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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Things you may not know about Sea TREK

Sea TREK is known for offering astounding underwater tours. With the space-age technology and design of the Sea TREK helmet, and the specially designed redundant safety systems, Sea TREK is cutting edge in shallow water helmet diving equipment. Additionally, the tours offered are unparalleled, and the Guides are incomparable in the industry. The high standards of the Sea TREK program extend themselves to every aspect of the tour. Sea TREK is the whole package: technology, wonder, customer service, eco-tourism, respect, and passion for the ocean.

When our guests participate in the Sea TREK tour we want to make sure they come away from the experience with a complete sense of awe. We hope to inspire ocean conservancy by creating memories that offer emotional connection to our world’s oceans and its creatures. We offer an amazing underwater adventure to people who don’t have dive certifications or may not even be able to swim. The Sea TREK experience provides guests with memories that last a lifetime.

Did you know?

Sub Sea Systems contracted a leading innovator in high performance, after-market vehicle manufacturing to assist in the design of the Sea TREK helmet. The same designers who work to make sleek high performance cars collaborated with us to create the mold, look and shape of the Sea TREK helmet.

Did you know?

The first location to offer Sea TREK was at Xcaret park (outside of Cancun, Mexico) in July of 1999. 582 people experienced Sea TREK that month. To date Xcaret has hosted the largest number of Sea TREK guests in the world. In July of 2013 they took 12,798 people under the sea on a Sea TREK. In total, 89,217 people participated in Sea TREK at Xcaret in 2013! Xcaret is also where Sub Sea Systems does all of its beta testing on new equipment, innovations and technologies.

Did you know? 

Sea TREK was at Sea World Orlando? Originally, the Sea TREK experience there was uniquely different than other Sea TREK tours. In a 660,000 gallon tank teeming with bull sharks, saw tooth sharks, lemon sharks, and sandbar sharks — to name a few — guests would don a Sea TREK helmet and climb into a large shark cage that ran on a track. TREKKERS would have the opportunity to stare through the bars as massive sharks checked them out!

After the success of this program, Sea World incorporated Sea TREK into the design of its newest park, Discovery Cove Orlando (DCO). DCO’s ‘Grand Reef’ (a man-made ocean lagoon) was customized to include a specialized Sea TREK path.  Sub Sea Systems was involved in the planning process: laying out the trail, handrails, and specific stops, as well as features, and entry and exit designs. Discovery Cove calls their program Sea Venture, and it features a large acrylic panel that looks into the neighboring shark tank, and an enclosed lionfish tank where guests can get face-to-face with the poisonous and invasive (yet beautiful) fish.

Did you know?

Sea TREK in Cabo San Lucas has had some pretty amazing wild sea life visitors, including: gliding devil rays, beautiful sea horses, sassy sea lions, and even a whale shark!

Likewise, recently Sea TREK at Coral World filmed a wild dolphin as he passed through the Sea TREK dive site!

Did you know?

Sea TREK Guides can do some pretty amazing stunts with their helmets? From creating bubble rings and standing on their helmets, to front flips and human pyramids — our guides are part of the entertainment!

Did you know?
Two 93-year-olds have participated in Sea TREK?... making them the oldest participants to have joined us on a Sea TREK tour.

Did you know?
Sea TREK has introduced more than 2.5 million non-swimmers and non-divers from the ages of 8 to 93 to the beauty of the underwater world.

Did you know?

Sea TREK is in the process of developing a completely new experience? The next level of underwater interaction is about to be introduced. Check back often for more information.

Hint: Clear. Social. Fun.

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