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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

SSS Attends the 21st Annual FCCA

The cruise industry projects that 21.7 million passengers will cruise globally in 2014; 11.9 million of those passengers will be from North America. The Caribbean ranks as the number one cruise destination, accounting for 37.3% capacity share in 2014. Sub Sea Systems is proud to offer its Sea TREK and FunCat shore excursions at cruise ship destinations throughout the Caribbean. Along with our licensees, SSS is a member of the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association, and we represent our products every year at the annual FCCA Cruise Conference and Trade Show.

FCCA is an opportunity for cruise line executives, port developers, and shore excursion managers to meet with existing operators to discuss business, current market trends, learn about prospective opportunities, and gain insight on product developments. These meetings allow the cruise lines to develop and continue relationships with companies like Sub Sea Systems, fostering long term communication and shared business goals.

Last week Jim Mayfield — Owner and CEO of Sub Sea Systems, and Hannah Mayfield — Marketing Director of Sub Sea Systems — attended the FCCA conference, which was held in St. Maarten. “We had several meetings with very important cruise executives where we presented our latest innovation — Clear Lounge Underwater Oxygen Bar; the reaction was very exciting,” says Hannah Mayfield.

Clear Lounge™ is Sub Sea Systems newest product, currently in development. It is a 13,000 gallon, salt-chlorinated, freestanding aquarium, which incorporates the social club environment with a high-tech oxygen bar.  This is the world’s 1st underwater oxygen bar! Each guest will go through a brief orientation and then don a clear Sea TREK helmet as they descend into the futuristic lounge. Guests will breathe pure oxygen combined with aromatherapy scents such as citrus mint, lavender or eucalyptus. While participants enjoy the rejuvenating oxygen, they will have the opportunity to interact with the spectators, shoot high-powered bubble guns, and play with underwater tablets. Before guests exit the Lounge they can have their photo taken in the underwater photo booth, complete with props and a customizable video wall backdrop. Guests can then purchase photos, retail items, and oxygenated smoothies. For more information about Clear Lounge, check out our newly launched website:

“As a part of our Clear Lounge meetings, we handed out canned oxygen, which will be offered as a retail product sold at our Clear Lounge locations. People were very curious and captivated by the product — the little cans were ‘the buzz’ of the show,” shares Hannah.

Jim Mayfield is also very enthusiastic about the prospects. He says:

“In one meeting we finalized the timeline for the launch of our 1st Clear Lounge. Other meetings have initialized negotiations for several other Clear Lounges at additional Caribbean ports of call.”

Moreover, there was a lot of interest in Sea TREK and FunCat, with both products in the process of becoming available at additional ports of call. We are so pleased with the way the introduction of Clear Lounge went, and we are so excited about the upcoming opportunities for this project.

Jim and Hannah also used this travel opportunity to visit Sea TREK St. Maarten, and Miami Seaquarium for site reviews, and to share industry insights.

Hannah describes her experience at Sea TREK St. Maarten:

“The Guides did not know that we were visiting from the corporate office; it was the perfect opportunity to witness their exemplary service, unannounced. The Sea TREK trail offered something amazing to see at every turn! The crew truly offers a fantastic tour with many enhancements not seen anywhere else in the world.”

Sea TREK St. Maarten was organized, clean, professional, and customer service oriented. We could not have expected better service, or a better tour. From the octopus that lived in the sunken canon from Fort Amsterdam, and the friendly arrow crab, to the perfectly organized inventory procedure, and the informative briefing, we are proud to see that Sea TREK St. Maarten exemplifies the Sea TREK brand, and lives up to their honor of being awarded Sea TREK Operator of the Year in 2011.

After the FCCA conference and Sea TREK site visit, Jim and Hannah visited Miami Seaquarium– another award winning Sea TREK operation (Operator of the Year in 2012). The aquarium already has a lot to offer visitors, but they are constantly finding new ways to make Sea TREK even more special. A moray eel (who is a senior resident in the aquarium) has been a staple of the experience, along with a plethora of friendly fish, cow nose rays, and Vincent the ‘socially awkward’ sea turtle. Vincent does not know how to introduce himself and often dive bombs TREKKERs to say ‘Hi!’ He even dived between Hannah and another guest! A huge puffer fish also loves to ‘kiss’ TREKKERs’ helmets.

Furthermore, there are new additions to the MSQ Sea TREK tank. Nurse sharks! Some have been bred at the aquarium, and others have been saved and rehabilitated. Two nurse sharks were saved from a smuggler who tried to travel with them — on an airplane— hidden in a briefcase!

Jim Mayfield says:

“Miami Seaquaium is an example of how a static aquarium display — no matter how old— can be converted into a fully immersive, interactive experience. They do an exceptional job with their personnel, and animal population, providing an amazing experience.”

We are so proud of Sea TREK St. Maarten and Sea TREK at Miami Seaquarium. These operations go above and beyond, and 100% embody the Sea TREK spirit and brand.

Sub Sea Systems looks forward to the FCCA conference in Cozumel next year with the introduction of our first Clear Lounge system at the venue! Sea TREK and FunCat combined are currently offered as shore excursions in 15 ports of call with more opening every year. To see all of the products and programs SSS has to offer please visit our Sub Sea Systems website at