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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

SeaTREK® Aquarium Diving

Have you ever heard of Sea TREK? If not you can find out a lot more on our website

Today we want to talk about Sea TREK helmet diving in an aquarium. The Sea TREK adventure is amazing. You walk along a guided path on the ocean floor with the creatures of the sea surrounding you — no experience more than a 10-minute briefing is necessary — and you don’t even need to know how to swim. To participate in Sea TREK you simply enter the water, and with the assistance of the certified Sea TREK staff, a Sea TREK helmet is placed on your shoulders. You descend to the sandy bottom, and the weighted Sea TREK helmet keeps you firmly on the ocean floor allowing you to walk comfortably.

Cool, fresh air (3x the amount you actually need to breathe) flows into your helmet keeping the tri-lens perfectly clear and fog free. Your excitement is the highlight as you take your first breath under the water and take a look around.

Sea TREKKING in an aquarium has some really wonderful benefits. While all Sea TREK locations are unique and offer their own amazing highlights, aquarium locations have a lot more control over what you will be experiencing.


Visibility is always pristine in aquariums. The controlled environment allows the facilities to keep their waters crystal clear for viewing. You will be able to see the expanse of the aquarium from your unique perspective.


Temperature is also controlled. Most aquariums require that you wear a wet suit to reduce the bio load that your body’s natural oils, skin, and hair will add to the water. But each aquarium keeps absolute control of its temperatures. You will be comfortable whether in a wet suit or not.


Animals are the highlight of Sea TREK, and in an aquarium you are guaranteed to be in close proximity with a vast variety of species. Cow nose stingrays, giant manta rays, white and black tipped reef sharks, giant sea turtles, moray eels, a great variety of colorful fish, corals, anemones, sea fans, starfish, and so much more. Each aquarium has specially set up their location to include SeaTREK, and each location is a new experience.

Be a part of the Exhibit!

Another amazing aspect of Sea TREK aquarium diving is the fact that you become a part of the exhibit! Your family and friends can watch you as you walk under the water. They can experience your interaction from the same level.

Check out our aquarium locations

And be sure to watch for the grand opening of our newest Sea TREK aquarium location at Geoje Sea World in South Korea.