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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Announcing the 2017 Sea TREK Operator of the Year!

Each year, Sub Sea Systems gives special recognition to an outstanding operator by selecting the Sea TREK Operator of the Year. While we appreciate all of our operators, we want to give extra kudos to one operator who has gone above and beyond over the past year. Whether it is through innovation, growth, or phenomenal service, each Operator of the Year has made exceptional contributions to the success of the Sea TREK program.

Our 2017 Operator of the Year is (drum roll, please)....

Atlantis The Palm, Dubai!

With two TREK locations, 11 helmets, 11,500 guests for the year, and 20 Guides, Atlantis The Palm has had an amazing year. The operator also scored the highest marks in tour quality, staff professionalism, marketing efforts, innovation, community outreach and overall commitment to the Sea TREK program. Here are some of the award-winning highlights from Atlantis The Palm:

The original Sea TREK experience, called Shark Safari, is located in Aquaventure Park in an aquarium at the base of the infamous Leap of Faith waterslide and iconic pyramid. Not only do the adventurous TREKKERs catch a glimpse of the waterslide guests zooming by in a clear-acrylic tunnel, but they also are surrounded by various shark species while accompanied by a professional Guide. Educational and fun, this version of Sea TREK includes interacting with seven different shark species and six different rays!

In 2017, Atlantis added a second Sea TREK location (called Aqua Trek), in its Ambassador Lagoon in the Lost Chambers Aquarium. The Ambassador Lagoon is one of the world’s largest man made saltwater aquariums, with 11 million liters (nearly 3 million gallons) of water, and over 65,000 marine creatures. TREKKERs in the Lagoon have the unique (and innovative) opportunity to Sea TREK at night! Sub Sea Systems assisted by providing custom helmet lens clamps fitted with powerful LED lights. Brave participants can TREK the dark exhibit, shining their light at the aquarium residents who come out at night, adding a spooky aspect to a typical TREK.

In May, Atlantis The Palm launched “A World Away From Your Everyday”, a campaign organized by the Guinness World Records committee. Partnering with a local radio channel, presenter Stu Tolan submerged three meters into the Ambassador Lagoon while wearing a Sea TREK helmet, and produced the longest underwater live radio broadcast on record. The Channel 4 host concluded the underwater broadcast after an incredible 5 hours, 25 minutes and 25 seconds – successfully breaking the previous record by almost an hour! Stu had this to say about his experience:

“I have been lucky enough to participate in some incredible stunts during my radio career, but this was truly an amazing challenge and attempting a Guinness World Records title is a total world away from my every day. The team at Atlantis were incredible to work with and the support from my team at 104.8 Channel 4 made the whole challenge an incredible team effort!”

Of course, like all of our operators, Atlantis The Palm offers superior service to its customers.  Reviewers on TripAdvisor give high marks to both the Shark Safari and Aqua Trek experiences. Wonderful comments include “memories to last a lifetime.” 

An experienced diver said, “My daughter had some difficulties getting into the water, but the lady helping at the surface could not have been more helpful and encouraging. She was able to get into the water and had a broad smile on her face when she was there…” 

Ebrahim K shares, “…Staff members worthy of mention at the Shark Safari: Randy, Evan and Franklin: thanks for your professionalism and competence… We felt safe at all times despite having countless sharks and stingrays all around us. You guys are a true asset to your employers!”

Char711 said, “I booked the Shark Safari and it’s still today, the best experience of my life… it’s a once in a lifetime experience.”

Jasmine S writes, “We did the Aqua Trek for the first time and were a little nervous in the beginning, but the team did a commendable job in making us feel more comfortable underwater. Definitely would recommend to friends and family.”

Atlantis The Palm is also involved in a large community effort that was organized in January 2017, the UAE Food Bank. Atlantis The Palm is one of 96 hotels that donates their excess food and provides volunteer help with food distribution. The Food Bank serves low-income families and laborers within the community.

We are proud to have Atlantis The Palm, Dubai as a partner and Sea TREK ambassador, and look forward to the continued growth and success of the program!

Want to see what the TREKKING opportunities at Atlantis The Palm look like? Check out the videos below:

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Congratulations Atlantis The Palm, Dubai – the 2017 Sea TREK Operator of the Year!

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