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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How to Plan the Ultimate Vacation

Sub Sea Systems is a leader in manufacturing and developing products and programs in the tourism industry. We have created some of the most amazing experiences and unique products that enhance vacations through memories that last a lifetime. Based on our experience in the industry, we’d like to share with you our guide to planning the most marvelous vacation you’ve ever had.

1. The first step in planning is to choose a destination.

There is no place more peaceful and also exciting than the ocean. Teeming with life and color, the sea is a place to relax on the shore, explore the multitudes of life existing in the tides, or even experience life beneath the surface.

An escape to the sea means tropical breezes, the smell of coconut and the warmth of sunshine.

2. Next you must choose a hotel that accommodates you appropriately. 

Will you be mostly out in the world experiencing the culture and activities as much as you can? Will you spend a lot of time in bed with room service and cocktails while lounging in your PJs? Make sure your room is the one you want, while balancing the cost with your desires. There are some fantastic accommodations such as: the ocean suites at Resort World Sentosa in Singapore where your window looks out into the world’s largest aquarium. The most realistic 3D HD big screen you’ll ever see! Or you could stay at the Atlantis in the Bahamas: you can book an all inclusive vacation with access to aquariums, waterparks, and animal exhibits with as modest or as extravagant accommodations as your heart — and wallet — desire.

3. Once you have your destination and hotel chosen you will want to decide when you will be going. 

Weather, crowding, school and work schedules: all of these things will need to be weighed according to your desires. Do you want the best weather? You may have to deal with crowds and high prices. Do you want the cheapest? You may deal with weather, and have to take more time off. Be sure to choose the options that are the most important to you.

4. Then you will want to plan your activities. 

Looking into the local area attractions can inspire you. Reading up on TripAdvisor and asking around on Facebook will help you decide what things you want to be sure to do on your vacation. We know one thing is certain: you want to find the best restaurants. Not necessarily meaning the fanciest, or the most expensive, but — the most delicious. We have found that hotel employees are very helpful in this area. After all they eat everyday and they are local! Seafood is always fresh when you vacation on the ocean. Make sure to taste some fun cocktails and desserts, too! It is vacation after all!

Activities and excursions that create long-lasting memories are the best for vacation. The week or two in the sun will fly by, but your memories will remain. Planning a Sea TREK experience should be on the top of your list.

This is so simple to do and only requires a ten-minute briefing. It is a shallow water (up to 27ft) helmet dive! Anyone 8 to 93 and up can participate! If you can walk and breathe you can Sea TREK. Over 2.5 million non-divers and even non-swimmers have felt delight as they took their first breath below the surface, and the number continues to climb! You and your family or friends can experience the sea without using precious vacation time to take diving classes. Walk underwater and see the creatures of the sea! In some locations we even offer interactions with dolphins, rays, sharks and turtles. Imagine the experience. Bubbles, fish, weightlessness, sparkling sunlight, and coral: the beauty of the sea.

Make sure to also find a location that has FunCat rentals. The FunCat is the most leisurely way to cruise the ocean. Lounge in the chaise lounge style seat while silently cruising around the sea. Set your cold drink in a cup holder, rest your arm on the armrest, shade your eyes with the bimini, and drive the FunCat with the simple bush of a button. Use the FunCat to: get to better snorkel locations, catch a tan away from crowded beaches, roam and explore, or just relax.

There are also a few destinations around the world that offer incredible experiences that are not to be forgotten. SHARKS! Interactive and Stingray Bay are fascinating programs that challenge people to face their fears and misconceptions about sharks and stingrays. The program allows guest to actually touch, feed, hold and swim with trained sharks or stingrays. The program seeks to educate and promote conservancy by creating a passionate response and empathy in the participants. Imagine holding a shark or snorkeling with stingrays? How amazing!

We also recommend planning a nighttime activity. Whether it is to see a band, participate in a festival, or go dancing you should check out the local flavor and find out what the night scene has to offer.

Many vacation destinations also offer historical tours that show off traditional architecture, old buildings, and share local history and legends, and/or beautiful hiking tours that take you on winding paths to see places that will take your breath away. Make sure to consider what you would like to include. Are you into physical activity and the outdoors? Or do you prefer culture and architecture? You can always look for local vineyards and take a wine tour, or spend some time shopping for the perfect vacation memento or art piece to add to your dining room. Be sure to save time for fun extras you may not be able to anticipate. You might find something extra special and be too booked up to participate.

Of Course, for those vacations that might not include a trip to the sea, there are amazing aquariums that allow people to experience the creatures and the beauty of the underwater world — minus the coconut scent and tropical waves. These are wonderful places to include in any vacation that keeps you landlocked, and all of the tips remain the same. What do you want to experience? What memories do you want to take home with you?

Whether you drink way too many margaritas and soak up the night scene, or you hike the trails and hit the waves we hope you have the most memorable vacation, and we look forward to seeing your Sea TREK, FunCat, SHARKS! Interactive and Stingray Bay photos. Have Fun!