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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Liven Up Your Facebook Page with Facebook Live!

Facebook Live graphic

Your Facebook page is one of many marketing tools that help promote your business. This fun- and FREE!- entity boasts 1.94 billion monthly active users. That’s a lot of potential customers to target! Facebook offers some unique features that can help you reach your target market, while also providing additional content to utilize across other social platforms. One of the latest and greatest additions to Facebook’s toolbox is Facebook Live.

Facebook Live allows page owners to produce live, streaming videos from their locations. With the simple click of a button, you can transform your page from a static representation of your business to a lively, interactive opportunity to engage customers and build content. Facebook users love watching videos, and the added ability to comment on what they are watching means users stay on the page longer. Future customers can ask questions and make comments about what they are watching and you can interact with them while you are broadcasting!

Facebook Live video from Clear Lounge Cozumel An example of how to take advantage of this option is to check out what Clear Lounge’s Javier Fortunato has been doing with Facebook Live. Javi has been recording awesome videos from Clear Lounge Cozumel for several weeks. When Clear Lounge held a dance party recently, Facebook viewers had the opportunity to watch as participants danced and played in Clear Lounge! They were able to ask questions, which gave Javi the chance to build a report with potential customers. Facebook Live videos also create permanent content by automatically saving to your Facebook videos tab. This content can then be copied and shared with other online entities like YouTube and Instagram.
Want to try Facebook Live? It’s easy! All you need is a smartphone and the Facebook app. Log into your business page via the app, and the “Live” option is under your post field. Click on “Live”, type in a description for your video, then click the blue “Go Live” button at the bottom of the screen. You’re ON! Get more details at
Important side note: ensure guests are comfortable with being on your live video by posting a notice about the activity in a prominent location at the video site. Give customers the opportunity to “opt out” of being recorded if they choose.

Have you done a live event? What did you gain or learn from recording live? Share with us your experiences below!