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Friday, October 10, 2014

5 ways to Sea TREK

With nearly 50 operating sites, Sea TREK is growing and expanding to new markets all over the world. Each of our locations offer a unique experience; whether it is the flora and fauna that is native to the region, the unique design of an aquarium site or the interactions offered — SeaTREK has a wide variety of experiences that men, women and children ages 8 and up can enjoy!

We want to offer a guide to our Sea TREK experiences including: the 5 different ways to Sea TREK, and highlights of a few of our locations.

You can expect some similarities in our locations, such as: warm water and sergeant majors in the Caribbean, or clarity and consistency in aquariums. However, each location has its own personality; from diverse tour guides, to the set up of the dive site, you really do have a lot of choices!

 Open water Sea TREKKing

Sea TREKKING in the ocean is fascinating. The sense of mystery and discovery as you search for sea creatures, and the swaying ebb and flow of the tides make open water Sea TREKKING enigmatic— full of excitement and possibility.


Aruba — De Palm Island

This Sea TREK experience is fantastic! The diversity of life in this location is spectacular. Barracudas, squid, sea turtles, and octopuses have been spotted among the schools of swirling sergeant majors and yellow tail snappers. The location includes purposefully sunken vehicles— such as an airplane and a bus— that take pressure off of the natural coral reef by encouraging sea creatures to relocate. The vehicles are placed along the path for guests viewing pleasure, but they also promote life and growth. New coral, anemones, and sea fans have bloomed. There is also a great photo opportunity at the underwater café complete with wine bottles!

St. Maarten

Another Caribbean site that has amazing creatures and fun features is Sea TREK St. Maarten. They have enhanced their tour site with a sunken submarine, helicopter, and even a jail! The vehicles have become covered with a colorful variety of sponges, corals, and anemones that provide homes to other creatures. You may even spot a barracuda that likes to lurk in the submarine. Guests can hold a sea urchin or an arrow crab, feed the colorful reef fish and pose behind the bars of the underwater jail. Make sure to snap a photo with King Neptune and his cannons!

Many of our locations are in the sea and each has its own wonderful and unique tour. Go to our Where To page on the Sea TREK website to learn more about each site.

Sea TREK in an Aquarium

Sea TREKKing in aquarium is wonderful because the clarity of the water is always pristine, and you can experience the underwater world without being anywhere near the sea.


SEA LIFE Manchester

The beautiful aquarium in Manchester, UK is the first aquarium to offer Sea TREK in Europe. The tank is teeming with life including angelfish, rays and Ernie the giant green sea turtle who loves people and always stops by to say “Hi” to the TREKKERS. Guests get to walk among the sea creatures in a beautifully designed tank that features a giant statue of a Mayan head, and then they are allowed to hold starfish, crabs, and urchins. When posing for snapshots of your experience be prepared to be photo bombed by Ernie!

Resort World Sentosa — Marine Life Park

In Singapore you can Sea TREK in the world’s second largest aquarium. There are over 100,000 creatures that represent 800 different species including: giant manta rays, goliath groupers, hammerhead sharks, and cow nose stingrays. The view from the Sea TREK site is incredible as you look out over a ledge into the vast aquarium and see all of the creatures swimming through the 4,800,000 gallons, and then swimming right up to you!

There are 12 aquarium locations around the world. Read about them on our Sea TREK in an aquarium page.

Sea TREK with Sharks

Submerge yourself in an aquarium filled with sharks!


Atlantis, Paradise Island — Bahamas & Atlantis, The Palm— Dubai

The Atlantis has become synonymous with luxury, and Sea TREK in these locations does not disappoint. The Sea TREK ladder descends into a shark filled aquarium that also houses clear tube slides, which allow guests to slide or float right through the aquarium. The clear water, beautiful rays, hammerhead sharks, smalltooth sawfish, blacknose sharks, Caribbean reef sharks and nurse sharks make this a unique and thrilling experience. Face your fears and walk under the water with sharks!
Atlantis Bahamas
Atlantis Dubai

Some other aquarium locations also have sharks in the same tank where you Sea TREK, you can find out more by visiting our aquarium page and clicking the website links for each location.

 Sea TREK with Stingrays

Descend into stingray-infested waters!


Sea TREK with Stingrays at Xcaret in Mexico

Xcaret offers a unique interaction with stingrays. While walking on the floor of the stingray lagoon you will be surrounded by friendly, social stingrays. Pet and touch these creatures as the glide all around you. The gentle creatures love the bubbles from the Sea TREK helmets. Pose for an amazing photo with a stingray as it flies though the water.

Many aquarium locations also have stingrays in their exhibits, and stingrays have been sighted in many open water locations as well. Check the where to page for more information.

Dolphin TREK

Not only can you pet and feed dolphins while underwater in their natural environment, but you can also watch the dolphins twirl, blow bubbles, and flip — underwater.


Dolphin TREK at Xel-Há

Interact with dolphins like you never have before. At Xel-Há you will meet the dolphins in a surface interaction, where you learn hand signals to communicate with the dolphin. You will watch the dolphin jump and flip from the surface. Then you will descend the Sea TREK ladder and walk on the seabed where you will meet the dolphins again —in their environment. You will pet, touch, and even walk with the dolphins underwater. The dolphin kiss is a favorite photo opportunity, and the dorsal fin walk to the exit is exhilarating.

Dolphin TREK at Grand Cayman

The Dolphin TREK at Grand Cayman is new! The dolphins love the different way they now interact with guests. Sea TREKKERS still spend time with the dolphins on the surface, and swim with the dolphins in the water, but now they also don the Sea TREK helmet and climb down to the sea floor, where they hug, kiss, and watch the dolphins’ beautiful acrobatics. You can really feel the power of the dolphin as it rushes past you to jump and flip out of the water 10 feet above your head.

To view more locations that offer Dolphin TREK please visit

These highlights just scratch the surface of everything Sea TREK has to offer. To learn about all of our locations worldwide visit our Where To page, and follow the links to each sites’ webpage. We hope this guide will help you when planning your next vacation. Keep TREKKING!