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Monday, December 16, 2013

Caribbean Dreaming on Such a Winter's Day

Do your 2014 plans include a cruise to the Caribbean? Do you want to take your family on an unforgettable vacation? Sub Sea Systems has a lot to offer in the Caribbean, and we’d like to help check off the people left on your Christmas list (or perhaps even check off items on your bucket list!).

This year give your family a gift that will last a lifetime — an unforgettable experience. The rust on the red wagon, the holes in the Christmas sweaters, and the broken toys of past Christmas mornings have already been forgotten or discarded, but a memorable experience will be forever cherished.

Sea TREK is that once-in-a-lifetime experience. The first breath your loved ones take as they walk under water will be ingrained in their hearts forever. The wonder of the ocean floor, the sound of bubbles, and their own amazed giggle (can you imagine laughing underwater?!) — these are the unforgettable memories you can share with your family.

Sea TREK tours are offered in nearly every port-of-call in the Caribbean. As you book your cruise or plan your vacation this year, make it extra special and give your family the gift of a guided Sea TREK helmet dive. (Book with your travel agent or cruise line).
OR if your family has already experienced Sea TREK, do they want to interact with nature in a new way? Dolphin TREK is the latest Sea TREK experience. Your family will feel the rush of water as dolphins speed past; they will interact with these intelligent creatures in their natural environment, and they will learn hand-signals to communicate with the dolphins. Dolphin experiences have never been this up close and personal. Instead of enjoying them from the surface or behind glass, you can pose right next to the beautiful mammal with you arm over their back, while standing on the sea floor. Check out our Caribbean Dolphin TREK locations, and plan your itinerary now!

For the thrill seekers on your list, how about a hands-on interaction with the world’s most feared sea creature–– SHARKS! You’ll give them a memory that can conquer fear itself. SHARKS! Interactive is an educational and entertaining program that brings you face-to-face with nurse sharks. You’ll have the chance to swim, touch, feed and hold these amazing animals. Can you imagine sitting next to your children with a nurse shark sprawled across your laps, touching its sand-paper like body and peering into its inquisitive eyes?! Now THAT’S an experience of a lifetime! Add SHARKS! to your vacation itinerary and check the thrill seekers off your list.

From your 8-year-old aspiring marine biologist to your daredevil 16-year-old, and even your 93-year-old grandfather — Sea TREK, Dolphin TREK and SHARKS! have got you covered! Your whole family will be able to share these extraordinary experiences together!

This holiday season, try something different and give the gift of a memory. Share your precious time with your family, and experience our amazing ocean and its incredible sea life.
We hope your Christmas plans are full of joy and lasting memories.

Need some inspiration for planning your vacation or cruise excursions? Check our Caribbean board on Pinterest to see what we have to offer!
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