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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Selecting The Best Watercraft for Your Family

Everybody needs time to relax, and what better way to do so than on your own watercraft? There are many options available to enjoy family and friends time on the water. But how does one decide on the best option? Whether it is a fishing boat, a thrilling PWC (personal watercraft, such as a Jet Ski), or a leisurely, motorized water vehicle, here are some things to consider when determining what will work best for you.

Find Your Perfect Fit

Activity level The types of activities that you and your family enjoy are first on the list of considerations. Are you expecting a fast-paced thrill ride, zipping to the opposite side of the lake in seconds, or do you prefer a peaceful outing?  Do you want a workout, or do you want the watercraft to do the work for you, so you can enjoy sightseeing or fishing?
Comfort and Accessibility — Consider who will share in your adventure. A large family with boisterous children may be uncomfortable on a traditional fishing vessel, and Mom and Dad might not love the idea of jetting across the water at warp speed. Some family members might embrace the sun, while others might appreciate a cooling shade that offers protection from damaging rays. Available on-board storage is yet another factor. If you tend to travel with a lot of “stuff”, you will want to ensure that adequate space is available.

Transportation and Storage Easy access to your watercraft is another consideration. What size is the dock you will be utilizing? Will you pull the vehicle out of the water when not in use? How will you get it out of the water? The location of your dock, the ease with which you can move the vehicle, and the size of your storage area all play a roll in your decision-making.

Safety and Reliability — Your selection is going to be an investment, both in the initial purchase and the upkeep. You want to make sure that whatever you buy, your new recreational vehicle will have a long lifespan and require as little maintenance as possible. Durable materials such as polyethylene, marine grade aluminum, and mold-resistant seat material offer longevity. In electric vehicles, battery upgrades can offer longer running times and a worry-free ride. Safety on and around the vehicle is also an important consideration if you plan to swim near the watercraft. Would you love to give your younger family members a chance to drive, at a safe, manageable speed? What is the stability rating of the watercraft? These are all important safety factors that you must consider.

Environmental Concerns — motor and noise pollution are real concerns facing today’s water recreation lovers. If you will be enjoying waterways near homes, or are going to spend time on your favorite lake where people swim or fish, motorized vehicles can often be a detriment to the health of our precious resources. Noise levels of motorized vehicles not only contribute to a negative experience for those aboard, but are also frowned upon by neighbors in close proximity. An electric (& solar charged) option offers a quiet ride that is environmentally friendly.

The FunCat– a motorized catamaran for safe, family fun!

Sub SeaSystem’s FunCat is an electric, solar charged catamaran that is designed and built for comfort, stability, safety and reliability. The watercraft is powered by electric motors, so there is no paddling, sweating, or manual labor involved… your only exertion is the push of a button!

A combination of adults and kids can sit comfortably on its spacious chaise lounge seat, which reclines in two positions and includes a retractable bimini shade for UV sun protection. Two watertight storage compartments provide an accessible and convenient place to keep your towels, water bottles, sunscreen and snacks for later. They can even be used as an ice chest!

A lightweight trailer is available for easy transportation of your FunCat to your favorite lake. And, two large handles on the front of each pontoon make it easy to pull the FunCat from the water up onto the beach when you’re ready to hop off.

Easy-to-use controls allow almost anyone a chance to drive, while the pontoons house environmentally friendly motors that are safely recessed and tucked away.

The FunCat’s electric motors offer a quiet, relaxing ride, so that your family can enjoy a calming trek across the water. New, innovative upgrades include eco-friendly solar panels that can be retrofitted to any FunCat, utilizing the cleanest energy source available, the sun! Recreation lovers can also upgrade to Lithium Ion batteries, which provide a longer battery life, huge performance gains and extended fun on the water.

Find out more about FunCat and special, pre-Summer pricing, saving you over $700!

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