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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Operator of the Decade, Xcaret Park!

A lot can happen in a decade. From debates over dress colors to the “Ice Bucket Challenge”, the last ten years have been a whirlwind! In the travel industry, we saw some exciting changes and challenges, like the explosion of Airbnb and the growing desire for travelers to experience eco-friendly destinations.

For Sub Sea Systems, the last decade has been a busy and exciting one. With the creation of new products like Aquaticar, DIVR+ virtual reality snorkeling and SolarCat, and the addition of new SeaTREK locations– we’ve expanded to 27 countries! We’re proud of our successes. We also take great pride in our relationships with SeaTREK operators, some of whom we’ve been partnered with for more than two decades!

xcaret park sea trek

One of these incredible partnerships is the well-established relationship we share with Xcaret Park. Located in Cancun, Mexico, Xcaret is a landmark in the Riviera Maya. Since its opening in 1990, the park has welcomed more than 23 million visitors from all over the world!

Xcaret cenote

Xcaret was founded by architect Miguel Quintana Pali, who initially acquired five hectares in the Riviera Maya with plans to construct a private residence. However, while surveying the land, he discovered that it had vast cenotes and a network of underground rivers. He knew this incredible place could not be kept privately; it had to be shared with the rest of the world. Thus, a partnership was established with brothers Oscar, Marcos and Carlos Constandse, and years later Xcaret was born. Since its opening in December 1990, Xcaret has been recognized as one of the most famous attractions in the Cancun-Riviera Maya tourist destination.

sea trek helmet diving at Xcaret Park

The park is comprised of 50 natural and cultural attractions. From the moment guests step on the property, they are surrounded by nature, from native flora and fauna, to underground rivers, lagoons, and cenotes. In addition to tropical surroundings and cultural demonstrations, Xcaret offers a wide range of activities for all ages. Visitors can take a snorkel tour where they encounter tropical sea life, or get up close and personal with sharks and stingrays. And of course, guests can take an incredible SeaTREK helmet dive at two separate locations within the park– the Caleta and Stingray Lagoon. Xcaret is the largest and longest operating SeaTREK location in the world. To date, they have welcomed more than 1.4 million TREKKERs!

Over the past ten years, Xcaret has received multiple awards, primarily for its creative vision and dedication to conservation. Accolades include the IAAPA Liseberg Applause Award for the World’s Best Park; the Travvy Award for Best International Theme Park, three years in a row; the 2018 Prevue Visionary Award (gold); and the “Obras del Año” awards for both “Economics Innovation, Tourism and Hospitality”, and “People’s Choice”.

Xcaret management team

Sub Sea Systems and SeaTREK are pleased to add to this ever-growing list of recognitions by awarding Xcaret with the first-ever SeaTREK Operator of the Decade Award!

Sub Sea Systems’ CEO Jim Mayfield presented a stunning art glass statue to Miguel and his executive team earlier this month at an awards ceremony held at Xcaret. We are so grateful to Miguel and Xcaret’s incredible team of dedicated staff, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to honor our relationship.

Here’s to the next decade of success!
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Friday, February 7, 2020

2019 Operator of the Year- De Palm Tours, Aruba!

Congratulations to De Palm Tours, the recipient of the 2019 Sea TREK Operator of the Year Award! Out of 54 Sea TREK locations worldwide, De Palm received the highest marks in overall staff professionalism, marketing, online presence, conservation, community outreach, communication and commitment to the Sea TREK program. This is De Palm's second time winning the Operator of the Year award– the team previously received the award in 2013. This is Sub Sea Systems' first time recognizing a previous winner.

De Palm Island, which is owned by De Palm Tours, is Aruba’s only all-inclusive destination that offers signature experiences for travelers. From lounging in the sun in luxurious, private cabanas, to heart-pumping action via intense water slides and off-road safaris, De Palm offers something for everyone!

De Palm’s Sea TREK experience enables island guests ages 8 and older to walk underwater and get up close to a bevy of colorful tropical fish, view a sunken bus, and pose for a photograph while “driving” an underwater jeep.

The tour consistently receives 5-star ratings online and is highly recommended by adults, children and seniors alike, regardless of skill, fitness or ability. One TripAdvisor reviewer shares, “...Sea TREK is a MUST. One of the most amazing experiences of my life!!!”

Tours are conducted by certified, insured and highly knowledgeable safety divers, whose professionalism, care and attention to detail are often the highlights of the tour.

De Palm Island enforces strict sustainability policies and is Earth Check Silver certified. The island is committed to employing local residents and sourcing local products. De Palm also works closely with Scubble Bubbles, a conservation group focused on involving local youth in ocean conservation. Scubble Bubbles maintains a coral nursery along the Sea TREK trail at De Palm Island. Staghorn coral fragments are grown on special coral trees until mature enough to transplant into the nearby reef. The project has been tremendously successful. Sea TREK staff also regularly participate in beach cleanup events and lionfish hunting tournaments.

To add to its philanthropic endeavors, De Palm is also active in several charities, including Family First, Micky’s Foundation and the Aruba Donkey Sanctuary.

As part of the Sea TREK Operator of the Year Award, De Palm Tours received an engraved crystal globe, certificate, and digital insignia for use on their website and marketing materials.

Click here for more information about De Palm Tours and their award-winning Sea TREK, or check out the video!

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