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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Part 6, Get to Know Sub Sea Staff!

This week, we spent some time chatting with Greg Young, who is a Systems Specialist with Sub Sea Systems (that's a lot of S's!) Greg's relationship with Sub Sea's founder, Jim Mayfield, goes farther back than our company has even existed! Greg shared some of his fondest memories of his lengthy history with the company, as well as his personal background. Read below to learn more about Greg!

Greg-way back when

Q: When did you first start working with Sub Sea's founder, Jim Mayfield?

G: I met Jim at Dimetrics Welding. It was about 1983!

Q: What was your first project for SSS?

G: I went to Pete Burgin’s (SSS Engineer) shop and helped finish a semi-submarine! Pete was subcontracted to build the sub for SSS, I went and repaired some of the work that had been done on the sub. The Coast Guard had found a leak and I was hired to go and help repair and finish the welding. I think that was in 1994!

Q: You have had the opportunity to travel for SSS. Where have you visited for work?

G: I've taken many work trips and have had the opportunity to travel to Dominica, Fort Lauderdale, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, China, Catalina, San Diego, and Alaska. My favorite was Dominica– when I wasn't working, I took a very cool trip down a river on an inner tube.

Greg working his magic

Q: Out of all of the projects you have done over the years, what was your favorite?

G: Anytime there is a new product for me to work on, it becomes my favorite project! Lately, that's been Aquaticar. I've been building the frames for the latest version of the car. Change and "new" are always good!

Q: You have had quite a lot of experience with the FunCat, Sub Sea Systems' Solar-Electric Catamaran. From ordering parts to fabrication, assembly, and customer service, you know the FunCat inside and out. What is it about the FunCat personal catamaran that you like most? 

G: Getting on the water in a FunCat is a lot of fun, and they're easy! When you go out on one, you’ll be smiling. When I send out a FunCat, I know it’s going to make someone happy.

Q: Tell us about your family

G: My wife Kathi and I have been married since 1986 and it still hasn’t 86’d yet! Kathi works as an Accounting Clerk and has been at her job for many years. We have two adult children, Ryan and Alisha. We also have two fur kids, Oreo the Queensland Heeler and Aries, a Boxer/White Husky mix.

Greg with his Daughter, Alisha
Q: What do you do for fun?
G: I enjoy a lot of outdoor activities– golf, motorcycling, dirt bike riding, target shooting, camping, boating, and fishing.

Q: What are you most proud of?
G: My kids. My wife and I raised two great ones!

Q: What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?
G: It came from a former co-worker, many years ago. I was a trainee, making very little money. The advice was "do a really good job... do your best, and the money will come." Less than three years later I was an "A-level Assembler," with a skill level that was in high demand. I was also the only employee at Dimetrics to win a quality of work award, the only one in that company's history. And, it netted me an extra day off!

Fun in the office- Greg with Hannah de Bie

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