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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sub Sea Systems Announces the 2014 Sea TREK Operator of the Year — Xcaret

Every year Sub Sea Systems selects a Sea TREK operator that exemplifies the core qualities that make a great Sea TREK program. Our selection is based on many factors including: tour quality, guest satisfaction, staff professionalism, conservation efforts, innovation, and overall commitment to the Sea TREK program.

 Xcaret has had an amazing year, and we are proud to announce that they are the recipient of the prestigious Sea TREK Operator of the Year Award.

In 1999, Xcaret (located south of Cancun, Mexico) became the very first operation to offer Sea TREK. The program was comprised of 8 fiberglass constructed helmets and multi-piston air compressors. It was an exciting, innovative experience that was unlike anything else in the tourism market at that time. Although it was a risk, it was one that Xcaret Director, Miguel Quintana Palí, was willing to take– and with risk, came tremendous reward. In the first month of operation, Xcaret introduced over 5,000 non-divers, non-swimmers, kids, families, grandparents and couples to the incredible beauty of the underwater world. The success of the Xcaret program helped spark an unstoppable worldwide Sea TREK phenomenon– 16 years later, Sea TREK is now offered at over 40 sites, in 25 countries on 5 continents–– and Xcaret maintains its position as the largest Sea TREK operation in the world. Last year alone, Xcaret welcomed 1.2 million guests to its park, and of those guests over 90,000 participated in Sea TREK!

 Xcaret operates two Sea TREK sites within its flagship park. The open water site of the original Sea TREK program has undergone numerous expansions, renovations and improvements– most notably is its sloped walkway entry. Xcaret also designed and meticulously maintains a beautiful trail that is lined with custom sculpted statues, including ancient Mayan men, a large ship’s wheel, and a massive bronze serpent. These statues have become home to coral and thousands of schooling reef fish, while providing a unique photo backdrop.

Xcaret also offers a new Sea TREK stingray program, which is operated in a naturally enclosed lagoon, teeming with friendly, trained stingrays. It’s a captivating, hands-on, educational experience.

Sea TREK Xcaret's staff has an excellent track record with passionate hardworking guides that use their skills to introduce people to the underwater world. Many customers share shining reviews — for example:

 “I was very impressed by how professional and helpful the crew was. 5 stars for this experience!” says TripAdvisor user Science_Cat. 

 Xcaret’s sales and marketing staff also play an instrumental role in the success of the program. Not only is Sea TREK promoted through local tour agents and hotel desks, but it is also pre-sold onboard all of Xcaret’s signature coaches that transport thousands of guests a day between hotels in the region and the park. Sea TREK is prominently advertised on social media platforms, the Xcaret website, and the home page of the Visit Mexico official tourism website.

As the demand for Sea TREK continues to rise, Xcaret and Sub Sea Systems are in collaboration to create new experiences for its clients. Jim Mayfield, president of Sub Sea Systems shares, “Xcaret is truly a partner in the development of unique experiences and constant product innovation.” 

Congratulations Xcaret and thank you for a great year!

Be sure to visit Xcaret's website to find out more about all of the amazing programs they offer.