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Thursday, July 14, 2016

What is it like to try Clear Lounge?

More and more people are experiencing the world’s 1st underwater oxygen bar in Cozumel. We thought it would be fun to give you a little preview of what it is like to enter the underwater aquarium and breathe scented O2 while playing and dancing in a near weightless environment.

1st you will save some money! Clear Lounge is THE MOST AFFORDABLE shore excursion at Puerta Maya. We all know that feeling of keeping money in our pockets.

2nd you may feel nervous/excited.

If you have never experienced breathing underwater it can seem scary even though it is exciting. Anyone ages 8 and up can descend into Clear Lounge. You don’t even need to know how to swim. Put your fears aside! Our certified Guides will make sure you are safe, and our O2 compressors have redundant back up systems in place. The only thing to fear… is fear itself.

When the helmet is placed on your head and you descend into the water you will notice the scented O2. Whether you chose mint, citrus or piña colada— your mood will be enhanced with a therapeutic scent that lightly diffuses into your O2.

The crystal clear water will be a refreshing refrain from the heat of Mexico.

You will notice a feeling of weightlessness. As you walk on the freestanding aquarium’s floor you will feel like you are bouncing on the surface of the moon.

As you receive your oxygen — be prepared to be entertained underwater!
Shoot underwater bubble guns. What is better than shooting underwater bubble guns?

Win an underwater jenga game (victory dance!)

Or lose =)

And pose for THE best underwater selfie EVER.

After your experience head to the smoothie bar for a frothy, delicious, O2 infused smoothie! Yum!

And come back anytime!

Also — look for more news about the newest Clear Lounge opening in Kuwait this summer.