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Friday, September 18, 2015

What if Sea TREK was...?

Sub Sea Systems has already imagined and implemented some pretty creative and innovative ideas. From Dolphin TREK to Clear Lounge Underwater oxygen bar, Sub Sea Systems' ideas run the gamut of genius to unbelievable.

We thought it would be fun to imagine other inventive and unique ways Sea TREK can provide entertainment, education and/or delight. From plausible to outlandish, we present some of our most interesting concepts in this week's blog post.

What if Sea TREK offered a Tour of Atlantis?

Imagine you could enter a super sleek luxury submarine, travel to the gates of the lost city of Atlantis — while enjoying limousine style amenities — and don Sea TREK diving helmets that allow you to walk into the history and mystery of Atlantis under the sea. What would Atlantis be like? Ancient ruins and sunken treasures? A city with advanced technology and a hidden civilization? Creatures from another world?


What if Sea TREK had mermaid interactions?

Imagine arriving at an underwater grotto filled with the sea's finest coral, shells, pearls, and glittering reef fish and walking by beautiful mermaids. You watch the charming creatures swim, twirl and dive in sparkling bubbles and filtered light. Visualize meeting them face to face under the sea.


What if Sea TREK offered Arctic tours?

Envision walking on the sea floor under 10 feet of crystal blue ice. The visibility is exceptional. You trek by ice formations, and schools of fish. You watch in wonder as polar bears teach their cubs how to swim. You glimpse a narwhal gracefully swim past. Imagine what you might see under the ice.


What if Sea TREK had an underwater wedding chapel?

Picture walking down the aisle to say your I do's under the sea. Your backdrop would be the colorful reef and your decorations the brilliant sea creatures. You could bring your whole family under water to witness you marriage. No one would EVER forget your wedding.


What if Sea TREK had an underwater carnival?

Descend into a fantasy of fun and lights! Underwater carnival games, an underwater petting zoo, and underwater rides! You could even get a photo on an underwater carousel.

These are just some of the crazy and fun ideas we came up with. What would you do under the sea with Sea TREK? We welcome any ideas from impossible to plausible. Write them in the comments below or email 

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