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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Top 10 animals to see during a SeaTREK tour

A wonderful aspect of the Sea TREK experience is the ability to interact and observe sea creatures while being within their world. Sea TREK allows guests to see the sea —or the aquarium— from a completely intimate view. You are in the home environment of the creatures, and experiencing the feel of their realm. You sense the tug of the tide as the plants and creatures sway. You feel the temperature of the water and the weightlessness of buoyancy. You feel bubbles tickle your skin, and see glittering flashes of sunlight from the surface. You can hear the water and bubbles surrounding you. You are truly in the sea creatures’ world.

There are so many creatures in the sea, but we would like to share our top 10 animals to see during Sea TREK. If you have an experience that you’d like to share please comment below. We love to hear about our TREKKERS interactions!

10.  Starfish

Starfish come in all different colors, shapes and sizes. They are beautiful to look at, and many Sea TREK tours allow for you to hold and pet the star shaped beauties (under the direction of a friendly and knowledgeable Sea TREK tour guide). Click here to see some varieties of starfish that you might encounter while on a Sea TREK tour.

9.  Reef Fish

The guides on our Sea TREK tours bring fish food along with them, so during the tour you get to be enveloped in a plethora of sparkling fins and colorful scales. The fish varieties are seemingly endless, and their colors and patterns are vibrant and intricate. Click here for some examples of the fish you can see on a Sea TREK helmet dive.

8. Octopus

If you are very lucky you might spy an octopus! Octopuses are fascinating creatures; with their ability to change colors, and even skin texture, they can camouflage in an instant. Curling tentacles, sharp beaks, and inky defense systems are a few interesting aspects of the multifaceted creature. Click here to learn more and then plan a Sea TREK helmet dive and maybe you’ll see one in its own world!

7. Black Grouper

A very friendly fish that can reach up to 179 pounds and grow up to 54 inches long. They are curious and docile creatures that love to hang around food! Imagine petting this massive fish as you stare at each other face to face in the sea. Click here to learn more about the Black Grouper.

6. Sea Turtles

Several Sea TREK locations boast Sea Turtles! In Sea Life Manchester, Ernie — the giant green sea turtle— recently had to be put on a diet! Sea turtles are gentle, curious creatures. They are magnificent animals, and they can live to 100 years or more! Click this link for more information about sea turtles, and think about planning a Sea TREK helmet dive in one of our aquariums that has sea turtles! Alternatively you can hope for a sea turtle encounter in the ocean on one of our open water Sea TREK tours.

5. Sea Lions

You might possibly meet a sea lion on a Sea TREK helmet dive! These smart animals move swiftly and gracefully through the water, but always manage to make you laugh with their silly antics. They definitely have personality. Learn more about sea lions by clicking here.

4. Stingrays

Several of our Sea TREK locations offer interactions with stingrays. These beautiful creatures enjoy the bubbles that escape from the Sea TREK helmets almost as much as they enjoy being pet. The curious animals ‘fly’ through the water by flapping their ‘wings’ gracefully. You can learn more about stingrays by clicking here.

3. Sharks

Sea TREK has quite a few aquarium locations that offer Sea TREK with sharks! Face your fears! Walk on the bottom of an aquarium filled with a variety of sharks. Many have done it, will you? Read about one traveller’s experience when she did Sea TREK with sharks here. If you want to learn more about sharks click here.

2. Dolphins

Sea TREK has developed a very special program called Dolphin TREK. There are a lot of dolphin interaction programs around the world, but Dolphin TREK is the only program that allows you to experience these intelligent and amazing creatures in their own domain– underwater! Dolphins are incredibly social creatures that enjoy interaction and play. You can learn more about them here.


The number one creature to see on a Sea TREK tour is truly unique. Its habitat is not the ocean at all. It is supremely intelligent and highly curious. It is you! Try Sea TREK and be a part of the sea! Share your photos with us #SeaTREK, and be sure to see what other underwater selfies people have been sharing.
To learn more about Sea TREK and to check out our locations worldwide, please visit