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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Ramp It Up! Marketing Ideas To Help Increase Your Sales

 Sea TREK vehicle wrap

Need some marketing ideas to promote your Sea TREK location? We’ve got some great new suggestions that can help you increase awareness and drive traffic to your site.

Vehicle wraps
We’ve all seen them- bright and colorful advertising wrapped around cars and trucks. Potential customers see these vehicles as they travel around. They’re hard to miss, which is a good thing! This is a great way to reach potential customers who are a captive audience at traffic lights or while riding in a taxi. Some companies pay their employees an incentive to wrap their cars, which increases visibility. Think about all of the places your employees drive to, and how frequently your “moving billboard” will be seen!

“We incorporated the truck wrap just a few weeks ago, and I have already had 20 calls, 10 of them for SeaTREK. The wrap is currently our biggest form of advertisement! I believe this is something all operators should use.” -Anthony Leonce, Sea TREK Manager, Sea Adventures, St. Lucia

SSS is currently offering to design a vehicle wrap for you, free of charge. Our fab Designer, Christina, will create your wrap! Login to your mySeaTREK account for more info. 

Sea TREK helmet display
NEW! Helmet Display System
Want to get lots of attention at your location? Check out the new Sea TREK Helmet Display System! This marketing “eye candy” is best placed at or near your ticket counter. Your potential customers will get to try on a Sea TREK helmet and gain a firsthand perspective. The helmet is attached to a cantilever system with a perfectly balanced counterweight. The display also comes decorated with your company logo and branding.  The bright colors and “touch and feel” opportunity are sure to attract more guests. SSS provides the whole package at a great price. Contact us today to get your order into production!

You staff will be encouraged to sell if they have their eyes on a prize! Create excitement by holding special staff incentives. A fun incentive for staff members can create a friendly competition. Upselling Sea TREK photo packages for example, and offering a prize (and bragging rights!) to the team member with the most sales, will help you increase profits and build team member loyalty.

“Book now” Buttons and Calls to Action
Websites such as TripAdvisor now let guests book directly from their site. Any business that has a TripAdvisor page can set up a “book in advance” option; enabling guests to read reviews and book a tour all in one convenient location. TripAdvisor takes a small percentage of the sale, but the exposure and "instant booking" opportunity makes it a worthwhile investment. Other popular 3rd party travel sites where operators can promote and sell excursions are viator and

Sea TREK Living Classroom
Living Classroom
Sea TREK is a memorable way to take kids from a traditional classroom to a “living classroom.” Transport kids from books to real life! Work with local schools to include a Sea TREK experience within the marine science curriculum. This hands-on approach strengthens the educational pursuit through entertainment, while providing a rewarding outlet for your business to give back to the community. These programs are also excellent PR opportunities!

Visit Your Local Concierge
Hotel guests frequently take advantage of the onsite Concierge Desk to help them find fun things to do. A trip to your local Concierge may be just the ticket to bring in more guests to your location. Make sure your visit is friendly, informative and concise. Introduce yourself, leave your business card or contact information, and invite the staff to come try a complimentary Sea TREK experience firsthand. A small map of your location along with the discount coupons for hotel guests is also helpful.

Build “Character”
There’s no denying the popularity of “full size” cartoon characters and animals (a.k.a. adults dressed in costumes). Build a social media campaign around your unique mascot by featuring him on your social pages and website. Have your character available for selfies at your location. This new team member could be just what you need to draw in traffic! He will fast become a recognized symbol of your brand.

Special Events
Clear Lounge Cozumel Facebook
Are you having a special event? Take lots of photos and videos of participants (make sure you have their permission first!), and share them on a special events tab on your Facebook page. Tag the participants for additional shares, likes and comments. Utilize this tab for future events, showing how much fun everyone had at this event. Our partners at Clear Lounge Cozumel are currently celebrating their 2nd anniversary; they're hosting daily dance parties and promoting the fun on Facebook Live. The videos are getting a ton of attention, likes and comments. 

Send Invitations
Invite media personalities and/or popular travel bloggers to partake in your TREK, in exchange for a write-up, review or broadcast.  Make sure you link any article or video review of your tour to your social media pages, so that future guests can see the recognition you’ve received. 

What new marketing ideas have you implemented at your location? What is your best traffic-driving tool? Share your business-building ideas below!