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Friday, February 5, 2016

Clear Lounge Underwater Oxygen Bar Scale Model

Sub Sea Systems (SSS) has created a 5% scale model of the Clear Lounge underwater oxygen bar complete with stainless steel railings, acrylic tank and building, textured metal finishes, colorful lighting, and miniature 3D printed SeaTREK helmets.

SSS aimed to present Clear Lounge in a way that potential buyers would be able to visualize the final product. The scale model enabled SSS to demonstrate the possibilities while creating a “clear” vision in the minds of interested investors.

The model is very detailed and accurate, and a number of people were involved in achieving the finished piece. Our in-house graphic designer, Christina Azbill, coordinated the project. She calculated dimensions, ordered specially created acrylic, created the graphics, and assembled the entire model.

In addition, Christina reached out to a local high school, Golden Sierra in Garden Valley, California. Golden Sierra offers classes that teach students how to use CAD software and 3D printers. She saw this as an opportunity for SSS to give back to the community and provide the students with a “real world” application of their work. “We could offer the kids a meaningful project that could be used in college applications and resumes, and we could have custom printed objects that directly represent our Clear Lounge product,” explained Christina.

The results were fantastic. The students expertly designed a number of essential components, and printed and finished each of the pieces. They created the bars inside the lounge (including etched stylized Clear Lounge logos onto the bar surfaces), umbrellas, lockers, dock boxes, and helmets for the top deck. They printed a Jenga stack and miniature bubble guns, and shelves for the outside of the smoothie bar.

Matt Souza is teacher the of design engineering, and he supervised the project. He said,
“This project provided my students with plenty of real-world experience, including working with a "client", adhering to given dimensions and scale factors, and working under a deadline. The students were very excited to see the results of their efforts utilized in the Clear Lounge model. They are also looking forward to visiting Sub Sea Systems this spring!”

Matt Souza selected seniors Zach Gwinnup, Kim Mello, Jaegan Reid, Willow O'Dette, and Cody Witten to complete the assignment. The final work was professional, and we are very grateful for the creativity and dedication of the students and their teacher.

Not to be forgotten, SSS Lead Fabricator Greg Young welded the iconic Clear Lounge arch. His tiny, intricate handiwork created the stainless steel railings surrounding the top deck. The detailed ladder (with perfect welds) descends into the tank, and the beautifully executed arch spans the top of the Clear Lounge model. All of the details, such as the 5% scale trekkers and onlookers, and colorful lights, make the Clear Lounge model complete. It is truly a work-of-art and reflects the combined efforts of talented and skilled local students and the SSS team.

SSS featured the model at their exhibitor booth during the 2015 World Waterparks Association Tradeshow, and because of this display (and the excellent presentation, customer service, and product), we are working on the next Clear Lounge set to open in Kuwait, summer 2016.

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