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Monday, February 29, 2016

Dog Blog — #OfficeDogs

Sub Sea Systems boasts our very own office dogs. These 2 employees are an integral part of Sub Sea Systems’ daily operations — and they work for treats (sweet potato and chicken is their favorite!). From being in charge of employee morale to chasing off offending bugs, lizards, birds or imaginary threats, these employees help make Sub Sea Systems a great place to work.

Employee Profile

Oliver de Bie (Oli)

  • Male, Apricot Cockapoo
  • 8 lbs
  • will be 2 on March 15th, 2016

Loves bananas, Dog Yoga and his Mom (Vice President of Marketing, Hannah)

Oliver is a Momma’s boy, so it is a good thing his Momma works here, too. A typical day of work for Oliver includes dashing from the front office to the back office, sniffing and marking his territory (aka the parking lot), and playing with Cali (the other office dog — we will get to her shortly). Most days Oliver greets employees with an open mouth smile and a wiggly body. Some days, however, he passes on the cordial greetings and snubs everyone– he can be a little moody.

Oliver doesn’t mind being pet, but he prefers to be held. And, most employees know by now that they have to be careful when holding him because he’s quick with his tongue, and loves to give slobbery kisses on the mouth. Oliver is very smart and even knows to ring a bell when he needs to go potty. His other repertoire of tricks include: sit, down, speak, and “up up” (stand up and twirl).

Besides his Mom (Hannah de Bie) and Dad (Evan de Bie), Oliver’s favorite person is President and CEO of Sub Sea Systems, Jim Mayfield (aka Grandpa!). Jim and Oliver are best friends — and especially love spending time together on the weekends, playing and adventuring in the yard. Oliver recently starred in a FunCat electric catamaran video that debuted on Facebook last week.

Employee Profile

Cali Mayfield

  • Female, brindle Boxer
  • 65 lbs 
  • 2 years old

Loves riding in the car like a human, sneaking into the cow pasture,
and her Dad (Vice President of Production, Kyle)

Cali loves attention, and when she gets it, she wiggles and contorts her body into the shape of a jellybean (it’s hilarious!). She is a great watchdog, and spends a good part of the day dutifully watching out the window to make sure we know if anything moves outside… including leaves.

Cali and Oliver play together, take naps together, and eat and drink out of each other’s food bowls. Cali’s favorite pastime at work is to chase lizards. She is sleek, graceful and powerful, but most of the time she’s a big goof ball. If she hears a lizard move, she jumps high in the air, straight up, and then lands face first in the middle of the suspected bush where the lizard is hiding. She jumps from bush to bush along the hillside, like a gazelle, as she desperately tries to catch the lizards.

Cali can run very fast, ears blowing back in the wind; she is definitely too fast to catch, and is very cognizant of her ability. Her favorite game is “come and get me” – or better known as “please come inside you stubborn dog.” She’ll stop and look at you very indignantly when you ask her to “come.” She stands as still as a statue, and then the second you get close, she does a goofy jump and runs immediately away. She thinks this is very funny, and the game can easily last for a good 5-25 minutes.

Cali is also a bit of a crybaby —she cries to see her Dad (Kyle Mayfield) when he is not in the room. Besides her Dad and Mom (Veronica Mayfield) Cali loves Keenan Mayfield (FunCat Product Director). She looks up to him and he adores her. They are a cute couple. Cali will soon be star of an up-and-coming FunCat video, be sure to keep an eye out for it on Facebook.

These 2 spectacular employees have now started to take part in Sub Sea Systems’ marketing efforts and they even have their very own Instagram account. Follow Cali & Oliver on Instagram to see pictures of them hard at work for Sub Sea Systems.

We LOVE our 4-legged friends! If you have an office dog that comes to work with you, we’d love to see– share posts with the hashtag #officedog.

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