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Friday, March 27, 2015

Trekker & Delfina — It’s ‘SEA’ster

Easter is just around the corner. This week we want to share a little Easter story with you. Our mascots — Trekker and Delfina — star in this fun story.

Trekker donned his white Sea TREK helmet and descended to the sea floor. Every time he stepped off of the entry ladder and turned to see the vastness of the ocean in front of him he was amazed. Even more, he was amazed that he was breathing underwater! The feeling never got old— you see, Trekker is an iguana.

Trekker walked slowly, feeling the weightlessness of being on the floor of the sea. He searched the beautiful coral seascape for his friend Delfina. Delfina is a pretty little dolphin, and Trekker and Delfina had recently become friends. Delfina loved to explore, but she was always irritated when she had to resurface to get air. Trekker showed her his Sea TREK helmet and Delfina was ecstatic. She now has her very own helmet and uses it for all of her adventures.

Finally, Trekker saw Delfina swimming towards him. He was so excited to teach her about his traditions (those of the surface dwellers). This time he was going to tell her about Easter.

Trekker and Delfina had developed a special way to communicate underwater. A combination of hand signs and written words (on special underwater tablets) allowed them to share stories about the 2 different worlds in which they live.

Trekker was wearing his very special bunny ears on top of his SeaTREK helmet in celebration of the upcoming holiday. When Delfina saw them her eyes sparkled and her smile got even bigger.

Trekker began to tell her — in their special language — all about Easter. Delfina laughed as Trekker gestured and wrote frantically explaining everything. He told her about the Easter bunny, and dying Easter eggs, and great Easter egg hunts. He described Easter grass, Easter baskets, jellybeans, and giant chocolate bunnies. He told her about family gatherings, Easter dresses and delicious dinners. Delfina watched with delight and nodded her head. Then it was Delfina’s turn to share. Trekker handed her their writing tablet, and Delfina wrote ‘SEA’ster!!!

Trekker was confused and shook his head. ‘Eeeeeeeee’aster he signed. Delfina underlined ‘SEA’ster again. Then she began to sign wildly sharing the traditions of the inhabitants that live beneath the waves, and all the things they do to celebrate ‘SEA’ster.

Delfina described a special creature called the ‘SEA’ster Octopus (a Dumbo Octopus) that brings basket stars — holding gifts of pearls, sea glass, and chocolate covered mackerel — to every child. She told him that under the sea they also have a special hunt: the most beautiful and colorful nudibranchs get together and plan a game of hide-and-seek. The sea creature who finds the most nudibranchs gets to be the King or Queen of  ‘SEA’ster. The winner wears a crown, sits on a throne, and eats all of the special treats that the creatures of the sea prepare for the special day. ‘SEA’ster favorites are sea pig with plankton aioli, twice baked giant kelp, and coral berry cobbler.

After she finished signing Delfina swam away for a moment. Trekker didn’t wait long as Delfina almost instantly came back. With a sparkle of bubbles and a big laugh Delfina placed a set of ‘SEA’ster bunny ears on her helmet. The ‘SEA’ster Octopus has ears, too? signed Trekker. Delfina’s smile got even wider as she nodded and pointed in the distance. The ‘SEA’ster octopus quickly swam out of sight, but not before Trekker got a glimpse. Trekker had to say Goodbye to Delfina, but he knew they would meet again soon, and teach each other more about the wonderful things that are different about their worlds.

As Trekker waved to Delfina he recalled the ‘SEA’ster bunny. I guess our worlds aren’t that different thought Trekker.

Print a coloring page and celebrate 'SEA'ster with us!