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Friday, October 28, 2016

Terrifying Legends from Around the World

Sub Sea Systems has contacts all over the world, and we are intrigued by the unique qualities of every different location and culture. From food and fashion to architecture and festivals — the diverse nature of our world is captivating. To celebrate Halloween we wanted to share some folklore from just a few of the countries where Sub Sea Systems has a presence.

So grab a blanket (make sure your feet are covered), and turn on the lights — for you are about to read about a few horrifying, legendary creatures — the kind that make you wonder what went “bump” in the night…

La Llorona (Mexico)

The legend says that La Llorona (the weeping woman) was one of the most beautiful women ever seen. She was named Maria. She was very prideful, and although she was a peasant, she intended to use her beauty to marry into wealth. A rich and wild ranchero saw her loveliness and tried to court her, but Maria knew that she had to seem unattainable to ensure that the ranchero would desire to marry her. She refused gifts and showed him no attention until he became determined to make her his bride.

Maria and the ranchero married and had two children. They seemed happy for a time, but the wealthy ranchero became restless and resented marrying below his station. He began to leave Maria and the children for months at a time and when he would return he would only speak to his children.

One day, Maria saw her husband coming into town driving a carriage seated next to a beautiful, well-dressed, younger woman. He stopped the carriage to speak with his children— did not even look in the direction of his wife— and then abruptly snapped the reigns to leave Maria in the dust.

Maria’s anger was immense, and in her jealousy she directed it toward her children. She grasped their little bodies and heaved them into the river. Once she realized what she had done it was too late. Her children were swept away.

Maria’s misery was boundless and her sorrow drove her to commit suicide.

After her body was buried people began to hear crying in the night. Then people began to see her ghostly figure — always searching for her children.

Now, all children are told to stay away from the river. La Llorona will seek them out, and seeing that they are not her children, she will become infuriated —dragging them into the river, never to be seen again.

The Bunyip (Australia)

The Bunyip is a ghastly creature that hides in the swamps, riverbeds and billabongs of Australia. Bunyip is an aboriginal word that means devil or evil spirit. The accounts of the Bunyip vary widely, but always in common is the creature’s appetite for human flesh, especially the sweet flesh of women and children. And the screaming roar that is so loud it creates a ‘sonic boom’.

Some accounts of Bunyips describe a beast with shaggy fur that stands 15 feet tall on land and swims like a frog in the water. Others say it has a head like a crocodile a face like a dog and flippers like a seal. There are so many different descriptions that it is unclear what the Bunyip looks like, but wandering the Australian waterways at night with a man-eating beast that could be lurking in the dark and makes a sound so loud that it causes a ‘sonic boom’ sounds like a scene from a nightmare.

Knockers (U.K.) AKA Tommyknockers (U.S.A)

A Knocker is a mischievous spirit of the underground that stands about 2 feet tall and resembles a human. It has long arms and a grizzled appearance. Knockers live in mines and dress similar to the miners who work there. They are said to carry pickaxes and shovels and be helpful to mineworkers — unless they don’t like you.

Knockers make knocking sounds to indicate where a lode might be, or to warn of a cave-in. Some say they are spirits of miners who died and remained in the caves to help other workers avoid the same fate.

Do not cross a Knocker though… they have also been known to knock and knock and knock on supporting timbers to cause cave-ins and crush everyone.

When miners began to come to America they brought the Knocker lore with them and the creatures became known as Tommyknockers. They play pranks on miners: throwing rocks at them, misplacing tools, blowing out lanterns and in some cases causing so much fear that mines had to be closed. Men always saved a little bit of their lunch and threw it into the mines as a peace offering for the Tommyknockers, hoping to bring good luck — and avoid the bad.

The legend has mostly died out, but recently on an episode of Ghost Adventures the team visited the Colorado gold mine and caught “knocking” on audio. There are still some believers out there. If you are ever in a mine and hear knocking you better hope the Tommyknockers like you.

Jikininki (Japan)

The Jikininki are human eating ghosts that wander the land at night digging up freshly buried corpses and consuming their flesh. They are thought to be humans who have been punished for living greedy, selfish lives.

Jikininki look like cadavers with rotted skin covered in gaping wounds. Their eyes glow red and their fingers end in long sharp claws. Their hair is mostly gone revealing a glistening, decayed scalp. You shouldn’t see one unless you are visiting a graveyard at night — when the Jikininki are feeding.

Jikininki only take their ‘true’ form at night. In the day it is said they live among us and lead normal lives — how well do you know your neighbors?

There are legends and creatures that terrify and torment humans all over the world. Each one has its own unique story — let’s just hope that’s all they are… stories.

Do you know any legends from around the world? Please share in the comments below!

Happy Halloween!

To learn more about these legends click the links below:

La Llorona

The Bunyip

The Knockers (Tommyknockers)


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Friday, October 21, 2016

Dog Blog 2 — #OfficeDogs

In our previous Dog Blog we introduced our original 2 office dogs Cali and Oliver. In this blog we are proud to introduce the newest member of our team — Gunner the Chocolate Lab.

Employee Profile

Gunner Mayfield

  • Chocolate Lab
  • 28.2 lbs
  • 13 weeks

Loves riding shotgun with his head hanging out of the window, swimming and terrorizing his doggy co-workers.

Sub Sea Systems’ youngest EVER intern has taken up tutelage under Cali the Boxer and Oliver the Cockapoo to learn the Human Resources ropes so he can pull his (ever changing) weight around here.

Safety First!

Gunner started working at Sub Sea Systems just a few short weeks ago at 8 weeks old (he is only part time so don’t worry). At that time he weighed 11 lbs — only 3 pounds more than Oliver! Today he weighs 28.2 lbs, and every day he packs more on. Soon he will outweigh Cali! So, even though he’s the baby, he will be the biggest dog at Sub Sea!

Gunner is a people and dog lover. He likes attention any way he can get it. His big beautiful eyes have all the ladies in the office in love, while his growing size and future career in bird hunting have the men talking about how big and strong he will be.

Gunner's favorite place to be
Gunner’s personality is either over the top enthusiastic or calm and mellow. He is all play all day —until it is lights out and he sleeps like an angel. He loves to chase anything that moves — from pouncing ice cubes to stealthily sneaking up on his toys — Gunner shows his potential for being a great bird dog and Sub Sea employee.

A video posted by Cali & Oliver & Gunner (@cali.oliver.gunner) on

Besides his Mom (Natasha Sundby) and Dad (Keenan Mayfield — FunCat Product Director & Sea TREK Field Operations Specialist) gunner loves Cali the Boxer. The two will roll around and body slam each other for hours. Cali is taking her mentor role very seriously and patiently teaches Gunner every day.

As Gunner grows and learns it is apparent he will become an integral part of our team here at Sub Sea Systems Corporate Headquarters’. Eventually he will grow into those paws of his.

Follow Cali, Oliver and Gunner on Instagram!

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Best Halloween Costumes Under the Sea

Are you dressing up for Halloween this year? Are you helping your kids decide on their costumes? What about your K9 kids?

We have curated a selection of under the sea costumes that will impress. From off the shelf to complete DIY — there is sure to be something that will inspire you.

Jellyfish DIY

This Jellyfish costume is simple and fun. Adults and children can create this cute sea creature costume in minutes. (You don’t have to go with neon orange — try pink or blue or even rainbow.)

Click here for the tutorial

Shark Attack

These little sharks are adorable! Add in an adult with a surf board and some fake blood and you have a shark attack! Try creating this DIY shark hoodie for a quick and easy transition from kid (or adult) to shark!

Sea Monster

This whimsical costume is sure to be the only one at the party. Etsy is a great resource for original costumes if you don’t want to DIY.

Deep Sea Diver

This costume is sure to dazzle the neighborhood. Super easy, because it is right off the shelf!

Angler Fish DIY

An eerie costume makeup from the deep sea — this angler fish makeup tutorial is absolutely incredible. Using black light paint and excellent makeup skills, you can transform yourself into one of the creepiest creatures in the sea.

Stingray DIY

This is so cute and original. The tutorial tells you how to achieve the spotted effect. You do need some sewing skills to add the details. Your little stingray will be swimming in candy with this fun DIY.

Fiber Optics Sea Warrior (DIY for the technically inclined)

This costume is dazzling and dramatic. A lot of details and intense work and you can be the most illuminated trick or treater on the block (this one is sure to win a costume contest)!

Baby Mermaid

Cuteness overload! You can order this adorable baby costume on Etsy or you can search for a pattern online and learn to crochet!

Doggy Walrus

HAHAHA! This is so cute! Click this link to see more awesome dog costumes under the sea.

Adult Mermaid

There are too many amazing mermaid costumes to choose just one, so check out this fantastic Pinterest board and see what you like. Combining ideas always makes everything better!

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Monday, October 10, 2016

Netflix and Nosh

It is October; Halloween is creeping up and there is a cool crisp quality in the air. As the leaves turn from green to red to orange, and the mornings turn colder, apple harvests, pumpkin patches, costumes and parties fill our schedules. Sometimes, in between the busy autumn festivities, the gray skies and brisk winds that inevitably accompany fall weather make us want to cuddle in a snuggie with the fireplace crackling, a delicious comforting meal and a big screen to watch Netflix.

We have some great seasonal suggestions for your binge watching pleasure, as well as some themed meal recipes. Take a look at our top 5 Netflix picks for this Fall/Halloween.

Stranger Things

This decidedly creepy Netflix original series brings back all the nostalgia of movies like Stand By Me, E.T. and The Goonies. Starring Winona Ryder and break out stars Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard, Stranger Things starts with a missing child and a frantic mother in a small town in Indiana set in 1983. This is a DO NOT MISS show that everyone is talking about. We also love that our clear Sea TREK helmet is featured in 2 episodes, and our very own Keenan Mayfield (Sea TREK Field Operations Specialist) was on set when the scenes were shot.

Try one of these delicious Eggo recipes, while you binge watch all 8 episodes — e11e approved!

E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

If you haven’t seen this classic, catch it while you can —it is on Netflix right now!
This 1982 Steven Spielberg masterpiece is as compelling today as it was when it was brand new. A young boy befriends a peaceful alien and keeps it a secret — until the alien falls ill.

Instead of ordering pizza try this recipe at home
Meat Lovers Pizza


This remake of the classic T.V. show is as funny as it is sweet. Will Ferrell and Nicole Kidman light up the screen along with Shirley MacLain, Michael Caine and Steve Carell. This witchy little comedy is perfect for a snuggly night indoors.

Try it with this Witches’ Brew Pea & Bacon Chowder

Sleepy Hollow

This creepy, stylistic, movie version of the 1820 Washington Irving publication The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is sure to intrigue and frighten. With Tim Burton’s ethereal, dark and edgy style of directing, and Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci and Christopher Walken’s performances you might want to leave the lights on.

Try baking this delicious pumpkin bread with brown-butter maple icing

The Addams Family

The T.V. show translated well into this movie. With dark humor, romance and a quirky family, this fun movie will hit that Halloween sweet spot. Snap Snap!

Try one of these finger food recipes! “Wednesday play with your food!”

If you have any suggestions for fun seasonal pairings please comment below. Happy watching!

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Monday, October 3, 2016

Designing and/or Redesigning your Business Website

Sea TREK’s new website has launched.

Check out the new design at

The technology behind Sea TREK is always advancing. We strive to provide the most current innovations to our customers.

With that it mind, it is important that our website (the virtual doorway to our business) reflects that same cutting edge emphasis. Staying up-to-date and on-trend with technology and design is important because it helps tell our story. It shows that our company’s principles are consistent. Across every aspect of Sub Sea Systems and Sea TREK it is apparent that we are always breaking new ground. From the soon-to-be-released upgrade to our helmet design, to our creative marketing strategies, and our new website – it is apparent that our core values are quintessentially progressive.

When redesigning the website we considered 3 important facets.
In no particular order:

1. The current and upcoming trends in user experience and web design.
2. Our brand’s personality.
3. Our target audience.

1. Trends

The web changes so quickly. It is important to research what trends are out there and what is working and what is not. You can trap yourself if you are not careful when considering the things you’d like to mimic and/or adapt.

You must be aware of the growing mobile friendly world. Use queries (or responsive templates.) Google search rankings are negatively effected if someone is searching on their smartphone and your website is not optimized for mobile.

High-resolution images (that load quickly) are vital to making an impact. Full screen video is a surprising way to showcase your business. If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is worth exponentially more.

Be social! Connect your social media accounts and even allow guests to interact with your content by using hashtags.

2. Brand Personality

Every brand should have a voice. In an ever more digital and automated world, it has become more and more important to show a genuine personality. Whether emphasizing humor, creativity, beauty or happiness it is paramount to making your business stand out.

Once you have decided on your voice — stick to it. Consistency is key to convincing customers that you are sincere. You have to decide how to convey your message. Illustration, photography and tone in written content — all combine to define your unique brand personality. Find inspiration in your environment, in your employees and in the real world. The internet is helpful, but your message will be lacking if you only copy what you see.

3. Target Audience

Who are you looking to reach with your website? Create imaginary general audiences and then narrow them down. Draft your customers’ personas and assess your design using the demographics you wish to reach. Are you targeting teens? Cruise guests in their golden years? Existing businesses? Entrepreneurs? All of the above? Find a way to reach these audiences with the content you create. Maybe you offer a discount to people who use a specific hashtag (teens), and you have a page emphasizing how your business offers team-building experiences for employers. Use creativity to stand out in a sea of businesses.

And, as always, follow the rules. Use the proper code to emphasize titles and sub titles. Use alt tags for all of your images. Name images with descriptive words and use dashes between words, for example: sea-trek-helmet-diving.jpg, and make sure your content includes the key words that describe your business.

To learn more about current trends, you can check out Google's material design or

If you are a Sea TREK operator interested in upgrading or designing a web site and would like help — Andrea Murphy, our Social Media Manager & Web Designer (aka head guru for all things online!), is available to provide inspiration and advice. Contact for more details.

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