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Friday, September 25, 2015

Would you survive?

FunCat electric catamarans are chaise-lounge-style leisure watercraft. They are perfect for watersport rental businesses. The FunCat is a unique product that fills a niche market, as well as diversifying rental lineups. Take our quiz and find out if you are fit enough to run a FunCat business.

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Friday, September 18, 2015

What if Sea TREK was...?

Sub Sea Systems has already imagined and implemented some pretty creative and innovative ideas. From Dolphin TREK to Clear Lounge Underwater oxygen bar, Sub Sea Systems' ideas run the gamut of genius to unbelievable.

We thought it would be fun to imagine other inventive and unique ways Sea TREK can provide entertainment, education and/or delight. From plausible to outlandish, we present some of our most interesting concepts in this week's blog post.

What if Sea TREK offered a Tour of Atlantis?

Imagine you could enter a super sleek luxury submarine, travel to the gates of the lost city of Atlantis — while enjoying limousine style amenities — and don Sea TREK diving helmets that allow you to walk into the history and mystery of Atlantis under the sea. What would Atlantis be like? Ancient ruins and sunken treasures? A city with advanced technology and a hidden civilization? Creatures from another world?


What if Sea TREK had mermaid interactions?

Imagine arriving at an underwater grotto filled with the sea's finest coral, shells, pearls, and glittering reef fish and walking by beautiful mermaids. You watch the charming creatures swim, twirl and dive in sparkling bubbles and filtered light. Visualize meeting them face to face under the sea.


What if Sea TREK offered Arctic tours?

Envision walking on the sea floor under 10 feet of crystal blue ice. The visibility is exceptional. You trek by ice formations, and schools of fish. You watch in wonder as polar bears teach their cubs how to swim. You glimpse a narwhal gracefully swim past. Imagine what you might see under the ice.


What if Sea TREK had an underwater wedding chapel?

Picture walking down the aisle to say your I do's under the sea. Your backdrop would be the colorful reef and your decorations the brilliant sea creatures. You could bring your whole family under water to witness you marriage. No one would EVER forget your wedding.


What if Sea TREK had an underwater carnival?

Descend into a fantasy of fun and lights! Underwater carnival games, an underwater petting zoo, and underwater rides! You could even get a photo on an underwater carousel.

These are just some of the crazy and fun ideas we came up with. What would you do under the sea with Sea TREK? We welcome any ideas from impossible to plausible. Write them in the comments below or email 

Visit for more information about Sea TREK.
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Thursday, September 3, 2015

31 Days of Smiles from Sea TREK #SeaTREKsmiles

For the month of August we shared some really great reviews and images on our Sea TREK facebook page. We shared 1 photo and 1 review for every day in August. This is a compilation of our #SeaTREKsmiles campaign. Enjoy!

“My wife, eleven year old daughter, and myself did this and absolutely loved it. We did this to introduce diving to our daughter whose smile could barely fit in the helmet the entire dive…” —Melkoj, Carnival Cruise Line passenger, Sea Trek and Snuba Cayman

“… This is good for anyone who wears glasses, or can't scuba dive, because there is room in the helmet for glasses, and it is filled with air; you can even reach in and scratch your nose without having any water get in…” —Deb0519, Carnival Cruise Line passenger, Sea TREK St. Maarten‪#‎SeaTREKSmiles‬

“…I've never done anything like it and honestly I was scared…but they made me feel so comfy and before you know it I was walking the OCEAN FLOOR!!!! Can we say AMAZING!” — MAmommy, Carnival Cruise Line passenger, Sea TREK Cozumel ‪#‎SeaTREKsmiles‬

“See the ocean as never before. I’m not a diver, my wife is. This is as close as I’ll ever get. Loads of fun…” — LivingLarge, Carnival Cruise Line passenger, Sea TREK at Coral World Ocean Park in St. Thomas‪#‎SeaTREKsmiles‬

“…es una sensación de estar en la luna (sin gravedad) con movimientos lentos y pausados…y como no, ver los peces y los fondos de una forma tan cómoda, respirando con normalidad... Me encanto. Totalmente recommendable.” — Yari G., Trip Advisor review, Sea TREK Spain‪#‎SeaTREKsmiles‬ ‪#‎SeaTREK‬

"I had no idea what to expect and spent at least 24 hours worrying. What a waste of 24 hours. Thanks to close attention, guidance and patience from Trekkerman and the team I had the best time in water that I've ever had. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat." — Robogk, Trip Advisor review, Sea Trek St Lucia ‪#‎SeaTREKsmiles‬ ‪#‎SeaTREK‬

“…my mom has NEVER had her head underwater in her life! But she promised to experience new things…It was a bonding experience for our group, everyone loved it and we were so thrilled with our Sea Trek expedition! A great family experience to see the fish and sea life together under the sea!” —Masmile, Trip Advisor review, Seaquarius AdventuresBelize ‪#‎SeaTREKsmiles‬ ‪#‎SeaTREK‬

“I thoroughly enjoyed my Sea TREK at Manchester…As a non-swimmer every care was taken to make sure you felt safe…I would recommend a Sea TREK to anyone who wants to try something different, and it's not just for youngsters we did it for our 70th birthdays!!" —Dawn S., Trip Advisor review, SEA LIFE Manchester ‪#‎SeaTREKsmiles‬ ‪#‎SeaTREK‬

“Most amazing thing I have done…The guides were very good and the experience was like you are in a huge aquarium…The fish and creatures were amazing. I would highly recommend.” —Gfilkin, CruiseCritic.comreview, Sea Trek and Snuba Cayman ‪#‎SeaTREKsmiles‬ ‪#‎SeaTREK‬

“I took the kids and let me tell you — these kids came out with a smile ear to ear — this will be the highlight of your vacation…”  —handyeddie, Trip Advisor review, Aqua Adventure PR ‪#‎SeaTREK‬ Puerto Rico ‪#‎SeaTREKsmiles‬

“Walk with sharks is a must do. The staff was very friendly and made you feel safe and secure. Sharks swam right up to you — within a few feet. It was an awesome experience…” —Lori R, Trip Advisor review, Atlantis Resort Bahamas ‪#‎SeaTREKsmiles‬ ‪#‎SeaTREK‬

“Une expérience inoubliable! Que de sensations! …A recommander absolument et pour tout le monde. C'est un moyen original de nous faire prendre conscience de la beauté des fonds marins et des efforts à faire pour les conserver.” —Audrey D, Trip Advisor review, Aquatique AventureGuadeloupe ‪#‎SeaTREKsmiles‬ ‪#‎SeaTREK‬

“… experience of a lifetime interacting with gentle bottlenose dolphins in their natural habitat…Dolphin Trek is exceptionally unique…You get to hold a dolphin, be kissed by the dolphin and play with them….It was a day of memories you’ll never forget.” —Audrey F, Trip Advisor review, Dolphin Cove Jamaica ‪#‎SeaTREKsmiles‬ ‪#‎SeaTREK‬ ‪#‎DolphinTREK‬

“What an adventure! … Felt like the vintage bell diver of old. The technology is, of course, a far cry from those days, but a real sense of what it was like… A real pleasure if you are not a scuba diver but want some of the same sense of a dive. Great fun.” —Anonymous, Norwegian Cruise Line review, Coral World Ocean Park ‪#‎SeaTREKsmiles‬ ‪#‎SeaTREK‬

“This was by far the best experience and excursion we have done! It was so much fun and we saw so many cool fish and crabs….I would 1,000% do it again. This experience has made me want to get certified as a diver.” —Tiffany E., Trip Advisor review, Sea Trek St Lucia ‪#‎SeaTREKsmiles‬‪#‎SeaTREK‬

“We did the SeaTrek… it was the most exquisite experience ever especially with my boyfriends mum watching us from inside the tunnel, we were with the animals and kids waved at us! … Great experience…highly recommend it! ” —Queen_Tanya13, Trip Advisor review, UnderWater World Guam‪#‎SeaTREKsmiles‬ ‪#‎SeaTREK‬

“As I dived into the water, two large dolphins greeted me. I felt the surface of their bodies with my palms. It was as smooth as silk... It was a surreal experience to interact with the animal and having its eyes meet mine…” — Wi Seong-Wook, Blog Post Hancinema, 거제씨월드 - Geoje Sea World
‪#‎SeaTREKsmiles‬ ‪#‎SeaTREK‬

“To have a manta ray glide over your head, and a leopard shark sweep past you is absolutely amazing. It is like diving but safer, and the marine animals are very comfortable with you, swimming very close by…I would highly recommend the Sea TREK adventure to anyone.” —luggagecase, Trip Advisor review, Resorts World at Sentosa ‪#‎SeaTREKsmiles‬‪#‎SeaTREK‬

“Of all the excursions I've done in my time of cruising, this is THE ONE I would recommend above any other… I am truly amazed in the sheer beauty and wonder of an entire different life beneath our seas! God is truly an amazing Creator! I went down with my kids (22-25) and I'm so thankful I got to experience this with them!...” — Geylene67, Carnival Cruise Line review, Sea Trek and Snuba Cayman ‪#‎SeaTREKsmiles‬ ‪#‎SeaTREK‬

“Sea Trek…was SO worth the money we paid!! You get up close and personal with lots of fish! It was great. My teenagers were very impressed.” — Kitty34, Cruise Critic review, Xcaret Park
‪#‎SeaTREKsmiles‬ ‪#‎SeaTREK‬

“What an incredible experience! The science alone is amazing, but then being amongst all of the beautiful fish, turtles... Unbelievable. SO WORTH THE MONEY!” —ProfesoraK, EFTours review, Seaquarius Adventures ‪#‎SeaTREKsmiles‬ ‪#‎SeaTREK‬

“By nature, I’m terrified of everything! The staff was fantastic and was very patient with me. Didn’t make me feel like I was a burden. Once I got down to the walk-way, the experience was one that I’ll never forget. Fish everywhere and the scenery was fantastic! This is my 5th cruise and this was the best excursion that I’ve done so far. I would recommend it to anyone! Worth the money!” —Luv2TravelMT, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line review, Seatrek Sint Maarten NV ‪#‎SeaTREKsmiles‬ ‪#‎SeaTREK‬

“I absolutely loved the Sea TREK and would go again tomorrow if I could.” — Heather, BuryFamilyBlog, SEA LIFE Manchester ‪#‎SeaTREKsmiles‬ ‪#‎SeaTREK‬

“Trop genial ! Moi qui suit chlostrophobe... Et bien nickel ! Que du bonheur ! Un accueil super sympa, deux plongeurs adorables... Ce sera l'un de. Mes plus beau souvenir de guadeloupe. Merci beaucoup” — Audrey Pineau, Facebook, Aquatique Aventure ‪#‎SeaTREKsmiles‬ ‪#‎SeaTREK‬

“… the overall Dolphin TREK experience was excellent… and despite being new to the Sea TREK equipment, we felt safe at all times… we learned a lot more about the dolphins through this interaction and it was quite an unforgettable experience getting up close with the dolphins.” — Zhiqiang & Tingyi, PassPortChop Blog Post, Resorts World at Sentosa ‪#‎SeaTREKsmiles‬ ‪#‎SeaTREK‬

“Something you will never forget… some of the best animal interaction you will get…by far the coolest thing I have ever done holding lobster, star fish... Such a wonderful experience.” —Kellie S., Yelp, Discovery Cove Orlando ‪#‎SeaTREKsmiles‬ ‪#‎SeaTREK‬

“…one of kind unique experience - we loved everything about it! The staff was wonderful, the facilities were clean, and the actual diving was so much fun! We got the chance to feed sting rays and an array of fish, pet an eel, and see a seaturtle! Something you can't so easily do in a natural habitat diving experience. I highly recommend this experience to anyone!” — Yani C., Yelp, Miami Seaquarium ‪#‎SeaTREKsmiles‬ ‪#‎SeaTREK‬

“I've avoided dolpinarium on previous holidays finding them morally dubious however upon reading about DolphinTrek I felt this would be a more natural experience and it proved to be just that... this trip is one I will never forget… I was grinning like a cheshire cat, such was the joy I got from this experience. The trainers all love their animals deeply and in turn the dolphins themselves seem truly happy. I was just gutted that it had to end, however the memory will live with me forever. — BrightonBoxer, Trip Advisor review, Xel-Ha ‪#‎SeaTREKsmiles‬ ‪#‎DolphinTREK‬ ‪#‎SeaTREK‬
“这个超好玩的,水也很清,比潜水好玩” — anonymous, Taobao, WuZhiZhou, China ‪#‎SeaTREKsmiles‬ ‪#‎SeaTREK‬

“It was epic…First time ever doing something like this...Being so close to the Rays made me feel alive. I was like a kid when I got out, could not stop talking about it.” —YouTube, uShaka Marine World ‪#‎SeaTREKsmiles‬‪#‎SeaTREK‬

“I am not a fan of underwater activities …However, the Trek was perfect. The helmet enabled me to wear my glasses, and breathing was a breeze….Guide was fabulous. My 14-year old son loved it…Having a staring contest with a fish 4 inches from my face was amazing. Highly recommended!!” —BlotDallas, Trip Advisor review, Catalina ScubaLuv‪#‎SeaTREKsmiles‬ ‪#‎SeaTREK‬
For your convenience we have also created a Pinterest board called #SeaTREKSmiles!

Follow Sea TREK® Helmet Diving's board #SeaTREKsmiles on Pinterest.

To learn more about Sea TREK and our locations around the world, visit

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

An Interactive Tour of Clear Lounge Underwater Oxygen Bar

Enjoy our fun, interactive content, and get an idea what it would be like to visit Clear Lounge underwater oxygen bar. If you have photos and videos you would like to share please post them in the comments below or email them to We encourage you to share, like and tweet this fun, interactive and informative site.

*Please note — Currently this interaction is optimized for Desktop and Laptop use. Look for Mobile and Tablet friendly versions coming soon!

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