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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Story Behind FunCat® Electric Catamaran

What is a FunCat?

FunCats are chaise-lounge style, electric catamaran boats.  They are designed for side-by-side seating, additional space for small children and an overall capacity of up to 500 pounds. The unique hull design and simple-to-use push button controls allow for expert maneuvering within only a few minutes of use. Dry storage compartments, armrests with cup holders and 3 seat-back positions offer the finest in cruising comfort. FunCat is the ultimate leisure watercraft.  The open view of the horizon past your feet — as you sit next to your loved ones and cruise over rolling waves — is a view you will never forget.  For more information please visit or call (530) 626-0100.

The History of FunCat

The original design of the FunCat went by the name of “SunCat” and was manufactured by Rave Sports, who primarily produces inflatable water toys. The concept of SunCat was very popular, unfortunately Rave Sports lacked the expertise to build the product for marine environments.  Rental operations loved the product, and it was well received by customers, but ongoing motor and wiring problems resulted in a reputation of unreliability – the SunCats were more known for breaking down.

In 1999 Sub Sea Systems purchased the SunCat product line from Rave Sports and began to redesign the product using the company's extensive knowledge of marine vessel construction. The design was entirely revamped, and the name was changed to “FunCat.” The product was a perfect fit for Sub Sea Systems due to the company’s reach into the aquatic resort market. Not long after acquiring the product line, FunCats began to gradually sell to private owners and rental locations around the world. Although the boats were popular with private customers and commercial rental operators, FunCats remained a very small part of Sub Sea Systems’ business. Remaining in the shadow of semi-submersibles, submersibles, Sea TREK and SNUBA business.

In 2013, Sub Sea Systems embarked on a focused effort to re-design, re-engineer and re-tool FunCat production to meet the market potential. FunCats are proudly manufactured in the USA. The boat’s look, reliability and overall quality continue to be fine tuned with new wiring and control systems, custom-made Mercury Marine motors, grained aluminum frames, a new hull design, a new logo, a number of aesthetic finishes, and a full line of accessories.  Sub Sea Systems’ marketing efforts, which began in 2013 include: a redesigned website, expanded social media presence, direct mailing campaigns, print ads, a new line of promotional materials and a Joint Venture revenue share program. This has resulted in the dramatic expansion of FunCat rental locations, and overall sales. 2014 is already a record-performing year.

FunCats are a unique and innovative product, and 2014 has strengthened the relevance of these boats in the market. As FunCats continue to expand, we’ve broadened our target markets, representatives and distribution network. Below are examples of some of the newer FunCat markets.

The Real Estate Connection 

FunCat has partnered with real estate agents and agencies to promote home sales on the water. FunCat’s are a perfect selling tool for waterfront homes. The FunCat allows interested homebuyers to drive themselves around the water— on the living, social side of the community— giving the potential homeowner the feeling of what it would be like to live in a waterfront neighborhood. The FunCat can also incentivize home sales by being included with the purchase of a new home. Contact Sub Sea Systems if you are a real estate agent interested in FunCats as a selling tool.

Business Opportunities — Joint Ventures & Dealers

FunCat business opportunities are just a phone call away. We offer opportunities for businesses to conduct FunCat rentals under a low-cost joint venture with Sub Sea Systems— for more details click here. We are also looking for FunCat resellers (click here for details), and we are open to FunCat sales representatives in select areas and communities. Please contact Sub Sea Systems if you are interested in these opportunities at or (530) 626-0100.

You can expect to see FunCats at commercial operations, resorts, and homes worldwide.

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