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Thursday, May 12, 2016

36 days of Type — Ocean Creatures and Sea TREK Equipment

36 days of type is a project that started with 2 designers in Spain. They wanted to challenge themselves to design something every day (outside of their professional work). They decided to include their friends and fellow designers, and eventually — the world. The project has grown each year. Designers, artists and illustrators are challenged to create a letter a day for 26 days, the numbers 0-9 for the next 10 days, and share their work across social media using the hashtags #36daysoftype and #36days_(whichever letter or number). 

This year Sea TREK decided to participate. Our letters are ocean creatures that start with the letter they form, and the numbers are Sea TREK equipment and parts. Each letter was hand-painted and then edited in Photoshop. Take a moment to look at our fun alphabet and keep an eye out for a special coloring book based around these illustrations. The coloring book will be offered as optional merchandise for our Sea TREK operators, and will be available for purchase through our blog.

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A is for arrowhead crab

B is for bobtail squid

C is for crab

D is for dolphin

E is for eel

F is for fire goby

G is for grey seal

H is for hippocampus

I is for imperator angel

J is for jellyfish

K is for killer whale

L is for leafy seadragon

M is for manatee

N is for nudibranch

O is for octopus

P is for pufferfish

Q is for queen conch

R is for red anemone

S is for sea snake

T is for two-wing flyingfish

U is for urchin clingfish

V is for violet sea snail

W is for white shrimp

X is for xiphias (swordfish)

Y is for yellowfin tuna

Z is for zooplankton