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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 — Our year in numbers

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Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas from Sub Sea Systems

Merry Christmas from all of us at Sub Sea Systems!

We hope you have had a wonderful year filled with adventure and experiences that made you smile with joy and wonder. To every person who has joined the Sub Sea Systems family— whether by becoming a tour guide, shark trainer, fabricator, or new operator — we hope that you have a wonderful Christmas! To all of our amazing customers we thank you and wish you Happy Holidays! To Sea TREK! To Dolphin TREK! To Clear Lounge! To FunCat! To SHARKS Interactive! To Stingray Bay! To success in the New Year! To you and yours!


• Salute • Будем здоровы  Proost • Santé • 乾杯 • Salud • Bottom's Up • 건배 Saúde • 干杯 • Here's Mud in Your Eye • Skål • Na zdrowie • Mabuhay
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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Gift of an Experience

This Holiday Season give the gift of an experience.

Since 1998, Sea TREK has offered its guests an unparalleled, unforgettable experience. It is an activity that is often on people’s “bucket list”… and with over 50 locations worldwide (and more than 2.5 million guest experiences), Sea TREK is one item that can be easily and successfully crossed off that list!  So why not add it to your own “bucket list”?! Or better yet, give the gift of a Sea TREK tour to your loved ones this holiday season. The gift of that first breath underwater for a non-diver (even a non-swimmer) is something that will never tarnish, or become worn out… the memory will last a lifetime. Share the underwater realm with your family and friends; walk on the bottom of the ocean or in an enormous aquarium while holding hands with your loved ones. What better gift than a memorable, shared experience?

If you want to give the perfect Christmas gift, don’t buy another tablet that will be outdated in 2 months, or another doll that will end up in the bottom of the toy chest– give the gift of a memory. Share the time with your family, while experiencing something completely new and outta-this-world!

There are many exquisite Sea TREK destinations to choose from, and we have new operations opening all the time, all around the world. Did you know? Sea TREK is a popular cruise excursion, as well as an interactive tour offered at many aquariums. Each location offers a unique perspective and tour. Some locations offer Sea TREK with sharks, stingrays or even dolphins (Dolphin TREK)! Other locations have created amazing, flourishing dive sites with many wonders to be discovered, such as sunken airplanes, buses, and more. A handful of locations are within vast aquariums teeming with manta rays and thousands of fish, some even have sea turtles and moray eels as permanent residents. Wild octopuses, squid, barracudas, sea urchins, dolphins, sea lions, starfish, and sea horses are just a few of the creatures that have been spotted (and photographed) in our open water locations. Imagine the memories you can create!

There are some amazing deals going on at several locations! Check out the deals below:

Sea Life Manchester

Resort World Sentosa SEA aquarium (Be Sure to Sea TREK while you are there!)

Resort World Sentosa Dolphin Island (Dolphin TREK at Dolphin Island!)

Atlantis The Palm Dubai (Do Sea TREK for New Years!)

Have you seen Holiday deals that you would like to share? Please tell us in the comments below!

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The A to Z of Sub Sea

A— Accessible

Accessibility is an important part of Sub Sea Systems. We have created a product and program (SeaTREK) that grants people access to the sea. Without even needing to know how swim, anyone ages 8 and up can descend into the ocean and walk on the seafloor. Not only does Sea TREK share the underwater world with everyone who can walk and breathe, we also make it easy for people with glasses… because your face does not get wet, participants can wear prescription glasses or contact lenses!

B— Breathtaking 

Sea TREK gives you a firsthand view of another world that may just take your breath away! The stunning sea, the buoyant feeling, and the colorful creatures— it’s simply breathtaking!

C— Clear Lounge

Clear Lounge is our newest innovation. Helmet diving in our freestanding aquarium, while receiving aromatic oxygen, playing underwater games, and shooting bubble guns is only part of the experience. Underwater music, a photo booth complete with a digital backdrop and props, and oxygenated smoothies round out the incredible new adventure. Read more about Clear Lounge here

D— Dolphin TREK

Dolphin TREK is the only dolphin interaction in the world where you can literally walk underwater among dolphins, in their natural environment! Descend into the water and watch as the dolphins jump above the surface 10 feet over your head; feel the rush of water as they swim around you, blow bubbles, and even give you an underwater kiss. To find a location and plan your experience visit 

E— Effervescent

Clear Lounge is positively effervescent. The bubble curtains allow guests to feel the sparkling fizz of tiny bubbles as they slide up their bodies.

F— FunCat Electric Catamaran (Family)

Our FunCat is Fabulous! An electrically powered, chaise-lounge, pontoon boat with easy-to-use controls, an adjustable seatback, and armrests with cup holders make the FunCat the perfect leisure watercraft. We have a holiday special going on right now at FunCat — the perfect family gift!

G— Green

FunCats are Green! Eco-friendly electric motors silently propel you through waters without polluting the lakes and oceans.

Clear Lounge uses sustainable products; utilizing LED lighting, and recyclable products.

SeaTREK and Reef Alliance promote sustainable diving practices, and proactive environmental conservation.

H— Helmet Diving

Sea TREK helmets offer the most advanced technology available for shallow water helmet diving. With ergonomic handles, tri-view lenses, and weighted shoulders, the helmets are futuristically styled, and practically designed. The Sea TREK program offers a guided underwater walking tour that is engaging, educational, and entertaining. Sea TREK is THE premier helmet diving program in the world.

I— Interactive & Innovative

SHARKS! Interactive, Stingray Bay, and Dolphin TREK are interactive programs that use innovative ideas to educate people about sharks, stingrays, and dolphins. Interactions with the creatures foster passion for their species. Sub Sea Systems is always innovating and finding new ways to offer underwater interactions and encounters.

J— Joy

Sub Sea Systems loves to spread joy for the sea, for experiences, and for memorable family time.

K— Kids (ages 8+)

Sea TREK offers an alternative to diving for kids ages 8 and up. Without certification, or even knowing how to swim — kids can experience the joy of breathing and walking under the sea.

L— Learn

Sub Sea Systems has many programs that allow people to learn about commonly misunderstood or feared creatures (such as sharks and stingrays), animal anatomy, ocean conservancy, and about the underwater world in general.

M— Majesty

Sea TREK shares the incredible, indefinable majesty that is our underwater realm.

N— Nature

Sea TREK, Dolphin TREK, SHARKS!, Stingray Bay, and FunCat all allow people to interact with nature. From walking through schools of fish near a coral reef or petting a nurse shark as it swims across your lap, to kissing a dolphin or exploring the lake on a FunCat, Sub Sea Systems is focused on sharing its passion of connecting people with nature all over the world.

O— Ocean & Oxygen

Many of our programs and products are based around the ocean, its creatures, environment, and even its importance to our world — most of the world’s oxygen comes from the sea. Additionally, Clear Lounge is an underwater oxygen bar!

P— Passion

Sub Sea Systems’ passion for the ocean, for family, and for experiential adventure is what keeps our innovations attractive and marketable to a broad range of guests. We’re constantly working to develop new ways to share our passion with the rest of the world.

Q— Queens

Queens have actually donned Sea TREK helmet crowns– and their hair and makeup survived underwater too!

R— Reef Alliance

Reef Alliance is a program developed by Sub Sea Systems. Our operators and Guides take the Reef Alliance pledge to take only pictures and leave only bubbles, and to educate each and every guest about the fragility of our underwater world. Each year Reef Alliance members also participate in Reef Alliance Day by cleaning up local beaches and waterways. We pride our selves on our responsible diving practices and proactive conservation efforts!

S— Sea TREK, SHARKS!, & Stingray Bay

Sea TREK is Sub Sea Systems helmet diving program which is available at many locations around the world. If you can walk and breathe you can experience the beauty under the sea with Sea TREK. For more info visit

SHARKS! Interactive is an educational program that allows guests to interact with trained nurse sharks in the water — alleviating fears about these amazing creatures.

Stingray Bay is a program that allows people to swim with, pet and feed stingrays — breaking the negative stereotypes about the animals and inspiring protective behavior toward conserving stingrays and their habitats.

T— Team

We consider Sub Sea Systems’ international team our family, and we take pride in each and every staff member — from the corporate office team that fabricates, trains, markets, and sells our products — to the Guides and Training Coordinators at our locations — our team makes us who we are! Our company family is the glue that holds us together.

U— Unique

Sub Sea Systems is unique. Very specialized, innovative programs make our company a truly unique business.

V— Vision

Sub Sea Systems has vision. Our innovations are creating the future of adventure travel; our ideas set the bar for tours, excursions and encounters.

W— Whimsy

Whimsy means playful, fanciful or odd. We think these words describe our programs and products, as well as our team members!

X— Xcaret

Xcaret was our first location and to this day remains our highest volume operation.

Y— Young-at-heart

Sea TREK offers an amazing bucket list experience to the young-at-heart! Our oldest TREKKER was 93! Imagine being 93 and still able to experience something new! The first breath underwater is equally amazing when you are 8 or 80!

Z— Zeal

Zeal for life is what has made Sub Sea Systems’ innovators so creative and forward thinking … Our innovators want to experience life and they want to share those experiences with the world.

Did we leave anything out? Comment below.
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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

'Sea'sonal Fun and Sustainable 'Sea'son DIY

The Christmas season is here and Sub Sea Systems is ready to celebrate! We love getting into the spirit of the holidays by playing Christmas music, decorating the office, and even dressing the office dogs! We also look forward to our yearly visit with Mia — Sub Sea Systems’ Elf on the Shelf, and this year we want to share some fun ‘SEA’sonal DIY projects that we really love, as well as some wonderful ideas on how to reduce, reuse and recycle this holiday season!

Follow Sea TREK® Helmet Diving's board Sustainable 'SEA'son on Pinterest.

Our oceans need our care, and the best way to do that is to keep trash from EVER reaching the sea. Last year Reef Alliance wrote a ‘Guide to a Sustainable Season’ with creative ideas on how to reuse and upcycle! We created a Pinterest Board to share all of the unique ideas that we found, and have continued to pin to the board throughout the year; sharing resourceful ideas that will keep trash out of the ocean and landfills, while adding a little sparkle to your holiday season (not to mention helping you save some money!). A favorite and useful idea is reusing packaging to box gifts. For example: a box that held instant oatmeal was used to contain a hand knit beanie. Of course wrapping paper makes it more beautiful, and what better than old newspapers? Who doesn’t love typography with red ribbon?

During our research we also came across some ingenious ideas to help you ‘upcycle’ common goods that otherwise may have ended up in the trash. If you haven’t heard this buzzword before — ‘upcycling’ means to make something better in its second life. For example, these cute light bulb snowmen ornaments — for a tutorial look at this website — or these twisted icicle ornaments made out of plastic bottles (Click Here).

A fun DIY project— that has practical and frivolous uses, and embodies the holiday season, while tying in the sea theme — is a rosemary wreath. You can find fresh rosemary at any grocery store, or purchase a rosemary bush for a reasonable price at a local home improvement store.

What you need:

Seashells, sand dollars or star fish
Wire cutters

Here are the steps:

1. Create a circle using wire.
2. Using thin wire tie together rosemary sprigs in bunches of three.
3. Attach the sprigs around the wire circle until it is filled. If needed use additional sprigs to hide wires and empty spaces.
4. To add ocean flair, attach a simple starfish, seashell or sand dollar.
5. Choose a festive or patterned ribbon to hang your wreath.
6. Hang where you want to add a fragrant decoration, and add a little ocean-holiday flair.
7. After the holidays are over, and the wreath is dry, collect the rosemary leaves and store them in a jar.
8. Use the rosemary to make a balsamic glazed salmon.

We really love this project because it adds fragrance and festivity while also remaining useful after the season is over.

Follow Sea TREK® Helmet Diving's board SEAsonal Fun on Pinterest.

Happy Holidays! Be sure to follow us on Pinterest! We have created a ‘Sea’sonal Fun board where we have added holiday and ocean themed ideas for decorations, gifts and more. We also have added a lot more to our Sustainable ‘Sea’son board for inspirational ideas to upcycle this Christmas. And we have started an Elf on the Shelf board for fun and creative ideas of which any elf would approve.

Do you have fun ‘Sea’sonal DIY projects that you would like to share with us? Do you have silly stories about your Elf on the Shelf? We look forward to reading them in the comments below.

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