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Friday, February 3, 2017

A Nautical Baby Shower

Kyle Mayfield and his wife Veronica brought a new baby Mayfield into the world on January 27th. In expectation of baby Mayfield’s arrival a baby shower was arranged with the utmost care and creativity, and what better theme for a Sub Sea baby than — you guessed it: the ocean.

A baby on the way is always anticipated with excitement and curiosity. Will the baby be dark haired or bald? Blue eyed or brown? Big? Small? Most parents now know way before the baby is born what its gender will be, but what about those parents who elect not to know? Baby Mayfield’s gender was kept a secret.

Planning a baby shower for an unknown gender can be a challenge, but as you can imagine the surprise is unlike any other. A simple and cute nautical theme allowed for a gender-neutral party that captured the spirit of a baby shower without having to be decidedly boy or girl oriented.

Decorations are the key to creating an atmosphere at any gathering. As always, Pinterest is a go-to for any party planning. By creating a board with any and every idea related to baby showers, parties and nautical themes we were able to collect the cutest and most relevant party décor, games and more.

One idea that caught our eye and became a focal point over the mimosa bar (it was a brunch party) was using fishing net to display baby pictures of the soon-to-be Mom and Dad. Looking at all the cute photos and speculating how the baby will look was a good conversation starter for guests who did not know each other… and who doesn’t love baby pictures?!

Another focal point showcased a beautiful homemade diaper cake and a clothesline laden with colorful baby swimsuits, trunks, and rash guards. Carissa Crail made the incredible diaper cake. You can find tutorials and ideas here.

The dining area was set with white, yellow and aqua linens and decorated with white daisies and glass bowls of sand, seashells and candles. Delicious homemade quiches, a gourmet berry salad and bacon filled guests plates as games commenced. Ice cubes with little plastic babies were distributed to drinks and the first to melt won a prize (“my water broke!”). Baby bingo was two-fold– as guests ate they filled in squares guessing what gifts the mother-to-be might receive; then, as presents were opened squares were marked off until someone shouted “BINGO!”

The nautical throne — where Mom-to-be opened the shower gifts — was decorated with balloon bubbles, streamer seaweed and colorful fish. Beautiful gifts were unwrapped and a 75-year old family heirloom bassinet was passed down to the next generation. A poll was taken as each gift was opened to see who thought the baby was a boy or a girl. 2/3 of the guests guessed boy.

It was a beautiful party that will be remembered for years to come.

8 lb., 20 in., healthy baby Mayfield came into this world on January 27th at 4:05pm. And it was announced to excited friends and family… it’s a boy! Wyatt James Mayfield — welcome to the world and welcome to the Sub Sea family! You are so loved!