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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

PART 2: Tips & Tricks for Travel Savings

Continuing our series, our next entry focuses on points programs. Points and loyalty programs are great for vacationers who have the time and patience to save up points.

Persistence with points systems can pay off in big rewards toward your next trip of a lifetime! While some loyalty programs require stays at hotels or accumulation of miles via paid flights, many programs offer consumers points for simply taking surveys, or purchasing from online retailers that you may already be utilizing.

MyPoints travel points
The gold standard for points programs – Mypoints – offers members the chance to earn in a multitude of ways. Take a survey, read an email, click an ad, utilize their search tool, or shop at sites you’re likely already frequenting, via their affiliates program. Points can add up fairly quickly, and you can  “opt in” to receive emails that offer points daily just by clicking on them and reading the contents. If you’re an online shopper, simply start on the Mypoints website and click through to some very popular online shopping sites like Groupon, JC Penney, Home Depot, even! You are only one extra click away from earning points that can be redeemed for gift cards to a wide variety of restaurants you might visit while on vacation. They also offer the option of raking in United MileagePlus points! Check out Mypoints here.

Fairly new to the points game, Plenti offers consumers the chance to earn points via purchases. You can earn points by shopping online from the Plenti website, or by registering your free Plenti card and signing up for their auto points program. Points can accumulate when you shop at the grocery store or dine at a local restaurant. Additionally, if you click through to,, or via links on the Plenti site, you can earn up to 4 points per dollar spent. Points can be utilized for Enterprise car rentals, and for gas purchases at both Mobil and Exxon. Plenti does not offer the bells and whistles of the Mypoints program, but it is easy to use. Read about the Plenti program here:

e-miles points for travel
Participants in the e-Miles program accrue e-Miles by spending a few minutes each week reading and reacting to marketing messages and emails that are specific to their interests. Participants are required to respond to at least one message per month to maintain their miles. e-Miles can be redeemed for Rapid Rewards Points, Hilton Honors Points, United Airlines miles, American Airlines miles, or several other great partners. Impatient? You can redeem a lower level of points for a Starbucks gift card to use while you’re waiting at the airport for your next flight!

swagbucks travel points

If you’ve got the time, watching videos, playing games online and taking surveys via Swagbucks can net you some pretty awesome rewards. Use as your internet search engine, and you’re making money while doing something you’d be doing anyway. Additional opportunities to earn via taking surveys or shopping via affiliate links can lead to decent points payouts, and Swagbucks even has coupons on their site that you can use for double savings. Like many rewards programs, you can utilize your points for gift cards for travel entities like Southwest, Uber, Delta and Royal Caribbean. Additonally, Swagbucks offers a cash payout option via Paypal!


Many airlines and hotel chains have their own loyalty programs and do not require users to sign up for a credit card. Free miles are there for the taking if you know where to go and remember to use these sites before shopping:

Virgin Atlantic Club Travel Points
While there are a lot of benefits to flying Virgin, one of the best is their flying club. Earn frequent flyer miles by…you guessed it…flying Virgin! But, there are other ways to earn coveted miles. Utilize their “shops away” affiliate program, with over 1,000 top online retailers for you to choose from, such as iTunes, Nike Store, and Apple. A simple click from the Flying Club site to a shopping site nets you freebie points. 

Jet Blue Frequent Flyer Miles
One of the biggest benefits to TrueBlue is the ability to use points for Jet Blue miles, which can be used anytime. Jet Blue does not have blackout periods or seat selection limitations, and you can pool your points with other family members. Added bonus- Blue points never expire! Ready to earn? Sign up here ( and shop on sites like the ever-popular, or take a survey or two to start accruing for your next Blue journey.

Hilton Honors Travel Points

Earn Hilton Honors Points nearly everywhere. Use them for almost anything - from staying at Hilton hotels and resorts to dining at restaurants and making purchases, there are thousands of ways to earn Honors Points. One of the unique ways to earn HH points is via Hilton Honors Dining, an associated program that gives points for grabbing a drink at your neighborhood bar, celebrating a special event at your favorite restaurant or trying out a new place for dinner. Sign up for the dining program, and you will get welcome bonus points and notifications when new restaurants are added to the program.

These are merely a few of many programs available that will help you accumulate the miles and points you can use for your next adventure - simply by reading emails, taking a survey here and there, and doing your online shopping with a single additional click. What are your favorite programs? Share in the comments section!

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