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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Delphinus Takes the Prize

delphinus wins reef alliance award

Each year, Reef Alliance (a conservation program sponsored by Sub Sea Systems) and its partners participate in the International Coastal Cleanup, a worldwide volunteer effort organized by the Ocean Conservancy.

Founded in 2009, the Reef Alliance program promotes sustainable diving practices and environmental education. The program's mission is to educate, create awareness, and encourage proactive conservation efforts in local communities. Every year, the Sea TREK operator that best exemplifies the program's goals is recognized with the Reef Alliance Award. We're extremely proud to announce Delphinus as the recipient of the 2019 Reef Alliance Award.

In 2019, Delphinus hosted multiple events for International Coastal Cleanup. Over 120 volunteers collected nearly 2600 lbs. (1178 kg) of trash and debris from local beaches, turtle nesting grounds and a mangrove habitat. In addition to cleaning up these vital resources, Delphinus continued its community outreach and conservation education efforts.

Delphinus crew cleaning up beach

In January, Delphinus held several events during World Environmental Education Day. Utilizing its interactive dolphin experiences, Delphinus curated strong emotional connections between participants and the dolphins. The event was combined with an educational message focused on threatened marine environments. Participants left with an indelible memory and a stronger passion to conserve the marine environment.

Delphinus has developed The Environmental Education Plan, which consists of several active campaigns. One of these campaigns, the Environmental Leadership Program, provides environmental training for the organization’s staff. 250 staff members participated in 14 sessions.

Volunteer cleaning beach

Delphinus’ also hosted its annual community outreach event, “The Festival of the Oceans.” Locals were invited to learn about the ocean through art, science, gastronomy and ecology presentations.

Delphinus is also one of the main conservation promoters for the endangered Vaquita, Mexico's only endemic cetacean and the world's most rare marine mammal that is on the brink of extinction. Through donations and its social campaign, #SOSVaquita, Delphinus draws awareness to the threatened species and supports ongoing efforts to protect Vaquitas.


Delphinus operates 7 dolphin interaction habitats across the Riviera Maya in Mexico, 2 of which are dolphin TREK programs (and one SeaTREK program). For 15 consecutive years, Delphinus has received the Socially Responsible Company Certificate, and its 7 locations are all certified by the Humane Conservation, AMMPA and IMATA. As this year’s Reef Alliance Award winner, Delphinus will receive a stunning glass trophy and promotion through Sub Sea Systems’ marketing channels. Big congrats to Delphinus!
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