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Thursday, June 29, 2017

A Bucket List Check Mark √

Sea TREK at Odysea
Carl and Jason from OdySea Introduce Fred to SeaTREK
Here at Sub Sea Systems, we are often overwhelmed by the amazing reviews we receive about our Sea TREK and Clear Lounge adventures. We know our excursions are fun and offer great memories, but the outpouring of “thumbs up” reviews on sites like is always a bit humbling!

Sometimes we are excited by a review or comments we see on social media, but recently, we received a review that blew us away.  Lori and Fred Ginsberg of Coconut Creek, Florida wrote to our friends at OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale, Arizona. Lori and Fred visited the aquarium in May and had the experience of a lifetime.

Sea TREK at Odysea
Fred's TREK
Fred had always wanted to experience an attraction like Sea TREK, but was not sure he would be able to do so. Fred is a cancer patient, having kidney cancer that has metastasized in his lungs. Due to several very serious lung surgeries, his breathing, at times, can be compromised. So, Sea TREK remained on his "bucket list,” until he met the Sea TREK team at OdySea.

This is what Lori shared with us:
After a long and most pleasant conversation with Carl (Sea TREK manager at OdySea), Fred was soon to be on his way walking under water! Carl advised us that he would speak to the other divers and looked up the time he could return so he too could go in the water with my husband. We met back at 2:45 and it was agreed that Fred would be fine in the water, and taken out immediately if a problem came up. In he went with Carl, Jason, Dominique, and Lauren handling the oxygen. Wow!!! Their professionalism, friendly demeanor, caring and over-the-top positive attitudes brought us through an experience of a lifetime! You should know how this fabulous team truly touched our lives in a most positive way! If accommodations could be awarded, Carl, Dominique, Jason and Lauren deserve the best! Although I was not in the water with them, to watch the experience they gave to my husband touched me deeply! Please thank those wonderful people and know that what they gave to my husband through this experience will long be remembered! Checking off a "bucket-list" entry, for us, is a miracle we will never forget! Hopefully one day our paths will cross again for another dive. Until then, our heartfelt and most sincere thanks to Carl, Jason, Dominique and Lauren! You got my husband, Fred, back in the water again! 

After we finished passing the tissue box, we reached out to Lori, thanking her for her kind words and asking her permission to share Fred’s story in our blog and newsletter. Here was Lori’s response:

I am surprised and ecstatic that our SeaTREK story reached you in the California Corporate Office, not only to share our wonderful experience, but to be sure that you are aware of the fabulous team at OdySea, including Carl, Jason, Dominique and Lauren. Without their encouragement and expertise, Fred would not have the continuous smile on his face and awesome experience to all who have heard his story and seen the photos of his SeaTREK adventure…. Fred has already lined up our family to join him down in Miami to walk the undersea walk with him again! It is truly our honor to have you share his story. We are headed to the oncologist this Friday to adjust the lifelong chemo regiment that Fred must remain on to battle the tumors in his lungs, and he can't wait to tell the doctor about his undersea adventure! Perhaps sharing his story is a wonderful way to help others to think about jumping over health obstacles and to enjoy life to the fullest! Your team at OdySea allowed Fred to do just that! We are hoping to come back to OdySea at a future date to visit our new friends. I am truly touched deeply by all the words of encouragement that your wonderful corporation has sent our way! ~ Fondly, Lori and Fred Ginsberg”

As a company that relies on word-of-mouth and testimonials to build customer relationships and generate future business, we are always appreciative of feedback from our customers. However, we are beyond grateful for these kind words for both SeaTREK and the outstanding team at OdySea; we are thrilled and honored to be a part of making Fred’s dream come true. 

See you soon, Lori and Fred!
Sea TREK at Odysea