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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Sea TREK Experience

We were inspired by buzz feed to share an animated gif experience of Sea TREK.

Here is our Sea TREK Tour.

First, sign up for a Sea TREK experience at one of our unique locations worldwide.

 When you arrive at our Sea TREK location, you will be asked to participate in a safety briefing and orientation (no more than 10 minutes).

The orientation teaches you hand signals and safety guidelines that you will need to know for the Sea TREK helmet diving tour.

For example: our staff members will teach you how to properly equalize your ears by pinching your nose and gently blowing air. After the orientation, it’s just a matter of minutes until you’re walking on the sea floor!

During the water entry a staff member will assist you until the water is at shoulder level. A surface attendant will then place a helmet on your shoulders as you continue your descent. The helmets are weighted, but you will never notice. They are perfectly comfortable once you’re under the surface — just enough to keep you down on the sandy bottom.

 Depending on the location of your Sea TREK tour, you may have a different water entry method, such as walking down stairs or walking down a gently sloping path. However you may enter the water, rest assured that a Guide will be there with you the entire time, making sure you remember to equalize, and that you feel comfortable.

Once you reach the sea floor you will be amazed! The feeling is indescribable… it must be what an astronaut must feel like when walking on the moon.

You may even find yourself laughing out loud, as you gently bounce along the underwater trail, surrounded by sea life of all shapes and sizes. It’s an experience that leaves you with a sense of wonder and excitement that will last a lifetime.

The variety of corals, kelps, and creatures depends greatly on the location you visit.

Tropical reef fish surround you in Xcaret

Stingrays fly through the water at Shark Safari in Dubai

Interact with Dolphins in one of our DolphinTREK Programs

Spy an octopus in Aruba

Touch and interact with sea creatures under the direction of your Guide

Pose for amazing photos that will always remind you of your experience

Finally, ascend the ladder or stairs and return to land with a new appreciation and wonder for the sea.

For more information on locations and how to participate in this unique experience go to