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Monday, January 23, 2017

How to Use Snapchat for Marketing — Step Three

Using Photos from your Library

When we first began using Snapchat in our social media marketing strategy we began cataloging the things we discovered so that we could share our knowledge and offer tips and techniques to businesses that wish to add Snapchat to their social media repertoire.

See Step One — The Basics — and Step Two — A Guide to Snapchat’s Many Editing Tools— for more information.

This is step three and our original plan was to share how to use already existing photos  — In the beginning of July 2016 there was not a built in feature that allowed for that and there were several work arounds. By the end of July 2016 Snapchat implemented Memories.

Memories allows you to access your photo library on your phone and Snap photos that you have saved.  This is especially good for business marketing because you can create perfect photos and/or videos and Snap them to your story for your friends to see.

To access your camera roll and Memories from Snapchat’s main screen— swipe up. You will see two categories. Snaps and Camera Roll. Snaps stores your Snaps that you have taken with Snapchat, that way you can share them again later. Camera Roll accesses your photo library on your phone.

Tap on the Camera Roll category and you will see your photos and videos. If you wish to edit a photo with Snapchat’s fun filters just tap and hold the photo then touch the pencil icon. There are some new editing tools in addition to the ones we covered in the last Snapchat Blog. One looks like a paintbrush and brings up a variety of filters that add an artistic flair (similar to the filters on Prisma). The other looks like scissors and allows you to use your finger to ‘cut’ out a portion of your image and make a sticker! The sticker gets saved to your Stickers and can be used on other Snaps at a later date. Once you have an image you want to share tap the arrow and send it to ‘My Story.’

Memories adds a time to the top left of photos that you snap (for example: taken 2 weeks ago). The date is acquired from the data attached to the photo — the date you took the photo, or that the photo was added to your library. This lets friends know the photo is not from RIGHT NOW the way Snapchat was originally designed.

Another fun feature in Memories is Stories. Stories allows you to connect multiple photos into one Snap.

To make a story first take a few snaps. After you take each one tap the save button and close the photo. Find the photo on your camera roll (inside Snapchat), tap it and swipe down to see the editing tools and a menu. Tap the menu on the top left and choose ‘Create a Story from this Photo’. Then tap the photos you wish to add to your Story.

Return to the menu by tapping the back arrow and you will see your Story in a new category called Stories. The Snap will cycle through your pictures. Tap the Snap and hit Edit & Send. Tap the blue circle with the right arrow to send the Snap collection to your public MyStory or to friends.

You can also give a New Name to your Story by tapping and holding it and choosing Name Story from the upper left menu.

Make your Stories fun! Use all the editing tools on each photo in your story and share your creativity with the world.

Do you have any tips for using Memories and Stories on Snapchat? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to Friend us. Happy Snapping!

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Friday, January 13, 2017

A Look Forward — Trends to expect in 2017

As we look forward to the year ahead it is important we stay on top of the upcoming trends in marketing, technology, travel and industry related topics. We have curated a small sample of some of the trends that are going to be the most relevant and exciting for 2017. We suggest jumping on and riding these trends — the best benefits befall those who hop on before everyone else joins the bandwagon. Take a look and see what trends might help you to improve and market your business in 2017.


Augmented reality

Apps like Pokemon Go have taken the world by storm, and as technology advances so do the possibilities. Augmented reality (AR) is a mix between the physical world and the virtual. Some great examples of this technology include an app to find your car, a Star Chart app and Wallame (an app that lets you leave messages —in real locations— that can only be retrieved with the Wallame app). How can you use AR in your business? Click here for some more inspiration.

Virtual reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is still THE up and coming technology. From Hollywood VR films or walking on the moon to designing your home from the ground up or just plain ol’ gaming —the technology is moving forward daily. I predict we see some wonderful things in 2017. Here are some creative virtual reality uses. Tilt Brush | Magic Leap | mbryonic

360° video

360° video continues to captivate the masses. With Facebook and YouTube implementing 360°, don’t be surprised if you see more and more immersive videos. Check out this video of Sea TREK from Dive Busselton Jetty Australia. Want to try your own? Click here to learn more.

Live Streaming Video

Facebook Live has been on the rise. People enjoy the authentic and personal experiences that are shared as they actually happen. One of our favorites is Chewbacca Mom. In what ways could live streaming video connect your business to customers? Here are some more creative marketing techniques used on Facebook Live.


The young millennial and generation ‘X’ demographics have flocked to Snapchat. As the social media outlet grows, so does the potential to reach a younger audience. Check out these guides ( Step One | Step Two ) to Snapchat for business and see if you can snap up some new customers.


Princess cruises’ wearable — Ocean Medallion

Ocean medallions are wristbands that allow you access to a digital concierge where you can book tours and find directions. They also act as a key to open your stateroom door and a way to pay for your purchases without any cash, card or paper. Additionally the ocean medallion can locate friends and family onboard the ship and allow for interactive entertainment. Think of the advertising and sell point possibilities!

Snapchat spectacles

Snapchat spectacles are video enabled sunglasses that link to your Snapchat account, enabling snappers to capture moments as they see them. Keep an eye out; they are only available temporarily at pop up vending machines in various random locations, but they are sure to be a hit!


Travel is constantly evolving and being redefined. Instead of souvenirs and traditional tours, modern day travelers seek authentic experiences that let them feel what it’s like to be a local. They’re attracted to tours and interactions that enrich their perspective on people, culture, and the local environment, while creating unique and lasting memories.

Value and experience trump price — people want superb customer service that is personalized and genuine.


Ecotourism continues to rise as people become more aware of their impact on the environment, and more interested in understanding natural environments, local cultures and sustainability. Education through entertainment is an intangible commodity that drives the current travelers as they plan their vacation experiences.


Airbnb offers travelers unique insights into the places they visit. From finding out the best restaurants and local events from Airbnb hosts, to choosing to stay in artist lofts or castles — you can be certain Airbnb is on target for this year’s travelers. And soon, the Airbnb Trip App will let you browse and book locally curated activities and experiences. Sign up for the mailing list to find out when the app becomes available and see if you can offer your own local experiences on the new Airbnb Trips App.


2017 will see many new ships introduced and refurbished liners reopened. The number of cruisers this year will be expanding to include many more Millennials and Generation Xers. Travel agents will see an uptick in customers as consumers look for curated vacations with little or no hassle. Private islands will continue to captivate cruisers, and foodies remain important as celebrity chefs and fine dining experiences are top selling points. Expedition cruises, river cruises and pop culture theme cruises round out the top cruise industry predictions for 2017.

2017 promises many more trends on the horizon. We hope that you will look into the relevant topics and apply them to your business as soon as possible to take advantage of being ‘ahead of the game.’  Do you know of any trends that are up and coming? Please share them in the comments below.

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Sub Sea Systems 2017 Goals

Every New Year is a new chance to grow and change. This year Sub Sea Systems has its eyes set on some pretty significant goals — goals that will help our business grow, our employees be more productive and our operators be more successful.

As president and CEO of Sub Sea Systems — Jim Mayfield — frequently says: “We are a marketing and manufacturing company.” Our marketing efforts raise brand awareness, draw new business and attract potential guests, and our manufacturing expertise helps us provide top-level products and ongoing support to our operators around the world.

2017 Marketing Goals

  • Expand our marketing budget
  • Partner with travel blog influencers
  • Increase visual Social Media posts
  • Develop twice monthly YouTube Channel videos
  • Attend more tradeshows
  • Highlight operators in our blog

Additionally, we would like to encourage our operators to check into marketing tools that are going to be important in 2017.

Up and coming Goals for 2017

  • Complete the 1st Aquaticar™
  • Upgrade, modernize and improve our in-house databases
  • Complete NEW SeaTREK Manuals
  • Launch Sea TREK Retail Store
  • Update and expand marketing materials available on the web

And a little sillier

  • Utilize sit down /stand up desks — stand more
  • Share healthier snacks
  • Dance everyday at 3 o’clock
  • And continue wearing bright, happy smiles…

Do you have goals that you’d like to share? Please leave them in the comments below. And visit our websites: Sub Sea Systems | Sea TREK | ClearLounge | FunCat and Aquaticar to learn more.

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