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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

5 Safety Tips for the 4th of July

It is almost time to break out the barbeque, cut up the watermelon, and light some fireworks in celebration of the United States of America’s independence day. Every year people celebrate the patriotic holiday in their own way, many following their own timeless family traditions. From Rodeos and extravagant firework shows to camping, BBQing and/or lighting Safe & Sane fireworks, the 4th of July is celebrated in many ways.

Sub Sea Systems proudly manufactures all of our products in America. As we gear up to celebrate the USA, we would like to share some safety tips to keep your 4th of July a safe and fun event.

Safety Tip #1

Water Safety

Because the 4th of July falls in the summer many celebrations are planned around the water. Camping at the lake, bonfires at the beach, or boating on the river are all summer pastimes that make for perfect get-togethers. It is important to be vigilant in following water safety guidelines. Keep an eye on children. Wear life jackets. Know your location; is there a lifeguard on duty? Does someone know CPR? If you are going boating do you know proper boat safety guidelines? Make sure that your holiday in the water is unforgettable because it is fun.

Safety Tip #2

Alcohol Safety

Many 4th of July parties will be serving alcoholic beverages. From patriotic themed cocktails to American beer, adults 21 and over will be having a sip or two. It is important that you designate a sober driver if you must travel. Also be sure to keep hydrated. It is hot outside, and alcohol dehydrates you. It is a good idea to drink a large glass of water between every serving of alcohol. Look here for serving sizes. Also, because drinking can impair abilities, it is important to make sure someone who is well within the limits manages firework detonation and supervises children.

Safety Tip #3

Fire Safety

You have probably noticed colorful firework stands popping up all around your neighborhood. These stands offer many non-profit organizations an opportunity to raise money. They also provide access to “Safe and Sane” fireworks — legal fireworks that do not explode or shoot into the air. These types of fireworks are only legal in certain cities. Be sure you know the laws for your area before using these fireworks. In addition make sure you set the fireworks off in a place that is well away from structures, fuel and any sort of kindling. It is a good idea to use a barbeque lighter to light fireworks and to keep a safe distance while the fireworks are going off. Additionally, it is important to have a hose nearby to put out any small fires that may occur. Make sure children are supervised at all times. Walking barefoot, holding a sparkler, or sitting too close to fireworks can potentially cause harm to little ones. If any burns occur here are some guidelines you can follow. Lastly, after every firework has gone off and it is clean up time, make sure that the embers are completely out. Collect the burnt devices and place them in a metal bucket of water. You would be surprised how long embers can last. If you do notice a fire that is too big to handle — call 911.

Safety Tip #4

Grill Safety

Most people will be firing up the ‘Que for a 4th of July feast. Hamburgers, hotdogs, potato salad, baked beans, and fresh berry desserts will fill patriotic printed paper plates as families prepare to watch a firework show. Food and grill safety is necessary to make sure your family has a wonderful, incident free, 4th of July. Someone should always monitor the grill. Whether gas or charcoal, know the safety guidelines for your barbeque. Use the proper grilling utensils and make sure that children, pets, and adults stay away from the hot metal. Also NEVER use a barbeque in an enclosed area (like a tent) or too close to a building. Food safety is important as well. Be sure to wash hands often, and thoroughly cook all meat. Don’t leave food out in the heat too long. Make sure to keep food covered and refrigerate leftovers.

Safety Tip #5

Sun Safety

Usually the 4th of July is an all day occasion. Friends and families gather to cook, bake, gossip, catch up, and prepare for the days events. Cousins play in the water, Aunts set up decorations, Dads prepare the grill, Grandpas buy the fireworks, and everyone soaks up the sun. Whether you are at the beach or in your front yard you will need to protect your skin. Kids and adults should wear sunscreen and hats and seek shade. The heat can get to you. It is important to drink plenty of fluids. As the sun goes down and the firework display approaches it is also a good idea to use insect repellant. Mosquito bites are itchy and annoying, but mosquitos can also carry some nasty viruses. Keep yourself and your kids coated in an insect repellant. Be sure to follow the instructions properly. Try to wake up Sunday morning with unburnt and unbitten skin.

Whether you are out on a FunCat watching fireworks from the water or sitting on a picnic blanket watching Safe and Sane fireworks in your neighborhood, Sub Sea Systems wishes you a Happy (and safe) 4th of July!

*Sub Sea Systems offers these tips to help you plan a safe 4th of July event. They are just suggestions. In no way do they offer any sort of guarantee.