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Friday, January 29, 2016

FunCat electric catamarans now powered by solar!


You rise in the morning, the first rays of sunlight touching your pillow. You gently wake your loved ones and coax them to the breakfast table while humming a tune. You pack a picnic lunch of ham and cheese sandwiches and sparkling water, and corral everyone into your truck. Sleepy eyed, they all look at you with curiosity. Your hum has turned into a whistle. As you drive through the trees and turn onto the dusty road everyone starts to squeal with excitement.

An expanse of glittering green-blue water stretches into the distance. Ducks wade nearby with occasional loud, laughing quacks. The sun shines down, warming the earth, and a gentle breeze ruffles your hair. You back your FunCat electric catamaran into the lake.

Your loved ones climb aboard the chaise lounge pontoon boat and vie for the spot nearest the controls. Everyone wants to drive! As they settle in, relaxing under the bimini shade, you pack the picnic lunch into the dry storage compartments, set the sparkling water in the cup holders, and head out toward the horizon — knowing you can have a nice long day on the lake…. You just added a solar panel to your FunCat and the forecast calls for clear skies. The sunlight shimmers off the shiny new solar panel as you enjoy a day on the lake with those closest to you.

FunCat catamarans have always been eco-friendly because they are electric, but batteries still need to be charged and electricity still relies heavily on fuels that create emissions. Now you can be assured that more of your energy uses the cleanest power source there is… the sun!

The solar panel can be retrofitted to any FunCat electric catamaran manufactured after 2008. We are offering special introductory solar kit prices for current owners, and have also introduced a new FunCat package deal for first time buyers — Don’t miss this opportunity to upgrade to solar!

Contact or call (530) 626-0100 and ask for Keenan.

Solar Kit — Call for Pricing



New FunCat Package for first time buyers 



TOTAL: $6499
(does not include S and H, assembly or tax)

Right now we are offering a 10% discount on a solar panel with the purchase of a New FunCat! Mention Code Solar10

Visit for more information

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Friday, January 22, 2016

What experience should you check off of your bucket list in 2016?

Take our fun quiz and find out what you should plan for the year! Share your answers on facebook!

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Friday, January 15, 2016

Top 10 Cutest Sea Creature Videos

The ocean is beautiful. It holds many secrets. Secrets that are strange, astonishing and dazzling. We have only explored 5% of the ocean, and in that 5% we have discovered over 1 million species. From all of the wonderful videos and all of the adorable sea creatures in our vast sea, we have narrowed down the seemingly endless choices to our top ten favorite cute sea creature videos. With scientists estimating that there are as many as 9 million species in our sea, and new videos being posted everyday, we look forward to seeing what other ocean animal videos will go viral this year. For now, however, enjoy these incredibly cute and fascinating sea creature videos.

10. Sea Slug Sea Bunny

9. Puffer Fish Likes to be Pet

8. Shy Dumbo Octopus Hides his Face

7. Cute Baby Sea Turtles Make it to the Sea

6. Baby Manatee

5. Sea Lion Worries when Little Girl Falls

4. Beluga Whale Loves Mariachi

3. Sea Lion Baby Needs a Nap

2. Dolphin Laughs at Girl doing Cartwheels

1. Otter Mom and Newborn Pup Take a Nap

Did you know you can see many of these creatures on a Sea TREK adventure! Book a tour and maybe the next viral ocean animal video will be yours! Do you have any awesome, funny/cute ocean animal videos to share? Post them in the comments below.

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