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Thursday, March 19, 2015

What to Pack for the Perfect Spring and Summer Activities on a FunCat

Spring is in the air and the desire to be out of doors and in our beautiful environment is rampant. With sunny skies and sparkling lakes and bays in our minds we are gearing up for this year’s FunCat season. The hottest trend on the bay and the coolest ride on the lake — FunCat Electric Catamarans offer a truly unique experience. There are so many wonderful ways to spend spring and summer days, and we thought it would be fun to share our favorite FunCat days! We gathered together all of the things you need to plan a day of your own. We even included a suggested track for each themed day. Read about our plans below.

The FunCat Picnic

What is it about eating outdoors? The food tastes better, the company seems happier, and the time goes by a little bit slower so you can relax and really enjoy your meal. Imagine taking that picnic out on a watery, private playground in the middle of the lake! FunCat’s are perfect for the leisurely meal. Keep your food in the dry storage compartments (no soggy sandwiches here!), place your cold drinks in the cup holders, and recline on the chaise lounge style seat as you enjoy!

What to bring:

Suggested Track: Pontoon by Little Big Town

The FunCat Date Night

The side-by-side seating of the FunCat lends itself perfectly to cozying up with your honey. Head out when the sun gets low and pop a cork. We think the FunCat offers a pretty unique date night.

What to bring:

  • Wine — Yes Please! We chose a local favorite– Boeger Zinfandel
  • Wine glasses — or you could just share the bottle
  • Corkscrew — DO NOT FORGET THIS ONE
  • Cheese and Crackers — Vermont aged sharp cheddar from Cracker Barrel
  • Chocolate — Trader Joe's dark chocolate peanut butter cups (careful, these are addicting!)
  • Flowers — always get her flowers
  • Bluetooth speaker to amplify your romance – we’re crazy for the Jawbone JAMBOX!

Suggested Track: P.S. I Love You by Billie Holiday

The FunCat Fishing Trip

Fishing from a fishing pole mount on a reclined FunCat chaise lounge and a quiet evening on the water: what better way to catch dinner? With FunCat’s silent electric motors the fish will never hear you coming!

What to bring:

  • Fishing Pole —duh
  • Bait — How about hot pink sparkly shrimp flavored marshmallows?
  • Hooks — Necessary
  • Snacks — Trail mix and cashews (you’re going to need that protein for all the fish fighting)
  • A hat to keep sun off— We like our FunCat hat and we will wear it even though we have a bimini sun shade
  • A camouflage cell phone cover by OtterBox — so the fish can’t see it

Suggested Track: That’s My Kind Of Night by Luke Bryan

The FunCat Relaxation Day

Need some zen? Pack up and take your FunCat to that perfect place on the water. The place where no one ever goes, and you can find peace.

What to bring:

Suggested Track: More Shine by Si*Sé

The FunCat Adventure Day

Kids love the FunCat because it is so easy to drive, but how much more would they love a whole day of adventure on a FunCat! Create a scavenger hunt. Think of things that would be on the water such as a stick of driftwood or a feather. Think of things that you might find on the shore. Ask them to paint pictures of birds they find with their binoculars. Take a journal so they can write about the day. Be sure to pack snacks!

What to bring:

  • Binoculars — a kid’s pair and a parent’s pair
  • Paper & Pen — we packed our FunCat pen
  • Art Supplies — plein air (I mean water) painting is the best; we packed Holbein Gouache
  • Hats — Angry Birds
  • A FunCat koozie — keep your drinks cold
  • Snacks — Gimme a break…

Suggested Track: Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf

The Girly FunCat Day

NO BOYS ALLOWED. Grab your bikini, a towel, some suntan lotion and a magazine and hit the water! Bring some fun toenail polish and pamper yourself in the middle of the bay.

What to bring:

  • Swimming suit
  • Towel
  • Suntan lotion — don’t forget to protect your skin with some SPF, Hawaiian Tropic is our go to
  • Magazine — The girlier the better; how about GLAMOUR
  • Nail Polish — Go wild; essie stays on great!

Suggested Track: Girls Just Want To Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper

The FunCat Morning

Make your morning a GREAT morning. If you plan this little excursion it won’t matter what side of the bed you woke up on, you will soon be in the BEST of moods as you glide on your FunCat toward the sunrise. Bring Coffee and breakfast, and then sip some mimosa as you snuggle in your blanket and slippers and read the morning paper.

What to bring:

  • Coffee — Coffee ALWAYS comes first; we selected a local specialty roast from Temple Coffee
  • Breakfast — homemade banana walnut crème cake…mmm
  • A blanket and slippers — keep warm and cozy
  • Orange Juice — Tropicana
  • Champagne — Can’t have OJ without champagne; we chose Schramsberg

Suggested Track: You Are The Sunshine Of My Life by Stevie Wonder

The FunCat Selfie Day

Lounging on the lake aboard a FunCat Electric Catamaran is an awesome place to take a selfie, but you can make it even better... Props like mustaches and lips, big hats, and sunglasses add charm, while a GoPro on a selfie stick makes your photos fabulous. Be sure to keep hydrated! You wouldn’t want chapped lips in your selfie!

What to bring:

  • A Camera — A GoPro or an iphone
  • A selfie stick — A GoPole
  • Props — lips, mustaches, sunglasses, and hats — Go crazy
  • A mirror
  • Water Bottle — Dasani with a straw (cute selfie idea)

Suggested Track: Firework by Katy Perry

The FunCat Game Day

There is nothing better than family game night… except… family game day on a FunCat in the middle of the lake! Pack your favorite games (board games —not so much– you don’t want to lose those pieces in the water!) and head out into the blue. Bubbles, squirt guns, and card games are your best bet!

What to bring:

Suggested Track: It’s All in the Game by Tommy Edwards

Please share our fun FunCat day plans with your friends and tell us your ideas for fun in the sun on a FunCat in the comments below.