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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sea TREK Testimonials

We wanted to know what people are saying about Sea TREK, so we visited TripAdvisor’s website and read the reviews! People love Sea TREK calling it “a once in a lifetime experience,” and “the best thing they have ever done.” This week we want to share their perspectives with you!

Natalie from New York participated in Sea TREK in St. Maarten. She says,
“I would rate it as one of the best experiences that I have had in my life.” 

She also shares that she cannot swim and was extremely nervous, but the wonderful Guides kept her calm, reminding her that should could have a strong drink afterwards! It is good thing they calmed her down, because we would have hated for her to miss out on one of the BEST experiences in her life.

Another TripAdvisor reviewer also visited Sea TREK St. Maarten, and his description of the experience captures the essence of Sea TREK perfectly —

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the helmet diver in your fish tank? Ever wanted to walk on the bottom of the ocean surrounded by shipwrecks and amazing fish? If so, you must do this! The staff is incredibly patient and professional and the equipment is top notch. Highly recommend!”

Sea TREK Grand Cayman has a review from a wife and mother of two. She says,
“My kids and husband are still talking about how cool Sea Trek was on our recent vacation. Without a doubt it was the best part of our entire trip! I highly recommend this excursion!” 
She shares that her daughter (who is 8) got very nervous and almost did not participate, but the Guides calmed the little girl down and made her feel safe. Afterwards she asked to go again!

TripAdvisor user TWDavis of South Carolina explains her Sea TREK in Cozumel with detail.
“Once in lifetime for me!” says Davis.

She was able to wear her glasses and keep her make-up smudge free. She enjoyed lots of sea creatures, and although she would not touch a spider-like arrow crab, she watched her husband hold it. She also recommends the nachos at the restaurant upstairs to round off a great experience.

User BlotDallas_Texas participated in Sea TREK on Catalina Island, California. She said,
“Having a staring contest with a fish 4 inches from my face was amazing.” 

She also pointed out that she was able to wear her glasses, and that she has a fear of snorkeling, but was comfortable with Sea TREK. Best of all her 14-year-old son liked Sea TREK better than the nighttime zip-line!

Sea TREK Spain has a review that declares the tour
"A Marvelous Experience!" 
The reviewer goes on to describe the variety of fish that she saw, and further explains that she felt like she was on the moon with a sensation of “incredible weightlessness.”

These are some really great testimonials, and there are so many more! Take a look at TripAdvisor if you want to read about other peoples’ experiences, or share your own in the comments below! For more information on Sea TREK visit our website at