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Friday, February 23, 2018

Clear Lounge - A Multi-Sensory Experience!

Stepping into Clear Lounge is like stepping into the future! You’ll feel the weightlessness of the underwater world all around you, while colorful lights and bubbles exhilarate your senses.

But Clear Lounge offers guests much more than just an underwater adventure. Clear Lounge provides visitors a multi-sensory experience, including refreshing oxygen, fun games to play, and fabulous photo opportunities with cool backdrops and fresh props.

We asked Hannah de Bie, Vice President of Marketing for Clear Lounge Creator, Sub Sea Systems, to share some "behind the scenes" details about the Clear Lounge experience:

Clear Lounge participants can play jenga underwater! Why did you choose jenga as the game of choice?
When we were in R&D for Clear Lounge, we brainstormed all of the fun games that people like to play at bars / breweries, BBQs and family events– such as cards, dice, corn hole, darts, board games, and of course, jenga. We also considered the clientele who would be visiting Clear Lounge – ages 8 to 80+. The game had to be family friendly yet “cool”, and simple enough that anyone could recognize the game pieces and know how to play. The clear winner in our mind was jenga… however we still had one more hurdle to overcome; we had to find a jenga set that would last underwater!

What are the jenga pieces made of? Why don’t they float away?
The traditional wood jenga would not work in the tank– floating jenga anyone? After hours scouring the internet, we eventually decided to custom build our own. We used a durable plastic material for the pieces, and then inserted perfectly weighted stainless steel rods into each piece. The weighted pieces were tested in water to make sure they stayed on the table, but weren’t too heavy to cause damage when dropped. And thus, the world’s 1st underwater jenga game was born!

How do the bubble guns work?
The bubble guns are one of my favorite things to do in Clear Lounge. When you think of a “bubble” gun, you might imagine a silly gun that releases a flow of air bubbles to the surface… But, in reality, these guns are so much more! The bubble guns, made by H2Odyssey, shoot high-speed, high-powered, toroidal, o-ring vortices. You can actually shoot the gun from across the lounge and knock down the jenga set… they’re that powerful! The guns are connected to an air hose, which provides pressurized air to the device. When the user pulls the trigger, the o-ring is shot out of the front of the gun. You can shoot these o-ring bubbles across the lounge, at your brother or sister in the lounge (it doesn’t hurt, I promise!), and at the surface of the water (which splashes water on spectators on the outside!). They are definitely a popular activity in the lounge!

How heavy are the guns?
Underwater the guns only weigh a couple pounds. They are super lightweight and easy to use.  Kids get a real kick out of them!

How long does a participant get to play with the bubble guns?
The entire underwater Clear Lounge experience is about 20 minutes. There are four activities to try – jenga, photo booth, message boards and the bubble guns. We try to let everyone have a chance at each station– so it works out to about 5 minutes of bubble gun fun!

What are the images in the photo booth?
Right now the underwater photo booth features a large shark, swimming right at you, with its mouth wide open. It’s a little unnerving, but makes for really fun photos. During the holidays the image is updated to reflect that particular season or holiday.

How many pictures are taken of each participant?
If a guest purchases the photo package, they will receive a USB with high-resolution images from the entire Clear Lounge experience. The photographer not only takes photos in the photo booth, but also while you’re out having fun playing jenga and shooting the bubble guns. Guests will receive anywhere from 10 to 20 photos.

Who chooses the props for Clear Lounge?
The Clear Lounge management staff selects the props for the underwater photo booth. We do our best to make sure the props are current, on trend, and fit with whatever holiday or event is happening. Additionally we’ve held social media contests to let our fans pick the latest prop. Fans voted on a coconut prop during the last contest!

What are the props made of?
The props are made of a durable plastic/resin material with vibrant printed colors. A company called Yo!Props supplies the props– and we’re the only customer who uses them in an underwater photo booth setting!

What is in the smoothies?
The smoothies are super unique, like everything else in the Clear Lounge. Each beverage combines an all-natural fruit smoothie mix (such as strawberry-banana or mango), and then during the blending process we inject 98% pure oxygen into the smoothie mixture. This suspends micro-fine bubbles of oxygen in the drink, and provides a natural energy boost to the consumer. They’re delicious and very refreshing.

How many flavors of smoothies are offered at any given time?
We offer 3 flavors of smoothies at any given time!

What is the most popular flavor?
The most popular flavors are mango, strawberry-banana and piƱa colada.

What scents are available for the breathable O2 during the underwater experience?
There are always three choices available for the breathable oxygen– two scented options and one unscented, plain option.

What is the most popular?
The scents rotate fairly frequently, however, popular scents include: citrus grove (mandarin), peppermint stick, chocolate covered cherries, watermelon, and calming (lavender & tangerine).

What is the benefit of the optional canned oxygen?
The canned oxygen is a fun souvenir that guests can purchase at Clear Lounge. Each can contains 97% pure oxygen with a faint spearmint flavor. The oxygen is intended to give you a boost of natural energy. Oxygen therapy has been around for a long time– you may have even seen it used in professional sports. Athletes on the sideline will breathe oxygen for recovery and energy. The canned oxygen is similar, but in a fun, to-go size.

What if I don’t want to get in the water? Is there anything for spectators to do on the outside?
If you’re not interested in getting wet and going inside the Clear Lounge, there is plenty to keep you entertained on the dry-side. There is ample seating under a covered, shaded area out front. This is perfect for relaxing and sipping an oxygen-infused smoothie while watching your friends or family experience the Clear Lounge. There is also an outdoor oxygen bar where you can breathe scented oxygen, like you would at a traditional oxygen bar!

Ready to get your feet wet? Click here to pre-book a Clear Lounge experience on your next cruise to Cozumel!

Hannah de Bie is the Vice President of Marketing at Sub Sea Systems, Inc, a world leader in innovative products and underwater experiences for the marine tourism industry.