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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sharing Sea TREK Experiences through Video

This week our blog is all about our Sea TREK videos! Sea TREK is an experience like no other, and while videos cannot do justice to the euphoric, otherworldly experience, they can at least create excitement, and give a glimpse of what Sea TREK is all about. From aquarium diving to Dolphin TREK, and Sea TREK with stingrays to underwater dancing we have a lot of beautiful videos that will inspire you to experience Sea TREK. We also have a lot of TREKKERS that have shared their personal videos on YouTube. Take a few minutes to relax and watch these amazing videos!

Sea TREK Helmet Diving in an Aquarium

Sea TREK Helmet diving offers locations around the world; including some very prestigious aquariums. Sea TREKKING in aquariums makes you a part of the exhibit!

Dolphin TREK

Sea TREK Helmet diving with dolphins. Dolphin TREK!

Sea TREK with Stingrays

Watch a Sea TREK with stingrays experience from the eyes of the guest. Go Pro cameras mount to Sea TREK helmets, and allow you to bring your memories home. Immerse yourself in the Sea TREK with Stingrays experience.

Sea TREK is Happy

Pharrell William's song 'Happy' has been sweeping social media. We got together our best underwater dancers and made a Sea TREK Happy video! Watch the fun, and make sure you do a little dance the next time you walk on the floor of the sea.

Sea TREK at Atlantis, the Palm — Dubai

Stunning, clear video of a Sea TREK helmet diving tour in an aquarium in Atlantis the Palm Dubai. Watch stingrays, sharks, and a variety of beautiful fish as experienced while walking underwater on a Sea TREK tour.

Sea TREK at Xcaret

Sea TREK Helmet diving in Xcaret. Underwater walking tour.

Sea TREKKER's Video Playlist

A Playlist of incredible videos shared on YouTube by Sea TREKKERS.

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