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Friday, October 21, 2016

Dog Blog 2 — #OfficeDogs

In our previous Dog Blog we introduced our original 2 office dogs Cali and Oliver. In this blog we are proud to introduce the newest member of our team — Gunner the Chocolate Lab.

Employee Profile

Gunner Mayfield

  • Chocolate Lab
  • 28.2 lbs
  • 13 weeks

Loves riding shotgun with his head hanging out of the window, swimming and terrorizing his doggy co-workers.

Sub Sea Systems’ youngest EVER intern has taken up tutelage under Cali the Boxer and Oliver the Cockapoo to learn the Human Resources ropes so he can pull his (ever changing) weight around here.

Safety First!

Gunner started working at Sub Sea Systems just a few short weeks ago at 8 weeks old (he is only part time so don’t worry). At that time he weighed 11 lbs — only 3 pounds more than Oliver! Today he weighs 28.2 lbs, and every day he packs more on. Soon he will outweigh Cali! So, even though he’s the baby, he will be the biggest dog at Sub Sea!

Gunner is a people and dog lover. He likes attention any way he can get it. His big beautiful eyes have all the ladies in the office in love, while his growing size and future career in bird hunting have the men talking about how big and strong he will be.

Gunner's favorite place to be
Gunner’s personality is either over the top enthusiastic or calm and mellow. He is all play all day —until it is lights out and he sleeps like an angel. He loves to chase anything that moves — from pouncing ice cubes to stealthily sneaking up on his toys — Gunner shows his potential for being a great bird dog and Sub Sea employee.

A video posted by Cali & Oliver & Gunner (@cali.oliver.gunner) on

Besides his Mom (Natasha Sundby) and Dad (Keenan Mayfield — FunCat Product Director & Sea TREK Field Operations Specialist) gunner loves Cali the Boxer. The two will roll around and body slam each other for hours. Cali is taking her mentor role very seriously and patiently teaches Gunner every day.

As Gunner grows and learns it is apparent he will become an integral part of our team here at Sub Sea Systems Corporate Headquarters’. Eventually he will grow into those paws of his.

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