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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sea TREK Testimonials

We wanted to know what people are saying about Sea TREK, so we visited TripAdvisor’s website and read the reviews! People love Sea TREK calling it “a once in a lifetime experience,” and “the best thing they have ever done.” This week we want to share their perspectives with you!

Natalie from New York participated in Sea TREK in St. Maarten. She says,
“I would rate it as one of the best experiences that I have had in my life.” 

She also shares that she cannot swim and was extremely nervous, but the wonderful Guides kept her calm, reminding her that should could have a strong drink afterwards! It is good thing they calmed her down, because we would have hated for her to miss out on one of the BEST experiences in her life.

Another TripAdvisor reviewer also visited Sea TREK St. Maarten, and his description of the experience captures the essence of Sea TREK perfectly —

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the helmet diver in your fish tank? Ever wanted to walk on the bottom of the ocean surrounded by shipwrecks and amazing fish? If so, you must do this! The staff is incredibly patient and professional and the equipment is top notch. Highly recommend!”

Sea TREK Grand Cayman has a review from a wife and mother of two. She says,
“My kids and husband are still talking about how cool Sea Trek was on our recent vacation. Without a doubt it was the best part of our entire trip! I highly recommend this excursion!” 
She shares that her daughter (who is 8) got very nervous and almost did not participate, but the Guides calmed the little girl down and made her feel safe. Afterwards she asked to go again!

TripAdvisor user TWDavis of South Carolina explains her Sea TREK in Cozumel with detail.
“Once in lifetime for me!” says Davis.

She was able to wear her glasses and keep her make-up smudge free. She enjoyed lots of sea creatures, and although she would not touch a spider-like arrow crab, she watched her husband hold it. She also recommends the nachos at the restaurant upstairs to round off a great experience.

User BlotDallas_Texas participated in Sea TREK on Catalina Island, California. She said,
“Having a staring contest with a fish 4 inches from my face was amazing.” 

She also pointed out that she was able to wear her glasses, and that she has a fear of snorkeling, but was comfortable with Sea TREK. Best of all her 14-year-old son liked Sea TREK better than the nighttime zip-line!

Sea TREK Spain has a review that declares the tour
"A Marvelous Experience!" 
The reviewer goes on to describe the variety of fish that she saw, and further explains that she felt like she was on the moon with a sensation of “incredible weightlessness.”

These are some really great testimonials, and there are so many more! Take a look at TripAdvisor if you want to read about other peoples’ experiences, or share your own in the comments below! For more information on Sea TREK visit our website at

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Inspirational Images — Part Three

We have found that people really enjoy our inspirational images that combine beautiful imagery with inspirational quotes. This series is focusing on our Stingray Bay®, SHARKS® and SeaTREK® programs. We know that these programs inspire awe and respect, and they educate people about the importance of ocean conservancy. We hope you enjoy these images. Please comment, like, share, pin and tweet!

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Dolphin TREK®

If you have ever wanted to take part in a dolphin encounter Dolphin TREK is the most unique and immersive encounter available. Like most encounters, guests have the opportunity to spend some time with the dolphins above the water (feeding, petting, and signaling them), observing firsthand the dolphins’ playful, intelligent, and well-trained demeanor. Guests watch in awe as the dolphins’ large, smooth bodies allow them to move with incredible speed and agility.

 Generally, after this sort of encounter guests are allowed to swim with and pet the dolphins. However, if a participant signed up for Dolphin TREK, they’re in for a once-in-a-lifetime encounter. Dolphin TREK uses Sea TREK helmet diving technology to allow guests to interact with dolphins in their own environment — from the floor of the sea, face-to-face, under the water.

Sea TREK enables guests who have no diving experience to experience the underwater world. If you can walk and breathe, you can Sea TREK! Even non-swimmers and guests who wear glasses can immerse themselves in the underwater world without even getting their hair wet. The helmets are weighted to keep you comfortably on the sea floor. The constant cool breeze of 3 times the normal amount of air needed for breathing keeps your lens clear. The feeling of exhilaration that comes with breathing underwater for the first time is tinged with sparkles of sunlight and the sound of bubbles.

Dolphin TREK uses this technology to put you on the sea floor with trained dolphins. A dolphin trainer guides you through an underwater interaction you will never forget. You learn signals to use in the interaction including one that tells the dolphins to blow bubbles and one that tells them to swim in a spiraling torpedo. The dolphins will also swim by you very slowly so you can pet their smooth skin, and they will pose for a photograph placing their nose against your lens — ‘kissing’ you. At the end of the underwater interaction the dolphins even escort you to the exit; you place your hand on their dorsal fin and they guide you back to the ladder.

The experience of this dolphin interaction has inspired awe in the hearts of many, bringing people and nature closer together — creating greater awareness for these incredible animals, and ultimately promoting conservancy. The sense of connection and emotional bond felt between Dolphin TREK guests and the dolphins is undeniable. We would love for you to experience Dolphin TREK for yourself and share your reactions, connections, and insights with us.

There are several locations that offer Dolphin TREK with new ones opening all of the time. On Saturday July 12th, 2 new Dolphin TREK locations held their Grand Openings: Dolphin TREK at Geoje Sea World in Korea, and Dolphin TREK at Dolphin Discovery Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands! For more information and other Dolphin TREK locations visit

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Comparing FunCat

This week we would like to take a moment to compare some common leisure watercraft with the FunCat electric catamaran. We will share information about the products, create bullet points of features, and use a 5 star rating system in the categories of: leisure, exercise, maneuverability, ease-of-use, price, speed, environmental friendliness, and ease of maintenance. We want to see how FunCats stack up against fishing boats, pedal boats, jet skis, ski boats, kayaks, and deck boats.

FunCat Electric Catamarans


The FunCat is a chaise-lounge style electric catamaran. Battery powered, the FunCat offers up to 4 hours of continuous use at a speed of 4 mph. The chaise lounge seat provides the ultimate relaxed boating experience, as you are virtually riding around on a hammock over the water. The controls are super easy to use, and charging is as simple as plugging the FunCat in! With many available accessories that will enhance the FunCat, you can be sure to have a customized, leisurely experience. Climb aboard a FunCat and lounge in style!


• Electrically powered! (No gas or oil needed — just plug it in to charge)
• Eco-friendly
• Recessed propellers, a 16” draft, and lightweight
• Chaise lounge, side-by-side seating with adjustable seat back
• Super easy and fun controls (just push a button and go!)
• Optional convertible bimini shade allows for fun in the sun or cool in the shade
• Cup holders, armrests, and built in dry storage compartments
• Custom FunCat accessories available

Fishing Boats


A personal aluminum fishing boat with a motor and deck seats is great for spending the early mornings or evenings on the lake in pursuit of fish. One person must sit in the rear to maneuver the boat. Many fishing boats reach speeds of 27 mph or more. Fishing boats can squeeze into tight spaces, but they require a certain amount of skill to start and drive. With room for supplies, and space for fish, fishing boats are great if you are serious about fishing.


• Travels at higher speeds
• Maneuverable
• Customizable
• Does not need charging, however requires gas

Pedal Boats


Pedal boats are completely human powered boats that use pedaling motion to propel them. They are reclined into a comfortable laid back position that allows easy access to the pedals. Some pedal boats offer bimini shades, which are very helpful when you are working hard to gain speed. Pedal boats offer side-by-side social seating, and a lot of exercise. They are steered by a small lever that shifts a rudder and have a pretty good ability to change direction.


• Social
• Lots of exercise
• Reclined position
• Optional shade
• Environmentally Friendly

Jet skis


Jet skis are gas powered personal watercraft. They are similar to a motorcycle in the way they are driven with handlebars that have a throttle and steer the craft. They use propulsion as opposed to propellers. On average jet skis can go up to 50mph! The faster you go on a jet ski the more control you have over the steering — with little control when going slowly. Jet skis have optional accessories available including storage and side steps. They are perfect for the adrenaline junky, and allow for fast travel around the water.


• Very fast
• Easy to use
• Can be used for tricks and racing
• Customizable
• Does not need charging, however requires gas

Ski Boats


Ski boats are large boats that usually seat up to 8 people. They can travel very fast, and can tow people in water sport activities such as wakeboarding or water skiing. They have comfortable seating, rear deck access for water reentry, many storage compartments, optional shades, and even sound systems! Driving a ski boat is very similar to driving a car with a steering wheel, but ski boats have a hand controlled throttle that works like the gas pedal and the brake. Ski boats handle well, and offer leisurely seating, and sporty activities.


• Lots of Seating
• Social
• Sporty activities
• Can be VERY fast
• Does not need charging, however requires gas
• Comfortable



A kayak is a long narrow boat that is propelled forward by rowing with a double-sided paddle. Kayaks offer some storage, and optional accessories for customization. People kayak for exercise, and the small vessel allows people to access areas they may not be able to in a larger boat. Kayaking can be social; many people kayak in groups. There are many varieties of kayaking, and from white water kayaking to fishing, kayaking is known for its ability to unify a person with nature.


• Great Exercise
• Very Maneuverable
• Social
• Environmentally Friendly

Pontoon Deck Boats


A pontoon deck boat is a leisurely, gas-powered party boat that generally has cushy bench seating around the edges of a fenced in deck that stretches between two pontoons. Most deck boats can travel between 15-28 mph. Deck boats are fairly simple to drive with a steering wheel and throttle similar to a ski boat. They are customizable with products available such as BBQs and bimini shades. Pontoon deck boats are like personal floating islands. They are perfect for parties, and can hold 8 people or more with plenty of room to walk about the deck. They usually have ladders for water reentry making them perfect for mid-lake celebrations!


• Can hold many people
• Perfect for BBQ parties
• Higher speeds
• Easy to climb aboard

We think FunCat stacks up pretty well! Big on leisure, low on price, easy to use, and environmentally friendly — the FunCat is pretty unique. Learn more about FunCat Electric Catamarans today. Visit our website at

This information is based on general knowledge, average speeds, etc. and in no way reflects any particular brand besides FunCat®
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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sharing Sea TREK Experiences through Video

This week our blog is all about our Sea TREK videos! Sea TREK is an experience like no other, and while videos cannot do justice to the euphoric, otherworldly experience, they can at least create excitement, and give a glimpse of what Sea TREK is all about. From aquarium diving to Dolphin TREK, and Sea TREK with stingrays to underwater dancing we have a lot of beautiful videos that will inspire you to experience Sea TREK. We also have a lot of TREKKERS that have shared their personal videos on YouTube. Take a few minutes to relax and watch these amazing videos!

Sea TREK Helmet Diving in an Aquarium

Sea TREK Helmet diving offers locations around the world; including some very prestigious aquariums. Sea TREKKING in aquariums makes you a part of the exhibit!

Dolphin TREK

Sea TREK Helmet diving with dolphins. Dolphin TREK!

Sea TREK with Stingrays

Watch a Sea TREK with stingrays experience from the eyes of the guest. Go Pro cameras mount to Sea TREK helmets, and allow you to bring your memories home. Immerse yourself in the Sea TREK with Stingrays experience.

Sea TREK is Happy

Pharrell William's song 'Happy' has been sweeping social media. We got together our best underwater dancers and made a Sea TREK Happy video! Watch the fun, and make sure you do a little dance the next time you walk on the floor of the sea.

Sea TREK at Atlantis, the Palm — Dubai

Stunning, clear video of a Sea TREK helmet diving tour in an aquarium in Atlantis the Palm Dubai. Watch stingrays, sharks, and a variety of beautiful fish as experienced while walking underwater on a Sea TREK tour.

Sea TREK at Xcaret

Sea TREK Helmet diving in Xcaret. Underwater walking tour.

Sea TREKKER's Video Playlist

A Playlist of incredible videos shared on YouTube by Sea TREKKERS.

To Learn more about SeaTREK visit , and be sure to like us on Facebook!

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