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Friday, July 17, 2015

A Kid in an Aquarium

An 8 year old shares her Clear Lounge experience.

Written by Katie Scarlett Murphy.

A while ago I did Clear Lounge. I was scared at first, but then, after a few seconds, I was having fun! They have a lot of things to play with: the bubble guns, the sign thingys and Jenga. Daddy came in first. Me and Daddy played some games and shot bubbles.

Then Daddy got out and Mommy came in. I played more games and shot bubbles. Then I shot bubbles at Mom, and she shot some back at me. Then I got a prop for pictures. I chose the lips.

After we took pictures I put my hand up against the glass and Finn (my little brother) did the same thing, but on the opposite side.

Finn told me he wishes he could do Clear Lounge, but he is too little.

Clear Lounge felt weird, but it also felt kinda cool. I felt like I was a mermaid! I loved it! I had a ton of fun! It was awesome! I had a blast!

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