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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

World Oceans Day 2014

June 8th is World Oceans Day! World Oceans Day is officially recognized by the United Nations and celebrated internationally. The day is distinctive and essential, because it unites everyone across the world into having one mind about the ocean and conservancy. The day reminds us how interconnected by the ocean we all are. One world! One ocean! The day is meant to be a celebration in honor of the ocean, but the overall goal of the day is to spread awareness about ocean conservation. Teaching people how to participate in keeping our oceans clean empowers them to make a choice to make changes — big and small — that will affect the health of our oceans.

Our oceans connect us all: they produce most of the oxygen we breathe, provide food for millions of people and sea creatures, regulate our weather, offer a variety of unknown possibilities for science, and provide endless opportunities for inspiration and learning. The best way to learn and teach is by interacting, and discovering connections. Spend World Oceans Day reconnecting with the ocean. Find your passion for sea creatures, the continual pound of the surf, or the variety of birds that live on the shore. Find out about the ocean and use the love and inspiration to make change happen.

There are a lot of people participating! You can find some events to attend in your area, print some happy educational coloring sheets for kids, take a ‘selfie for the sea’ with the caption #WorldOceansDay, promote your own event to raise money and awareness for ocean causes, or check out some other ways to help at We encourage you to get to the beach and celebrate the ocean!

We have created a Pinterest Board for you to check out some other ideas that will help you celebrate. Be sure to repin and share the ideas, and enjoy World Oceans Day! #WorldOceansDay #SeaTREK #OurWorldOceans

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