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Friday, August 5, 2016

An Under-the-Sea, Mermaid, Pool Party; Perfect for Any Summer Day

Summer celebrations generally revolve around good friends, backyard barbecues and swimming. What better way to combine these traditions than to throw a mermaid birthday party? Pinterest provided the most fantastic, fun, and whimsical party ideas—perfect for a ten year old girl’s summer birthday party — Well, actually, this party is perfect for girls from 1 to 100 (for any reason), and with a little adjustment to the theming (say… pirates), for boys, too.

The first thing to do was create a Pinterest board for party ideas and products that provide inspiration. DIY crafts, snack ideas and even mermaid tails and fish scale earrings filled our Mermaid Party board. Then it was time to go shopping and stockpile the things needed to make the vision a reality.

Decorating was a 2-day process that began the weekend before the big day. The display area set the scene. Teal tulle wrapped around fairy lights swirled in pearls and clear ornament “bubbles” created the backdrop. A beautiful candelabra with a bedazzled fork, spoon and knife was the center piece. (Can’t leave out the dingle-hopper — See the Little Mermaid.) Seashells, candles and starfish were dispersed around serving dishes (try this DIY ).

Aqua netting and starfish were draped near the ceiling; and goodie “bucket” party favors were made using full-size plastic buckets with shovels, blow-up beach balls, squirt guns, bubbles, little sea creatures, blue swirl lollipops and blue saltwater taffy. Seashell tags were cut with a Cricut and tied to the buckets with sisal. Tootsie pop “octopops” were crafted, and sea treat bags filled and displayed on a favor table.

On the day of the party little food labels were fashioned from colored paper cut with a Cricut and then hand drawn and decorated. The signs made the snacks fun! From “coral” (Cheetos) and “bait” (Goldfish crackers) to “oysters” (click here) and “flounders friends” (click here) the food arrangements were pure fantasy! Seaweed (spinach dip), a watermelon shark and more clever snacks filled the food table with whimsy and delight.

Green “seaweed” streamers twisted up the walls, and with the help of the Cricut, sea creatures, coral and mermaids populated the seaweed. Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting were adorned with aqua cupcake wrappers, rainbow sprinkles and candy sea creatures, and placed on a cupcake display (Pampered chef). The candle numbers (1 and 0) were decorated with glitter, pearls and sequins and placed on the two cupcakes at the top. A seashell punch bowl held mermaid punch (click here).

The backyard was decorated with fairy lights and little blowup fish dangling from the awning. Chests of cold drinks and seating areas with shady umbrellas kept the heat away for the non-swimmers. The kids spent most of the time in the pool swimming and splashing.

The best part of the party was the tails — wearable mermaid tails complete with flippers and beautiful colors and patterns. What little girl (or any girl) would not want a mermaid tail? The girls all shared three tails and took turns for pictures. The boys wore regular flippers and had races to see who was the fastest.

Of course Disney’s The Little Mermaid was playing in the background while everyone ate dinner and sang ‘Happy Birthday.’ The mermaid birthday party was a hit!!! Happy kids (and mermaids) and happy parents.

 Please see our Pinterest board for more Pinspiration, and feel free to share any other ideas with us. Throwing a mermaid or pirate themed party? What would be a better gift for the sea-lover in your life than a Sea TREK underwater walk? Check our locations page and book today. They will NEVER forget this gift.