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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Add Pinterest to Your Social Repertoire!

Unless you’ve been living under coral, you are already aware of the value of social and online marketing for your business. With over two billion active social media users globally, it is imperative that business owners and managers take full advantage of these growing entities. While Facebook still dominates the social landscape, Pinterest, which was launched in 2010, is one of the fastest growing social sites. Currently, there are over 100 million active Pinterest users!

So,.. What is Pinterest?
Pinterest is a social network that allows users to share and discover new interests by posting, or “pinning” images or videos to their own or others' boards (i.e. a collection of 'pins,' usually with a common theme), and browsing what other users have pinned. Using a visual orientation, the social network is very much focused on lifestyle, allowing users to share their tastes and interests. The social network's goal is to "connect everyone in the world through the 'things' they find interesting." Users can either upload images from their computer or pin things they find on the web.
As with most other social networks, users can perform typical social networking functions such as following their friends, liking and commenting on other users' pins, re-pinning content to their own boards, or sharing pins on Facebook and Twitter.

Pinterest is an ever-growing resource for information, advice, and inspiration. Users discover new trends, learn how to save money, and learn helpful DIY skills.

Pinterest for your Business
Everything people do on Pinterest leads them closer to action. Users do more than browse feeds: 70% search, save or click on a Pin. Since people use Pinterest across the consumer journey, your brand can play a role all the way from inspiration to purchase.

What does a Pinterest user look like?
Pinterest users’ demographics are important to note. 67% of Pinners are under the age of 40. Even more interesting, 54 percent are women aged 34 to 55, and 35 percent of them have household incomes of over $100,000. If you’re looking to target male-identified individuals, you might be surprised to learn that male users grew 120 percent in 2016.

A top traffic driver
If your goal is to increase traffic to your website, look no further than Pinterest. Pinterest accounts for approximately five percent of all website referral traffic, (second only to Facebook). For, Google Analytics shows that traffic from Pinterest accounted for the highest percentage of visitors from social entities over the last year. In fact, twice as many users visited our site from Pinterest than from Facebook! Here are some other surprising Pinterest statistics:

40% of new signups are men; 60% of new Signups are women.
Millennials use Pinterest as much as Instagram.
Median age of a Pinterest user is 40, however majority of active pinners are below 40.
Half of Pinterests’ users earn $50K or greater per year.
30% of all US social media users are Pinterest users.
87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest.

Learn More About Marketing via Pinterest
If you’re convinced that you should give Pinterest a try, but aren’t sure how to get started, there are many guides available online that will help you get going.

Pinterest offers users a website with helpful information and guidance. Get your guide here.

Another great resource is The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide from Kissmetrics. This guide focuses on Pinterest from a marketing perspective. also offers some useful guidelines.

Dipping your toe into the sea of Pinterest pins and boards can initially seem daunting, but it can also be fun…and rewarding for your business! Are you already a Pinterest fan? Share your favorite pin below! And don’t forget to follow Sea TREK on Pinterest!