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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Elf on the Shelf Goes on a Helmet Dive and Other Fantastic Adventures

This holiday season Sub Sea Systems received a special visitor–– Mia, an elf all the way from the North Pole. Mia is an elf on the shelf; she helps keep track of the naughty and nice list for Santa Claus. During her vacation this summer Mia went on a cruise in the tropics and met Trekker the iguana, Sea TREK’s mascot. He does a lot of traveling and helmet diving, and he helps kids learn about Sea TREK safety and communication techniques. He also teaches them about the environment, and local sea creatures. Trekker and Mia hit it off right away; after all, they both love children.

Trekker taught Mia the rules of helmet diving, and then took her for a guided walk underwater in a Sea TREK helmet! She bounced around in an aquarium, and her hat didn’t even get wet. Mia even got to pet a goldfish!

After this fabulous, bubbly experience Mia wanted to know more about Sea TREK. Trekker told Mia about the many Sea TREK locations, and how each one is unique–– from coral reefs, to sunken planes, enclosed aquariums and even animal encounters with stingrays and dolphins. Then he told Mia about Sub Sea Systems and its family of companies, including Sea TREK, SHARKS! Interactive, FunCat, Qgo, and Reef Alliance. Mia was so excited that she decided to do some traveling and check out all of Sub Sea Systems’ products and programs.

First, Mia tried the SHARKS! Interactive, hands-on nurse shark encounter. She was terrified; these sharks could eat her in one bite! But, after she conquered her fears she became best buds with the friendly nurse sharks, and she now knows a lot more about their anatomy, habitat and diet (which thankfully, doesn’t include elves!).

After her SHARKS! adventure, she went on a FunCat electric catamaran ride. She loved the freedom of cruising on the water and, relaxing in the gentle waves and warm breeze. Even at her tiny size she was still able to drive the FunCat all by herself.

Then Mia came to the corporate office of Sub Sea Systems in California. She came at just the right time too, because she added the last ornament to the office Christmas tree.

She also posed with a helmet diving statue that is just her size (but we think she is much more hip in her space age Sea TREK helmet!).

After that Mia got to test out some gadgets from another company called “Qgo” and learned about RFID/NFC technology. Mia played with the system a little bit and plans to bring back the  information to the head elf at the North Pole — Qgo is a perfect solution for keeping track of all of the elves on shelves around the world!

Lastly, Mia learned about Reef Alliance and Sub Sea Systems’ recycling plans for the holidays. She recycled a bottle while she was there, and is going to take some repurposing ideas, like brown paper bag gift wrap, back to Santa himself. Mia even showed Santa how to follow Sea TREK’s “Sustainable ‘Sea’son” Pinterest board so he can stay up–to-date with all the latest trends!

Mia and Trekker plan on meeting up again this summer; Mia’s #1 present on her Christmas list is a Dolphin TREK tour (hint, hint Santa!).
Mia left this note for the Sub Sea Systems’ office as she headed out…

So we are passing the message to you! Merry Christmas & TREK on!