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Thursday, March 8, 2018

All About the Award-Winning Xcaret

Xcaret Named Best Park in the World for The Third Consecutive Year!

We’re excited to share that Xcaret, an eco-archaeological park in Quintana Roo, Mexico (south of Cancun), has once again been awarded the 2018 Silver Travvy award for “Best Water Park” and “Best Theme Park” in the world! Sponsored by travAlliancemedia, an innovative leader in the travel industry, the Travvy awards are considered the “Academy Awards” of the industry!

Xcaret (pronounced Shh-Caret) Eco-Archaeological Park opened in 1990 and has welcomed more than 23 million visitors from all over the world. Since its inception, Xcaret Park has stayed true to Mexican culture by paying tribute to the country and enriching the park experience through unique attractions such as a multi-level aviary, a Mayan village and gorgeous underground rivers.

So, what makes this park so outstanding? Xcaret features more than 50 attractions which reflect the rich history and culture of Mexico. Combine that with amazing food, Mexican artistry, and top-notch performances, and you’ve got an experience of a lifetime. Where else can you float without a care down a magical river, visit a wide variety of animals and sea life, then, follow up with a traditional Mexican dinner and a fabulous cultural performance, all in one beautiful location?

Fun for Adventurers, Great and Small

Xcaret has something for everyone, including the youngest member of the family. The park’s Children’s World was created just for kids from 0 to 12, and features water slides, hanging bridges, a parakeet habitat and a playground in perfect harmony with the impressive Mayan jungle. There’s also a wading pool, a sandbox, water jets and many more activities, so that kids can have an unforgettable day. There are lifeguards at each body of water, and (mandatory) life jackets are available in kids’ sizes. The Children's World has restrooms in which “to-scale” facilities have been installed for its pint-sized patrons. It also has four family bathrooms, two feeding rooms, two dressing rooms and three shower rooms. If your kids are adventure-seekers, they’ll have a blast with Adventure Kids, a park program that gives participants the opportunity to feed and interact with small stingrays, or snorkel in a tranquil lagoon. Of course, we’re partial to the opportunity for kids over the age of 8 (and up to 100!) to Sea TREK, where they can get up close and personal with a variety of underwater residents.

Did you know? Xcaret opened the world’s very first Sea TREK location in 1999. Since the program’s humble beginnings with just 9 helmets, it has now grown to be the world’s largest Sea TREK locale, with 75 helmets, 2 Sea TREK trails, and annual participation exceeding 130,000 guests!

Adrenaline Rush

If you’re into exhilarating activities, Xcaret does not disappoint. The park’s speedboat, Adrenalina, will cool you off and get your heart pumping! Adrenalina’s speed maxes out at 90 km/hr (56 mph). Its 360° turns will take you from one side to another, in a fun and safe way. If you’d rather stay dry and stay above it all, Paraxute (pronounced parachute), the park’s parasailing adventure, elevates guests up to 600 feet (183 m), allowing you to gaze upon all the beauty of the Caribbean Sea and the treetops of the Mayan jungle.


In addition to the aforementioned stingrays and parakeets, Xcaret is home to a wide variety of animals that educate and entertain! The Aviary alone houses over 1500 birds. From mockingbirds to pink flamingos, the Aviary features programs that focus on conservation and the reproduction of endangered species. After a visit with the flock, animal lovers can check out the marine turtles and manatees, or stop by Jaguar Island or Puma Island, for great views of slick and sinewy, free-roaming cats.  Of course, a visit would not be complete without stopping by the Coral Reef Aquarium, to view its 500+ coral reef structures.


Opportunities abound for sneaking in some education during your park visit! Xcaret’s Mexico Espectacular, an evening show with incredible costumes, advanced technology, and rich set design, offers a spectacular setting for a history lesson. More than 300 actors in original costumes perform a variety of dances and concerts that reflect Mexican traditions. There are even several thrilling Mayan sports games that are played during the show– including a hockey-like game with a flaming puck, and a ball game where players can only use their hips! Spectators can also take in the “Voladores”, a ritual ceremony featuring “flyers” climbing a pole. Seated on the edge of a platform, the Voladores perform music, then launch themselves from the platform, swinging upside down attached at their ankles to the center pole, imitating birds in flight - a high-energy, unique Mexican custom!


Roaming the 200-acre park would make any adventurer hungry. When it comes to dining opportunities, Xcaret offers a number of casual to fine dining experiences. High quality techniques and traditional ingredients combine with an innovative vision to create specialties that reflect the unique foods and drinks of Mexico. And, the park offers enough variety to please those who just want a quick bite, to gourmands looking for a more refined culinary experience.

Paradise on the Water

Of course, the big attraction of Xcaret is its natural network of channels and cenotes that circulate under the Yucatan Peninsula. The underground waterways at Xcaret offer a relaxing way to explore mangroves, swim in crystal clear water, or snorkel in a unique, jungle-like setting. Paradise River offers a fun raft option, where guests travel through canals surrounded by the jungle, where they can observe blue crabs, iguanas, peccaries and more.

We are sure you can see what makes Xcaret a unique place to visit and spend time with friends and family. If you’d like to learn more about Xcaret, check out their website at, where you will find information about the park, read about the Xcaret hotel, and discover discounts and booking information.