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Friday, June 27, 2014

Introducing FunCat Franky

FunCat electric catamaran has a new mascot! And he has a personality to match the FunCat. We call him FunCat Franky! FunCat Franky is a cool cat with a relaxed lifestyle. He lives on the water riding around on his FunCat. His days are filled with peaceful, leisurely rides. He always has a smile on his face, because nothing can crack Franky's chill 'tude.

FunCat Franky has a lot of friends, but some of them are jealous of his happy, laid back and simple lifestyle. In this first comic about FunCat Franky you will meet Olly the motorboat Cocka-poo. Keep watching for further installments of FunCat Franky's adventures, and enjoy!

Comic Stript FunCat Franky1

If you want to learn more about our great FunCat electric catamarans visit our website at
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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

SeaTREK® Aquarium Diving

Have you ever heard of Sea TREK? If not you can find out a lot more on our website

Today we want to talk about Sea TREK helmet diving in an aquarium. The Sea TREK adventure is amazing. You walk along a guided path on the ocean floor with the creatures of the sea surrounding you — no experience more than a 10-minute briefing is necessary — and you don’t even need to know how to swim. To participate in Sea TREK you simply enter the water, and with the assistance of the certified Sea TREK staff, a Sea TREK helmet is placed on your shoulders. You descend to the sandy bottom, and the weighted Sea TREK helmet keeps you firmly on the ocean floor allowing you to walk comfortably.

Cool, fresh air (3x the amount you actually need to breathe) flows into your helmet keeping the tri-lens perfectly clear and fog free. Your excitement is the highlight as you take your first breath under the water and take a look around.

Sea TREKKING in an aquarium has some really wonderful benefits. While all Sea TREK locations are unique and offer their own amazing highlights, aquarium locations have a lot more control over what you will be experiencing.


Visibility is always pristine in aquariums. The controlled environment allows the facilities to keep their waters crystal clear for viewing. You will be able to see the expanse of the aquarium from your unique perspective.


Temperature is also controlled. Most aquariums require that you wear a wet suit to reduce the bio load that your body’s natural oils, skin, and hair will add to the water. But each aquarium keeps absolute control of its temperatures. You will be comfortable whether in a wet suit or not.


Animals are the highlight of Sea TREK, and in an aquarium you are guaranteed to be in close proximity with a vast variety of species. Cow nose stingrays, giant manta rays, white and black tipped reef sharks, giant sea turtles, moray eels, a great variety of colorful fish, corals, anemones, sea fans, starfish, and so much more. Each aquarium has specially set up their location to include SeaTREK, and each location is a new experience.

Be a part of the Exhibit!

Another amazing aspect of Sea TREK aquarium diving is the fact that you become a part of the exhibit! Your family and friends can watch you as you walk under the water. They can experience your interaction from the same level.

Check out our aquarium locations

And be sure to watch for the grand opening of our newest Sea TREK aquarium location at Geoje Sea World in South Korea.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Radar Takes Over the Blog — Part One

If you have ever done Sea TREK, chances are Radar was behind the set up of the entire operation. All of our Sea TREK operators know Radar, because he is our Sea TREK guy! He installs Sea TREK, he trains the training coordinators, he maintains and troubleshoots the systems, he assembles the helmets, and so much more.

Radar earned his nickname at Sub Sea Systems 15 years ago when he became known for his uncanny ability to show up the second someone even thought of calling his name. He had ‘radar’ for those who needed him.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Radar you should know that he is very engaging and clever, with a hard-working sensibility, and a good sense of humor. According to Radar — meeting people, making new friends, and experiencing different cultures — are the highlights of his career. Radar has become a part of the evolution of helmet diving that is Sea TREK.

A Favorite Moment:
Over the years Radar has had many amazing experiences but one of his favorite moments was in Malaysia. It was mid afternoon and Radar and the crew were taking a small break — laying down on the platform from which the site operates. The site trail is in fairly shallow water, but there is deep water adjacent. The warm afternoon silence was broken by the excited voice of a child, “Look! Look! Look!” The child was pointing toward the Sea TREK area.

They all sat up and gasped with awe.

A 40-foot and a 20-foot whale shark were swimming in the Sea TREK area. The whale sharks just came and went, but it was the first time Radar had experienced whale sharks.
Radar told us, “I didn’t know whether to be freaked out or excited!”

They experienced more whale sharks on that visit, but that first time was a favorite moment for Radar.


Radar has been to many locations and he loves to learn the customs, cultural norms, and generally make friends with the people he meets. He always eats with the locals, which has led him to try some very different types of food. He has also seen the range of accommodations available around the world. Even with a few horror stories, the travel and social aspect of Radar’s career are his favorite. Stories definitely make it more interesting! From being told not to travel outside at night, and having a lock on the bedroom door of his hotel room (because anyone could just walk in through the front slider) to eating a type of meat said to be goat, that was way too small to be goat chops, Radar has experienced a lot, and he will be adding to these stories as Sea TREK is soon expanding into Korea, and opening a new location in China.

Newest Location:
The most recent location that Radar installed was Dolphin Discovery Grand Cayman. As installations go, Radar said this one went rather smoothly. There are always problems that arise during installation, as each location is unique and has its own set of requirements, but that is what he is there for. Finding the right nuts and bolts, calculating from standard into the metric system, and conquering language barriers to communicate troubleshooting. It is a job where you have to think on your toes, and be ready to problem solve.

Dolphin Discovery Grand Cayman is a Dolphin TREK location. There are only a few locations that offer Dolphin TREK, but more are expected in the near future —including Dolphin TREK at Geoje Sea World, Korea (which will also offer Sea TREK with Beluga Whales!).

Dolphin TREK is one of Radar’s favorite underwater activities.

He shares, “Dolphin TREK is amazing! I have seen thousands of seargant majors, and tons of reef fish — but, Dolphin TREK is something special, it is always awe inspiring; it never gets old.” 
Until Next time:
We would love if you would share your stories about Radar in the comments below or email them to

We will be including more Radar anecdotes, and sharing his experiences as he traverses the world making Sea TREK available to the masses. For more information on Sea TREK or Dolphin TREK please visit or

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

World Oceans Day 2014

June 8th is World Oceans Day! World Oceans Day is officially recognized by the United Nations and celebrated internationally. The day is distinctive and essential, because it unites everyone across the world into having one mind about the ocean and conservancy. The day reminds us how interconnected by the ocean we all are. One world! One ocean! The day is meant to be a celebration in honor of the ocean, but the overall goal of the day is to spread awareness about ocean conservation. Teaching people how to participate in keeping our oceans clean empowers them to make a choice to make changes — big and small — that will affect the health of our oceans.

Our oceans connect us all: they produce most of the oxygen we breathe, provide food for millions of people and sea creatures, regulate our weather, offer a variety of unknown possibilities for science, and provide endless opportunities for inspiration and learning. The best way to learn and teach is by interacting, and discovering connections. Spend World Oceans Day reconnecting with the ocean. Find your passion for sea creatures, the continual pound of the surf, or the variety of birds that live on the shore. Find out about the ocean and use the love and inspiration to make change happen.

There are a lot of people participating! You can find some events to attend in your area, print some happy educational coloring sheets for kids, take a ‘selfie for the sea’ with the caption #WorldOceansDay, promote your own event to raise money and awareness for ocean causes, or check out some other ways to help at We encourage you to get to the beach and celebrate the ocean!

We have created a Pinterest Board for you to check out some other ideas that will help you celebrate. Be sure to repin and share the ideas, and enjoy World Oceans Day! #WorldOceansDay #SeaTREK #OurWorldOceans

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