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Monday, March 31, 2014

An Infographic about SHARKS! Interactive

sharks infographic info-graphic For more information on nurse sharks please visit The Florida Museum of Natural History's website

For more information on SHARKS! Interactive please visit

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Monday, March 24, 2014

SeaTREK Instagram Contest!

Have you ever heard of Instagram?

If not you are missing a really beautiful social media application that focuses on photography. Download the app to your phone — itunes or Google play —, take a picture, choose a cool filter, and post it to your Instagram feed. Then all of your friends can see what you’ve posted— sounds familiar right— but what makes Instagram even more wonderful is the search process. As long as you use a hashtag– “#”– and a phrase in your image caption, then the image becomes searchable to anyone. Similar to Twitter, however, completely visually based.

We LOVE Instagram because it gives us an opportunity to browse some of the amazing photos that our Sea TREK guests post. With the #SeaTREK hashtag, our guests are able to share their incredible vacation photos not only with their friends and family, but also with other Sea TREK enthusiasts worldwide. From kissing dolphins, to communicating with Sea TREK hand signals, to petting sea turtles and making silly faces — Our TREKKERS are a lively and adventurous bunch. There’s nowhere else on social media where you can see such unique photos.

Because we are dying to see more pictures, we’re going to run an Instagram contest for the next week to encourage more Sea TREK posts! To participate, upload your crazy, fun Sea TREK photos and make sure to caption them with the hashtag #SeaTREK. We will select a winner at random to receive a SeaTREK T-shirt! So show off those Sea TREK pics! We want you to!

Check out our Instagram widget to see a live feed of Instagram hashtags of SeaTREK.

And make sure to follow us on Instagram

We’ll announce the winners on facebook so keep an eye on our Facebook page after next week

If you’ve never experienced Sea TREK check out our website for more details, and let us know if you go!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

FunCat Electric Catamaran Business Opportunities

Do you love the water? Live to be outdoors? Do want to run your own business? FunCat has amazing business opportunities that allow you to work in the sunshine, on the shore, and in the water.

FunCats are electrically powered, chaise-lounge style catamarans that are perfect for private rental businesses, large boat rental facilities, and marinas. They are truly unique, offering the relaxing, laid-back feel of sitting side-by-side with friends or family and lounging —like in a paddleboat— but with FunCat you don’t have to peddle! FunCat’s silent motors run on rechargeable batteries that last up to 4 hours with continuous use. The controls are really simple, and fun to use. Children and adults love to drive the FunCat! The propellers are recessed and the pontoons have molded handles making FunCat easy to pull up onto shore.

FunCat is also a green product! You don’t have to hassle with gasoline or oil, and this helps keep your lake or ocean location free from pollution. This also makes each rental more profitable because all you have to do is recharge batteries! And charging batteries has never been easier. We have 3 different systems available that make renting boats and recharging them super simple. You can use a built-in charging system, a plug-in charging system or a bank charging system that will charge up to 8 batteries at a time. With our quick connect battery cables you won’t even need tools to disconnect the batteries!

Andy Berry, owner/operator at Resort Watersports in San Diego, has had lots of success with his FunCat rental business.
“FunCats have proven to be a very popular rental. They’re easy to use, and our guests can relax on the water without the hassle of paddles, oars, sails or gasoline-powered motors. Our customers come back time and again to rent FunCats!” 
He has eleven FunCats and they are always out on the water.

FunCats are marine grade, built for commercial use, and are incredibly durable. FunCats come with a one-year warranty, which speaks volumes of our quality product. We also offer specialized accessories to make FunCat even more fun! A convertible bimini shade offers protection from the sun, a fishing pole mount provides convenient, leisurely fishing, and our U.S. Coast Guard approved navigation light system means you can offer boat rentals into dusk.

On approved credit you can team up with us and run your own business as a member of our joint venture program. Check out the terms on our website

We also offer short term financing plans (on approved credit), and if you act now you can receive up to $500 off of shipping costs.

Call us today and ask about demonstrations in your area. Once you ride a FunCat you will know just why we call it a FunCat!
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Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday, March 3, 2014

FunCats are the Ultimate Way to Enjoy Waterfront Living

FunCat electric catamarans are relaxing, chaise-lounge-style, battery-powered, pontoon boats. They are super simple to use, and maintain. FunCats are perfect for any leisurely water activity, and they are especially perfect for waterfront communities.

Waterfront living is the ultimate leisure lifestyle. From marinas and bays to lakes and rivers: living in or renting waterfront homes allows homeowners and vacationers to experience the laid-back lifestyle and freedom that being on the water creates. Walking out of your door and jumping into the water or visiting your neighbors from your boat are just a few of the perks.  BBQ’s on the lake, fireworks over the water, boat parades, private fishing, swimming, and relaxing in the sun are daily events when you live in a waterfront home. FunCat electric catamarans are the perfect vehicles for waterfront homes. They are simple: children and adults alike quickly learn the control system. They are stable, and safe, and they are unique. They cruise nicely at a speed of 4mph without noise or environmental pollution. The chaise-lounge style seat has two reclining positions, and can hold up to 500 lbs. (227 kgs.). The armrests have built-in cup holders, and the pontoons have dry storage compartments. An optional, convertible bimini provides shade; and a new fishing rod mount allows for complete relaxation, while you wait for the fish to bite! FunCats are so simple: to charge one— just plug it in— to bring one on shore— just use the handles and pull it up.

FunCats are great for waterfront properties, waterfront homes, and waterfront vacation rentals. They allow for travel along the water without the hassle of heavy boats, gasoline, and hard-to-learn navigation systems. The recessed propellers, and 16” draft keep the FunCat safe from damage. They are approximately 300 lbs. (136 kgs.), and incredibly easy to transport.

FunCats are also great to rent. They are already available at many locations around the globe. You and your loved ones can take a FunCat for a spin today. Check out our locations here

If you or someone you know lives in a community on the water, the FunCat is the solution to your water travel, and leisure needs. The time is now and the price is right! Order today and receive free shipping up to $500 within the continental U.S.

Visit for more information.
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