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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Learn About FunCat Electric-Solar Catamarans

While the northeast U.S. experiences crazy amounts of snow, and our west coast is drowning in rain, we can’t help but think about boating season! Once the first day of spring arrives, we know we’ll be on the water in no time!

Our favorite mode of transportation on the water is the durable FunCat Electric-Solar Catamaran. Built for fun on the water, USA-made FunCats are easy to drive, dock and store. But there’s more than meets the eye with the durable and reliable Funcat catamaran. In addition to a near effortless ride, these Cats have a “boatload” of features!

Clean Footprint

FunCats are electrically powered. Unlike most propeller boats that use fuel to operate, FunCats are powered by two rechargeable, 12v marine batteries (available in both AGM and Lithium-Ion). These efficient batteries can run for up to 6+ hours, then easily recharge. Since the Cats do not require gas or oil to operate, they are often able to navigate bodies of water that do not allow fueled boats. The environmentally clean FunCat also has a solar panel option, making them even more efficient. The solar panel option increases efficiency by approximately 40%! The FunCat also includes a handy LED volt meter that visually displays the charge level of the batteries.

Easy All Around

FunCats are so easy to drive, even kids can steer! Two simple switches allow the FunCat to maneuver forward or back, right or left, and even in a complete 360°. This simplistic operation also allows for uncomplicated docking. While many boats can be cumbersome to take in and out of the water, FunCats are easy to maneuver on and off trailers, park next to docks, and even fit in tight spaces. The high maneuverability is attributed to the unique rudderless, thrust design and the boat’s simple controls.


The comfy “chaise lounge” chair lets boaters adjust seating positions, so sun worshippers can enjoy lounging flat, while leaf peepers can sit upright.  The FunCat is also uber-quiet, so taking one out early in the morning or late into the evening won’t wake the neighbors or disturb wildlife. Not to mention, it’s SO relaxing– quietly floating on your oversized lounge chair!

Escape From the Sun

Even sun lovers need an occasional break from hot rays, and thankfully a standard FunCat accessory is the adjustable bimini shade. The shade can easily be secured in an up or down position. When up, the bimini shade provides riders a respite from the grueling sun. Still looking for more ‘cool’ alternatives? The FunCat water-tight, side storage compartment can be utilized as a cooler, to keep libations cold and food protected from the heat.

Awesome Options

FunCats offer a quiet, stable ride on the water, but there’s so much more one can do to “trick out” their catamaran. Fishing fanatics can take advantage of custom fishing pole mounts, making the next expedition a breeze! Toting extra belongings? A giant, canvas storage pouch that attaches to the back of the FunCat seat stores everything from wet bathing suits to extra towels. FunCats can be kept in pristine condition via the heavy-duty boat cover. FunCat owners may also purchase a lightweight trailer for transport, made of durable aluminum.

We’ve Got You Covered

FunCats come with a 12-month, pontoon-to-pontoon warranty, and are CE marked and U.S. Coast Guard approved. The boats are proudly made in the USA of high quality, commercial-grade, and reliable materials. The durable design and low maintenance get you out on the water faster, and enjoying life on the water longer!

Easy… reliable… fun! We can’t wait to enjoy time on the water aboard a FunCat. Bring on the sunshine!

Special Pricing!

FunCats are currently available at a special discount! Save over $600 off the regular retail price. Check it out here!

funcat catamaran special price

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