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Friday, May 27, 2016

Mister Maker — Creature Makes Inspired by Sea TREK

Mister Maker is a popular show in the UK that features "Mister Maker" an artistic character who teaches kids how to make creative little crafts. Recently, Mister Maker visited SeaLife Manchester and participated in Sea TREK to gain inspiration for a partnership between SeaLife and Mister Maker.

Mister Maker developed three little ocean inspired creature crafts that children will be able to make when they visit any SeaLife center. They will gather the pieces for the crafts as they explore the aquarium, and then they will be able to watch "Maker" videos to make a crabstingray or jellyfish. The children can enter their "Makes" for a chance to win prizes including: a one year membership to SeaLife for their entire family.

A few Sub Sea kids made the little creature makes. Watch the video to check out the cute crafts.

 And watch Mister Maker do Sea TREK

Visit any Sea Life center from now until June 12th, 2016 to participate in this fun event.

Click the links to learn more about Mister Maker, SeaLife, and Sea TREK
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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A New Summer Tradition

A Mother wakes as the sun hits her pillow. She smiles and slips out of bed. While her family sleeps, she puts on a pot of coffee and begins to slice up fruit for breakfast. She boils water for oatmeal, and starts to pack up a picnic basket and a large beach bag. She makes peanut butter and honey sandwiches, grabs cold drinks and bags up sliced watermelon. She gets together sunscreen, beach towels, playing cards and fishing gear.

Just as the Mother sets the table and starts pouring orange juice, her kids come down the hall rubbing their eyes. As they begin to eat breakfast their Father joins them, pouring a cup of coffee and eyeing his wife with curiosity.

After breakfast the Mother tells her family to get ready to go swimming, and she loads the truck. She also makes sure the trailer is attached and the FunCat Electric Catamaran is covered tightly.

When her kids and husband are ready, she ushers them to the truck, and with a smile and a wink gets into the driver’s seat. The kids can sense the excitement and giggle with each other. The Father turns on the radio and turns up the song Motor Boatin’ by Little Big Town. With windows down and the whole family singing at the top of their lungs, they head down the road where houses give way to trees and the sound of cars give way to the songs of birds.

As they come around a bend a sparkling lake comes into view, the kids start to bounce up and down in their seat belts in anticipation. The Father grabs his wife’s hand and with a smile gives it a squeeze as they head to the boat launch.

After a winter out of sight, the reveal of the FunCat as the boat cover slides off is like opening a present. The kids fight over who will get to drive first, and the Mother makes sure they put on their life jackets. The Father loads the FunCat storage containers with goodies, towels and fishing gear then backs the FunCat into the crystal clear water.

Everyone loads onto the FunCat (the youngest is driving first) and the family heads out on the lake enjoying the sunshine and the beautiful landscape that surrounds them.

The kids decide on a ‘perfect spot’, and the Father and Mother help them bait fishhooks and cast their poles. A card game of go fish (or two) later, the oldest hooks a fish and reels it in. The Father helps take the fish off of the hook to release it (it is too small), but not before he snaps a shot of the catch of the day — along with the biggest grin.

The family cruises around the lake finding little islands to explore, and beautiful untouched inlets where lizards hide and squirrels frolic. At noon they enjoy their picnic lunch out in the middle of the water (shaded by the bright red bimini), and then cruise for half an hour (just in case the cramp thing IS true) before cannonballing into the cool blue water — splashing, racing and frog swimming until they are exhausted.

The Mother and Father lay back on the FunCat. He wraps his arm around her, kisses her on the top of the head and they both watch their kids having fun on a summer day.

After the long, fun day and the long drive home, the Mother decides to make this a new tradition. Every year when summer begins she will take her little family to the lake and ride the FunCat.

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

36 days of Type — Ocean Creatures and Sea TREK Equipment

36 days of type is a project that started with 2 designers in Spain. They wanted to challenge themselves to design something every day (outside of their professional work). They decided to include their friends and fellow designers, and eventually — the world. The project has grown each year. Designers, artists and illustrators are challenged to create a letter a day for 26 days, the numbers 0-9 for the next 10 days, and share their work across social media using the hashtags #36daysoftype and #36days_(whichever letter or number). 

This year Sea TREK decided to participate. Our letters are ocean creatures that start with the letter they form, and the numbers are Sea TREK equipment and parts. Each letter was hand-painted and then edited in Photoshop. Take a moment to look at our fun alphabet and keep an eye out for a special coloring book based around these illustrations. The coloring book will be offered as optional merchandise for our Sea TREK operators, and will be available for purchase through our blog.

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A is for arrowhead crab

B is for bobtail squid

C is for crab

D is for dolphin

E is for eel

F is for fire goby

G is for grey seal

H is for hippocampus

I is for imperator angel

J is for jellyfish

K is for killer whale

L is for leafy seadragon

M is for manatee

N is for nudibranch

O is for octopus

P is for pufferfish

Q is for queen conch

R is for red anemone

S is for sea snake

T is for two-wing flyingfish

U is for urchin clingfish

V is for violet sea snail

W is for white shrimp

X is for xiphias (swordfish)

Y is for yellowfin tuna

Z is for zooplankton









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