!

39. Blow bubbles over the water! Try to catch them as you drive around.

40. Sketch from a unique perspective! Draw on the FunCat. Be a Plein water painter.

41. Play cards side by side; make sure you don’t let anyone peek at your hand.

42. Learn to swim from the seat of a FunCat! Bring life jackets and floaties for safety.

43. Get engaged on a FunCat! Pop the question in the middle of a lake!

44. Use your smart phone to watch your favorite shows while cruising the bay.

45. Hug someone in the middle of the lake! FunCat hugs!

46. Have a group party! Park a lot of FunCats on the water and make an island of fun!

47. Go to an on the water bar. Drive up to a marina bar and grab some fish and chips and a cold brew! Check out some good ones here!

48. Throw a party! Music, food, games! Take them all out on a FunCat for the ultimate on the water party.

49. Conquer your fears on a FunCat. Are you afraid of the water? The FunCat provides a very comfortable and easy experience to help conquer your fears.

50. Name your FunCat. Memorialize a loved one, or come up with a quirky name to fit your FunCat’s personality.

51. Go bird watching — private, relaxing viewing.

52. FunCat Karaoke!

53. Find animals in the clouds while floating in the middle of the bay, and reclining on your chaise-lounge boat.

54. Eat popsicles in the hot summer sun while cruising around the water.

55. Create a floating fort. Use sheets and rope and make your FunCat into the best mobile fort ever!

56. Have story time with kids while swaying in the middle of the bay! Read a story about the beach!

57. Have a FunCat car wash complete with a hose fight!

58. Visit as many lakes as you can! Tour each one on your FunCat and list what makes each lake unique.

59. Catch up on some time for yourself. Free and alone on the water.

60. Do yoga on the water.

61. Have a girl day! Do your toes, while you bask in the sun.

62. Knit a baby hat or a tea towel while you float in the peaceful breeze.

63. Go on a first date! Take your date out on the water and enjoy the relaxed and close seating.

64. Get (or give) a massage while cruising around the lake.

65. Decorate your FunCat — personalize it with bumper stickers, flags, windsocks, or pinwheels. Get Creative!

66. Dive for toys! Use diving rings and sticks, and have fun!

67. Go Geocaching!

68. Create a FunCat photo booth complete with props!

69. Have an iced tea party on the water! Make cucumber sandwiches and bring watermelon.

70. Race remote control sailboats in the middle of the lake.

71. Place a Slip ‘n’ Slide on the end of a FunCat, and use it to slide right into the water.

72. Get a floating basketball hoop and play basketball from a FunCat.

73. Have breakfast on a FunCat. Get up early and bring coffee and donuts or make pancakes and bring yourself a plate.

74. Go on a group date. Ride a FunCat per couple, and play follow the leader or FunCat tag!

75. Take grandma and grandpa out on the water for a leisurely treat.

76. Take time to relax and write in your journal, while on the water.

77. Play charades out in the middle of the bay!

78. Have a FunCat joust tournament with pool noodles as javelins.

79. Have a sponge ball fight on the water! All the fun of water balloons without the trash. Here is a tutorial on how to make sponge balls.

80. Play mermaids.

81. Have a diving contest.

82. Do your exercise laps in the middle of the lake.

83. Start a FunCat Club!

84. Create an on the water lemonade stand with delivery service for communities on the water.

85. Do your homework away from noise and distractions.

86. Feed the fish. Bring some stale bread, and see if you can fish watch from your FunCat.

87. Trash the dress — Riding a FunCat what a fun way to trash the dress! Make sure you get photos.

88. Wine Tasting! Set up your own wine tasting with meats, cheeses and a little something sweet. Enjoy the atmosphere while tantalizing your senses.

89. See if you can catch a waterfront concert from the water.

90. Serenade someone from the water like a gondolier.

91. Snuggle on up a FunCat — get your cuddle quota on the bay.

92. Go fishing! Use the FunCat to sneak up on the biggest fish — with the silent motors the fish won’t hear you coming.

93. Have a little peaceful time while taking care of your To Do List — pay the bills, respond to emails, etc.

94. Play sharks and minnows or Marco Polo in the middle of the lake.

95. Dress up and have a photo shoot on the water!

96. Ride around and play Sudoku, or fill in crossword puzzles.

97. Facetime on the water! Share the FunCat experience with live video.

98. Trap crawdads! Use the FunCat to keep an eye on your traps, and then make a Louisiana crawfish boil.

99. Fly a flag from your FunCat — The 4th of July is the perfect day.

100. Spend time to write a letter to a pen pal. Describe your peaceful perspective while cruising the lake.

101. Shoot a movie from a FunCat, share it on social media, facebook, YouTube, etc. Maybe it will go viral!

If you have even MORE creative ideas we’d love you to share them with us. Comment below! And remember: have fun on a FunCat this summer!

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Inspirational Quotes — Part Two

Our inspirational quotes and images have been very popular, so we decided to create a few more. Please enjoy our inspirational — and fun — eye candy, and be sure to check out to find Sea TREK locations to visit! Remember to pin our quotes on Pinterest and follow our Inspirational Ocean Quotes Board

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Do You Need a Vacation?

Sub Sea Systems has put together a flowchart to see if you need a vacation in your life. Answer some questions and find out if you NEED a vacation.
  Sea TREK Helmet Dive, FunCat Electric Catamaran, Stingray Bay, Dolphin Trek, and Sharks! Vacations activities If you are interested in finding out more about our fantastic products and programs visit our websites. | | | | |
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Monday, May 5, 2014

FunCat Electric Catamaran from a Kid's Perspective

This week we would like to share with you the FunCat from a kid’s point of view. We know that kids love FunCats; we’ve seen the smiles on their faces, and the twinkles in their eyes. But we would love to share the comments that have been shared with us from the minds of our child models, family friends, and customer’s children.

FunCat electric catamarans are fantastic, and perfect for kids. They offer the comfort of a wide chaise lounge that allows people to relax side-by-side, while silently cruising the water at 4mph. Because they are electric there is no need for messy gasoline, dirty oil, or even sails. Just plug the FunCat in and charge it! The charge will last 4-6 hours with continuous use as long as you use the recommended marine batteries, and we love the FunCat’s control system because it is so fun and simple to use.

FunCats are very easy. That is what makes them so great for kids of all ages. They are easy to transport, easy to launch, easy to climb onto, easy to drive, easy to maintain — They are just easy!

Jordan age 3 says: “It’s EASY to get on a FunCat… you just walk right on!”

The most popular aspect of a FunCat seems to be the controls. The kids love the fact that they can control the watercraft on their own. It is so simple and fun to learn that they can’t wait to get their hands on those buttons.

“The FunCat is cool, because the controls are so easy to use, and I could use them by myself.” — Tawny age 14

"The best thing was that even I could drive one...I wish my Dad would buy me one!" — Parker age 6

“I rided on it and the buttons made it go forward and backwards! I sat next to my brother James, and he let me drive." — Jordan age 3

FunCats have two motors that control two recessed propellers — one on each pontoon. The controls, which consist of two rocker switches (buttons that can be pushed forward or backward), are on the right armrest (just behind the convenient cup holder). Each button controls one propeller. If you push both forward you’ll go forward; both back you’ll go backwards. The fun part is figuring out how to turn– push the right switch forward, and you’ll turn left; push the left switch forward and you’ll go right. And pushing the two switches in opposite directions will even make the boat spin in a perfect 360!

Playing on the water is always a blast for kids, but the FunCat makes it even more fun! Riding out onto a lake or bay, and splashing the water as you cruise makes happy memories for the whole family!

“I liked swinging my feet in the water! That was so much fun! Can we go again?” — Sawyer age 4
“I liked it because you could explore the water without having to get wet. It would be a great alternative and fun way to get a suntan.”  — Tawny Age 14

FunCats offer a way for families to share their love of water together while exploring rivers, lakes or even the ocean. Whether you are waking up early with your kids and a pile of fishing gear, or cruising a calm lake while your kids drive in the summer sun, it is guaranteed your kids will have a great time — and so will you!

For more information visit

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